The Destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

My initial reaction:

1.) I’m going to wait and see what caused this although I suspect it was arson like the torching of Brazil’s natural history museum.

2.) Just a few days ago, I wrote a lengthy article about the faith and morality of European man and I used Notre Dame Cathedral to illustrate what that was like in the High Middle Ages.

3.) Notre Dame has since become just a pretty building in modern France and that spiritual void is a greater tragedy.

4.) We’ve been through worse like the 1666 Great Fire of London or the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake.

5.) Jesus Christ is your savior. Love one another and reflect on the culture and your heritage that once caused our ancestors to build such towering monuments.

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  1. After 875 other attacks on churches in France (over the last year, I think) it seems likely to be an arson by jihadists.

    It might never be proven fully who is responsible but surely establishing it is an act of arson and thus terror is relatively simple.

  2. I’m against ZOG’S wars against the Muslim world. The thing is, if you’re going to wage war against the Muslim world you should at least have the brains to NOT allow Muslim immigration into your country as you wage war against the Muslims in the native Muslim countries. France is s ZOG country. Americans aren’t too much different from the French. Uncle Sam allows Muslim immigration into the U.S. as Uncle Sam wages war against the Muslim world. Same as the French.

    The fire at Notre Dame today came on the same day a Muslim immigrant woman in France was sentenced for plotting to blow Notre Dame up. It was definitely arson, arson committed by friends of the Muslim woman sentenced today. It’s very naive to think the cathedral was not arsoned.

    The West wages war(s) against the Muslim world while simultaneously allowing Muslims to immigrate to Western countries. I’m White and I do want the best for my White Race, but I do have to say, the Nazis give us Whites too many compliments, some of the compliments us Whites do not deserve. We are NOT as smart as the Nazis say we are, we’re really not. To allow immigrants into your White country from countries you are at war with is not too smart, to say the least.

    The Whites oposed to Trump trying to stop Muslim immigration into the United States are not opposed to the wars Uncle Sam wages against the Muslim world. They want war against the Muslim world AND they also want massive Muslim immigration from the Muslim countries Uncle Sam is waging war against. Not too smart.

    “Notre Dame Burns The Day A Woman Was Sentenced For Plotting To Blow It Up” ;

  3. Jesus Christ redeems you but the Church redeemed us. It was everything to us at one time, when we built the foundations of our civilization.

    There was renovation work going on inside so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone left a work light on in the wrong place or something.

    Absolutely brutal.

    • Mathew 21-12
      And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,
      This is the Holy week, Sunday was Psalm Sunday- Monday -Tuesday- The Notre Dam burns down. Its only a Symbol. Its a Paradigm- See if you have Spiritual Eyes, What I am telling you.

      • I understand. Notre Dame is a building. The Church is a paradigm. The Church redeemed us not the building.

        Still, these physical manifestations of our spirit that came from us when we were more pure (and we were) mean something. The finest craftsmen in the world couldn’t create anything that elicits that kind of spirit today because we no longer have it. We squandered it.

        The civilization that built it no longer exists, and we’re at least 1000 years away from recreating it, even if we started tomorrow, which we won’t.

        There are very few things left that remind us of what we did by, through and with the protection of our Church, and what we did was miraculous.

  4. Rothschild-agent Macron and his globohomo cops are claiming (even while the fire still rages) it was all an “accident”.

    here are some other recent Rothschild-connected “accidents”:

    Sarajevo, 1914
    Lusitania, 1915
    Pearl Harbor, 1941
    World Trade, 2001

  5. What I remember about my trip to Paris:

    Among the highlights were the African street sellers at the base of the Eiffel Tower, the signs warning me to look out for pick pockets, how Notre Dame was incredibly anti-climactic; a tiny thing in the setting of a cast metropolis; how when I went inside the mass was being conducted by a couple of African priests… it did look pretty from the river though, you could catch a glimpse of its historical meaning to a people who’s largest building may have been the clan hall floating into Paris and seeing this structure for the first time and the sense of awe and majesty it would inspire.

