Andrew Yang Rallies In DC


I don’t give a shit that he is Asian.

He is absolutely right that we are rapidly drifting over the cliff with automation. Huey Long supported Universal Basic Income back during the Great Depression.

This is how we beat Blompf.

Yang has to talk about economic fairness as much as possible while stridently avoiding getting sidetracked into divisive social issues to unite Blue with Pink. In particular, he has to stress how his economic policies will help to foster social cohesion without coming across as threatening. This is simple enough to do just point out how you are stabilizing the White working class.

The Great Wall that divides Blue from Pink is the political correctness. Similarly, the Great Wall that divides Pink from Red is Universal Basic Income. The key to winning the presidency is exciting people in the Left-Authoritarian quadrant which is full of populists and moderates. The rest of the Democrats are alienating all of these people with extreme stances on social issues.

The rally this evening in DC was about economics and was completely free of the usual pandering to the woke crowd which was on point. That’s the whole reason so many people are interested in the Yang campaign but not in these other Democrats. The only exception is Tulsi who is liked for being strong on regime change wars and world peace but she is more of a one trick pony.

There are far more people who are Left-Authoritarian and Left-Libertarian than who are Right-Libertarian and Right-Authoritarian. If Yang can unite populists with progressives, then he can essentially reconstruct the old New Deal coalition and that’s when exciting things can really begin to happen. Don’t be stupid like these other Democrats and fight with and condemn White populists.

FDR had no problem at all working with those people. He won every Southern state four times. These people in the media don’t know shit about how to win elections here.

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  1. HW, there are those who say that sitting presidents have no real effect on the health of the economy. If so then a Yang Administration, even with all its visionary proposals, would basically be irrelevant, no?

    • Yeah, he won’t make any *real* changes, any more than Trump did. But putting someone who is (theoretically) so far removed from what the CorpGov establishment considers acceptable is seen by some as a way to send a message of our discontentment.

      Think of it as a psychological stopgap to hold us over until we’re ready to send truly effective messages.

      • The problem is the polarized electorate. Nothing gets done because the two parties are too polarized. Thus, the only candidate who can fix that problem has to chart a course through the middle and unite the center of the electorate.

        • HW, your “political center”, like

          muh “Constitution” and

          muh “Republic” are

          long gone. Like the rest of the alt-Lite,

          you’re 30 years too late.

  2. I would love it if we had a Huey Long in the race. But we don’t. The White candidates in the race are focused on Israel and Wall st. The Asian is the only one making sense and not being a total moron.

      • Yes, that is what I am hoping. White men need to get away from the GOP and run on populism as a Democrat.

        The GOP has a total consensus on these issues There is no dissent on “free market” economics, racial issues or things like Israel in the GOP. The Democrats have a much more robust debate on these issues which makes them a better platform imo to push populism. Trump proved there is absolutely no place in the GOP for populism, especially economic populism – the party leadership will not stand for it and will crush it every time it pops its head.

  3. Instead of putting effort on Yang, who you admit is a centrist or stop-gap, how about we spend a lot of effort helping man-up our men. We need these hipster Bois to start feeling their oats and see that they are about two lattes from needing gynecologists. We need men to speak louder than a whisper to their wives. We certainly need men who are not scared to speak out. No matter what lawfare they use, what threats they give us, we can ALWAYS SPEAK OUT NOW. Let your opinions fly like struck colors.

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