The Fringe Left Should Be Marginalized In Virginia

The Fringe Left is apparently still reading this blog:

I don’t believe in “white supremacy.”

My actual opinion on that subject is that it is an antiquated 19th century term. I think White people currently have all sorts of problems like the opioid and suicide epidemic.

I’m not part of the “far right” either. I don’t run a “hate group.” These are all just made up terms that are thrown around by fanatics and by leftwing journos who tend to be morons:

“(WWBT) – A new poll shows a majority of Virginia voters want Confederate monuments to remain where they are.

A poll from Quinnipiac University shows 57 percent oppose removing Confederate monuments from government property across the state.

Only 33 percent supported removal with 10 percent undecided.

Nonwhite voters favored leaving the monuments alone 48 percent to 42 percent. Among white voters, 63 percent supported the monuments while 27 percent supported removal. …”

This is interesting:

“Almost 70 percent of Virginia voters said health care was the most important or a very important issue in deciding whom to vote for as governor.

Ralph Northam, the Democratic nominee, bested Republican candidate Ed Gillespie by 54 to 45 percent.

More than twice as many people said Gillespie’s support of Obamacare repeal made it less likely they would vote for him than said his support would make it likely he would win their vote. …”

A year after Charlottesville, a majority of Virginia voters support keeping the Confederate monuments. Most people in Virginia believe that Confederate monuments represent Southern pride. A majority of non-White voters in Virginia don’t even support your agenda of tearing down Confederate monuments. This is likely because whether some statue stays or goes really has little impact on their lives.

In the 2018 election, 41% of Virginians and 75% of Democrats said that health care was the most important issue facing the state. This is fascinating because as a populist I support both preserving the Confederate monuments as well as a better healthcare system. Strangely enough, this somehow makes me “fringe” or an “extremist” from the perspective of fanatics whose views on everything from politics to the morality of violence are far more radical than my own.

Note: BTW, I didn’t fight with anyone in Charlottesville. I went to political rally and was kind of just amazed at the way law enforcement collapsed around me. I’ve been to about 40 other political rallies in the South and have never seen anything like it before.

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  1. It’s absolutely disgusting seeing our own people being socially engineered to our own destruction! Is that remark White Supremacy in the leftist mind?

  2. So which is it, HW? Are you an Officer for League of the South fighting for your Heritage, or but a smol historicist?

    • I was never aware there was any contradiction between the two. I’ve been writing about history and economics and all sorts of issues here since the beginning and even before on online forums.

  3. Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, is on fire right now. No confirmation as to whether or not it’s arson–we’re not the SPLC here, we do acknowledge that old buildings do sometimes burn down on their own– but I think we all know which way to bet…

    So feel free keep yammering about history or whatever other topics float your boat. I don’t see how much good it’ll do so long as you’re faced with people who will literally burn your history down around you.

      • “GRAPESHOT, n. An argument which the future is preparing in answer to the demands of American Populism.”
        -The Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce, Updated

        I mean, Hell, I WISH we were in a situation where we could change the way our system works through political action, or through rational appeals to history, or logic, or anything beyond raw power… but it just ain’t the case and we should have known that after Charlottesville.[1] We’re in a situation where Might is Right, and we have never shown any inclination towards having might. The only way we can “hurt” you is if you stand in front of us while we’re trying to flee an armed mob, or fly your helicopter dangerously low while trying to harass us. “Socialist” Dog Mom knows that, so she’ll happily gloat over any move her corporate and government masters take to marginalize, ostracize and humiliate us. And when they finally send out the pigs to round us up and kill us, she’ll gloat over that too.

        I don’t even know why you do her the courtesy of calling her “Fringe” Left. There is a real Fringe Left, and most of them are somewhat approachable. Cynthia McKinney and Louis Farrakhan are Fringe Left, so is Russel Bentley and Julian Assange. Molly Conger is a neoliberal bourgeoisie shill who thinks the best answer to the problems of capitalism is just to put more browns, gays, and women in the corporate boardrooms. The tankies were right to try to purge her.