  6. haha “the torching of Brazil’s natural history museum.” it was not torching, it was an accident due to negligence and bad maintenance.
    Notre Dame is/was just a building, funny to see the ”sadness.” Being surrounded by too much art makes people effeminate, it’s fact.
    Nevertheless I blame anti-pope francis and moslems by the “incredible tragedy.”

    • Have another six pack of off-brand beer while you enjoy Midget Wrestle Mania, you uncouth swine.

      • I know I’ve not commented in a long time, mainly due to being relegated to the bottom of the queue, but I had to take a moment to express how much I miss Midget Wrestling. How much more politically incorrect and exploitative can you get? It was the last gasp of the Freak Show. Americana at its best, and it made people who might otherwise be unemployed, comfortably situated. Like the Siamese Twins, Chang and Eng Bunker, who saved the money they made exhibiting themselves and purchased Plantations and Slaves in North Carolina.

        Now the Fat Lady, the bearded woman and the wildly bizarre, pierced and tattooed, tribesman are on display free of charge at Walmart, so you don’t have to pay to see them… But, Midget Wrestling? I’d pay to watch that, and I might even learn to like beer.

    • I wondered when the bitch from hell would pipe in… Didn’t have long to wait. Anathema sit.
      Stonelifter, you were right.

      • LOL! YOPUR Cathedral burnt to the ground because of feckless, selfish, loud mouthed do nothing eunuchs like YOU, and the Race Traitor coward Stonelifter. HAIL LUGH! You are nothing but a SLAVE.

      • “Spare the churches, burn the priests.”

        A great statement if there ever was one. But you should have added “but start at the top and work your way down.”

      • @Chad – YES. My way is the WHITE WAY! If these Kristard Slaves were proper, righteous Heathens – we’d be having none of the existential issues was face. NO ORC should every have been permitted amongst us in first place. Whites dropped the ball centuries ago, though, when we renounced our True Faith for the doe eyed fraudulent serpent they call “Jesus”

  7. I’d have rather seen every protestant hovel in America burned to the ground with it’s congregants inside than lose Notre Dame.

    • I’ll bet you would. I notice you aren’t worried about jews or muslims being burnt to death. Is there a REASON?

      THIS vile post pretty much embodies the whole of Christardinsanity.

  8. A Frenchman by the name of Dominique Venner committed suicide in Notre Dame Cathedral protesting the destruction and invasion of France some years ago. Of course the press butchered the man afterward. I thought of him sometimes when I saw that beautiful structure. I still will.

    Sleep tight Dominique. Send the arsonist over to the Élysée Palace while Macron is at home, alone and asleep.

    • The Roman Catholic Church is a Roman Church, Its a pagan church, Its not the Church of Christ, It never was, Open Your Eyes, get away from
      One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters.

  9. It is “just a pretty building” without the vast weight of Godly worship and spiritual love backing it up.

    • No more so than your hovel of Protestant heresy, dog. You’d think that learning about the faith that created Europe would give Americans (who have freedom to worship) some measure of civility and/or compassion, but no…. As I said in an earlier article, the bubbas from the South, and the cretins from the North, are low-life cretins, who don’t even understand basic humanity 101.

      • Humanity? You call people dogs and condemn them to hell for having different BELIEFS(none of which can be proven), and you talk about humanity?

  10. spanhtanch, ,”Have another six pack of off-brand beer while you enjoy Midget Wrestle Mania.” I have no idea what this crap means, dumb entitled Jews’ butt boy scum.
    Get a life and some companion and stop with your ridiculous policing of comment sections.
    These drags of mankind obese porno addicts spend their lives in the internet bashing Christianity, then suddenly express fake outrage when some hard Catholic like myself just don’t give a damn about the burning of a Catholic building.
    i wonder the stench and ugliness of this far slob leprechaun.

  11. Jews did this. It didn’t have to be shlomo lighting the match. Shlomo is explicitly responsible for creating the conditions in which the destruction of European heritage occurs and escalates.
    Kiken vermin.

  12. My answers to the deranged resident subhuman troll ‘spehn’ were banned, another ”tragedy.” Catholics again are being opressed ‘lutherans.’

