Trump: The Forgotten Voters of 2016 Are Doing Great

Scratches head …

Sure, Blompf …

Everything is going just fine, except …

1.) The record levels of suicides and opioid overdoses in White America

2.) The total collapse of the border and illegal immigration surging to a higher level than was tolerated even under Obama

3.) The record trade deficits with China which keep on rolling

4.) Your failure to pass an infrastructure plan

5.) The fact that you sold our foreign policy to Sheldon Adelson and have put the likes of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Elliot Abrams in charge of it

6.) Political correctness and censorship being worse than ever before

7.) There are 12.8 million manufacturing jobs which is down from 14 million in 2008. Surely, you are going to take the Boomers back to the 1950s any day now

8.) Finally, there is automation which is silently ripping its way through the economy, and no one but Yang is even acknowledging it is happening or where it is going in the long run.

Sure, we should be satisfied with all this debt, and all these gig economy jobs. Life has never been better for Israel and the investor class. Yeah buddy, everything is just fine.

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  1. Blompf was going to limit legal immigration and end the anchor baby scam, too. Still not tired of losing yet? MIGA!

  2. Better to cash a check for a thousand dollars every month than to listen to alot of bloviating bombastic bullsh*t and a president who only cares about the jews and about israel and about their jew oded yinon plan for the Middle East and if you listen to Trump you would think that the Democrats are on the verge of holocausting the jews in America, it’s so overwrought, so overblown.

    Just because one Democratic congresswoman said AIPAC exists and is influential we’re expected to believe that the Democrats are on the verge of holocausting the jews in America. In the meantime, ALL of Congress is very ANTI-WHITE and Trump has NOTHING to say about that, NOTHING ; but one congresswoman says something honest about AIPAC and Trump acts as if the jews in America are under great threat and great harm is going to come to the jews because one congresswoman said something truthful about AIPAC. Trump’s reaction to Ilhan Omar’s comments about AIPAC – it’s all so agitated and neurotic and distraught, it’s so overwrought. Trump’s reaction is a VERY JEWISH type reaction.

    As per Trump, the jews in America are under great harm because Ilhan Omar said some truthful things about AIPAC and in the meantime Trump is reneging on every promise he made to us Americans who voted for him and put him into the oval office [ in other words, White Americans ].

  3. Trump is a charlatan, no doubt anymore.
    But you ain’t gonna be getting a $1,000/month…nobody is.
    Fall for that, and you get what you deserve.
    I’ll not become a “YANGEE”….

    • It is April 2019.

      If he wins the Democratic primary, who cares? He is far closer to us than the Democrats. As things stand today, he is at 3% in the polls so it is nothing to exercised about. Still, $1,000 a month would be great for the White working class, and if Yang loses there will be other candidates who scoop up that idea

  4. I get the real sense that this tweet is a foreshadow for Trump not to run. He is basically claiming that he made American great again. Job complete.

    I can see him coming out and saying that unlike politicians who do this as a career he doesn’t need to be President because he can go back to his business and since he made America great again he has completed the job and good luck America!

    I know the public polling in states he needs to win is pretty bad. There is polls showing him losing to Sanders/Biden by double digits in PA. My guess is the internals are showing the same trend. If this continues into the summer and I see no reason it shouldn’t I will bet he doesn’t run to save face. Not to mention the real possibility that his Wall st. economy goes South by November 2020 for all those people in Florida who live off dividends.

    • I hope this is not the case, because then MIGAtard delusion will continue and we will be subjected to eight more years of autistic arm flapping from Charlie Kirk Republicans. Trump would be apotheosized as the second coming of Reagan and an entire revisionist mythology would be built around his single term. The best case scenario would be Trump being blown out in an election, becoming a symbol of the death of cuckservativism.

  5. When we become a hated minority in our own country is anybody going to care about how “good” the economy is?

    • @more of the same

      “When we become a hated minority in our own country is anybody going to care about how “good” the economy is?”

      When that happens, there won’t be an economy, or a country left anymore.

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