        1. For that matter, I suspect the biggest reason we didn’t move to a more revolutionary track immediately thereafter is because too many of our own leaders still dream of a seat at the money changers’ table, instead of wanting to flip it over. And to be fair… they did repay the first guy who did that by arresting him, publicly stripping him, whipping the shit out of him, gouging him with thorns and nailing him to a big friggin’ cross. So…

        • I’ve sat here and watched dozens of mass shooters over the past decade and none of them accomplished anything but horrifying the country for a few news cycles, chipping away at our rights and liberties and tarring people like me with guilt by association.

          It is a failed strategy grounded in hopelessness, nihilism and fantasy based thinking and I want nothing to do with it. In fact, I predict that future people who act on this mindset will only succeed in harming others and destroying their own lives while accomplishing absolutely nothing for the “movement” which they claim to identify with.

          • You’re not paying attention, then.

            “Mass shooters” currently control 50% of Afghanistan. They previously managed to kick us out of both Iraq and Somalia.

            And are you old enough to remember Beirut Barracks? “They came in peace?” They left in pieces. “Mass bombers” managed to kick us out of Lebanon. Two truckloads of PETN, two men willing to die for what they believed in, and all of the sudden we have the USMC and their imperialistic paymasters in Washington wanting to find another little country to fuck around in. And then when the Israelis came back in 2006, they somehow managed to do it again!

            Granted, the strategy doesn’t seem to work when Aryans do it (thus why I’m still here, shitposting on the Internet– and not out somewhere else, earning myself the approval of the Morrigan), but I suspect that has less to do with the unworkableness of the tactic and more to do with the fact that you can never seem to get enough solid white people, in one place, at one time, who are actually willing to try it. You literally couldn’t fill a death row cellblock with the total number who have.

            Anyway, there’s really no point in being scared of “guilt by association,” methinks. Anything that happens to you was probably in the works to happen anyhow. Doesn’t matter if the bloodletting starts tomorrow or if we can go without another act of white resistance from now until the day that the world’s last reproduction-age white girl presents her parents with mulatto grandchildren, eventually they’ll still be coming for you. Your black polo shirt is your funeral shroud.

          • I’ve sat here and watched dozens of mass shooters over the years.

            Every single one of them were nihilists who threw their lives away, harmed others and polarized everyone else in this country again them. It is a moronic strategy. All I can really do is try to reason with those people. They’re not accomplishing anything for the White Nationalist movement except for dunking it time and again in toxic garbage and reinforcing its marginalization.

            How do I know this strategy doesn’t work? It has repulsed even me to the point where I want nothing to do with people who think that way anymore. The vast majority of White people are repulsed by bloodthirsty psychopaths. It has lately caused me to redouble my efforts to create a new paradigm, a new vision, a new discourse and a new strategy and to offer it as an alternative.

  4. All of these Leftist characters need to be deported back to Yankeedom, where most of them come from, and where they both belong, and would be much happier.

    What sane person travels thousands of miles just so he can interfere in another people’s political processes, state governments, and annihilate their culture, history and national identity?

    This is crazy and retarded shit. It’s also destructive and just needs to end.

    • Most Yankee shitlibs are just stupid. They’ll spend their whole lives voting for more taxes and more diversity, then flee to a cheaper and whiter place and start complaining that it’s not like where they came from.

      Then a few of them know exactly what they’re doing. They see themselves as colonist taming a savage wilderness, and all us goddamned redneck Injuns (or “Palestinians”, if you prefer) are allowed to continue living for the time being–until they can find better servants to replace us with– but we’d better keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

      Conversely, Yankees who go into business or politics in a rapidly-blueing/browning state are usually asset strippers.

  5. Why do people in the south constantly blame the yankee for the failure of society? What I’ve seen and witnessed many southerners are terminally liberal. My guess is people always have to point the finger at a war thats been over for 150 years. Instead of alienating holding grudges perhaps we work together being the ‘White supremists’ we’re labeled to find a plan out of this madness? Get over it already, the war is over for the north and south, there’s a new war called White survival.

      • I know your not HW but I’ve seen several posts from individuals who insist yankees were the downfall of the south in modern times. I understand completely what the people of the south went through after that war, it was just of one of their satanic sacrifices that we even see today. Our earth is ruled by satanic phycopaths who enjoy watching people suffer through war, poverty, debt slavery ect… By ways of divide and conquer. I’m absolutely on board with working with other racial groups to destroy this entity that’s destroying all of us.

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