  13. Notre Dame will not be the last Cathedral to burn. We need to stop crying like girls; we look so pathetic. More will burn. Get used to it. RaHoWa is coming, and that is a good thing.

    • Christianity is not a force for whiteness, it’s a colorblind universalist belief system. You’re wasting your energy defending it.

      • Morality is universal.

        Anyone can be a good person or an evil person. There are terrible people who are White people. Focus on being a good White person and stop obsessing over White identity to the point that it blinds you to the fact that not everything in the world is about race.

        • Hunter – morality is NOT Universal. THAT is obvious EVERY single minute of the day. And perhaps everything wasn’t about Race – but it is now.

          • In your life, you have obviously met good White people and terrible White people. What are the qualities that made them good or bad? Perhaps a good White person is a kind person, a temperate person, an honest person, etc? These are the virtues that comprise his character. Yes, it is true that race exists and it is true that White identity is fine (it is only stigmatized by political correctness), but the MORAL QUALITIES are something that are accessible in theory at least to everyone.

            Yes, there is some biological basis to it. This will vary depending on personality and intelligence. It’s not completely biological though. You can become a better person by practicing the moral virtues in your life like humility and charity as easily as you can become a more physically fit person by exercising your body. There are good people who are non-White. Similarly, there are non-White people who are physically fit and who have good advice on their YouTube channels about health and fitness.

            Think about it: anyone can in theory be honest. Similarly, anyone is capable of losing weight or building muscle mass. Do you see why I think morality is universal? It is a skill that you acquire through practice.

          • Hunter – I must reply to myself, since, in this Comment system the “reply” options run down.

            Morality is not universal. We live in a multi cult mess. We have been used to racial disparities between Whites and Negroes, primarily, with Jews, behind the scenes, pulling the strings. As everything in Earth floods in – the racial warfare and mau mauing and struggle for dominance and supremacy will only worsen, and grow more outrageous and extreme. It’s already happening. It’s not going to be about “good” and “bad” individuals; it’s about ethnic warfare for power, and that warfare will take many forms. Whites are the only ethny who are NOT engaging in this behavior, at this point. FYI – I’m not advocating for this. It’s what I see happening NOW.

            Your moral virtues are Caucasian. Period. Non Whites have had to deal with White mores, when Whites held power. Now we are witnessing, in real time, the mores of non-White groups. “Morality” and “virtue” ARE GENETIC. History proves this. I understand what you are doing , and why you are doing what you are doing. I hope your aren’t drinking your own Yang Aid though, in reality – because you are going to be far more devastated by What’s Coming, than anything Bad Orange is doing. You’re a young man. You’ll find out. I do not write these words in a cruel way. Our situation is genuinely tragic. The USA is going to break apart in ethnic fault lines. It’s already happening.

  14. IF it is an act of Mohammedan arson, there is only one solution – French Air Force Bomb the Qu’aba (sp?) in Saudi Arabia. That idolatrous moon god shrine is nothing but a pagan erotic throne of satanic worship.
    Either that, or litter the French Countryside with Crucifixions of the ungodly Mohammedans.

    You want RAHOWA? You can GET Rahowa, if you are that stupid a desert nomad race.
    Exsurge Domine!

    • Never mind bombing foreign countries. THAT is one of the factors that’s led to Western ruin. Just get the Arabs and Africans OUT of France. The jews can escort them.

    • General Butt Naked, now why does that sound familiar…
      Are you ex-Manhoid Academy? I used to train there with Plum.

  15. Was a sad day for Christianity and France. Just really sad seeing it Burn. What a beautiful place. I agree it was a great symbol of Christianity and how we fought for our Faith & Values. Our Christian Ancestors didn’t hide in the shadows. Christianity and Racial Pride as central in having Values. We’ll probably never know what really happened. Was it Islamic Terrorism? That’s very possible how I believe the cowards doing the investigation would never let it be known. That would be symbolic that Islam isn’t in Europe for Peace but White Genocide. Deo Vindice !

  16. The Florian Geyer Lied (English lyrics circa 2010)

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