Charlie Kirk: If a Republican

I want to hear Blompf’s plan to end the oligarchy the rules American politics:

Nothing much is getting accomplished in our present polarized political climate. It has gotten so bad that simply enforcing the law is a radical concept now.

They all need to retire:

Let’s be honest.

If we give these people another decade in power in Washington, we’re going to fall so far behind China in our standard of living that it won’t even be funny.

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  1. Nope, there’s no way you can tell that Charlie Kunt and Candace the Coon are on the jews’ payroll. They should be marketed as the new Sonny and Cher.

    The election of Blormpf has agitated the shit out of the left, which would have been a great thing if he followed it up with some action and results. But like HW says nothing is getting accomplished because of the polarization that orange clown has created.

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