Bernie Sanders FOX News Town Hall

I’m going to watch it and give my honest take:

SPOILER: Your typical White Nationalist is merely an angry populist.

SPOILER: Yang will perform vastly better than Bernie with White populist swing voters in the South and Midwest for a variety of reasons. He is already doing so.

1:35: The steel is made by corporations like POSCO in South Korea and especially by China which weren’t dumb enough to embrace lolbertarian economics.

3:15: Applause. Great take on Trump’s tax bill and how Amazon and Netflix are paying nothing in federal taxes. Yang makes the same point. I completely agree.

5:05: LOL at Bret Baier who is trying to argue that Bernie benefited from the Blompf tax cut. Of course he did, but he would rather pay higher taxes than enrich a bunch of wealthy donors.

6:06: As a populist voter, Bernie is resonating with me talking about absurd levels of income inequality. Strongly agree.


8:26: Applause for raising taxes on the Koch Brothers.

9:56: “Democratic Socialism” is a stupid label that triggers Boomers. “Humane Capitalism” is a much better label. Otherwise, I agree with this take on health care as a human right and tuition free education.

11:12: Great point on Citizens United and how it empowered the MIGA oligarchy. I’m highly skeptical of appointing “conservatives” to SCOTUS for that reason.

16:24: Great question from the audience. The Left has been driven insane under Blompf on the two social issues which got him elected which are mass immigration and political correctness.

16:48: Strongly agree that Blompf is a pathological liar. It has been obvious since December 2016 when he picked Gary Cohn to run the US economy.

17:20: Bernie is right. Blompf is only the symptom, not the cause. The cause of everything being disaffected and angry White populists voting for conservatives. The two issues that are driving this are political correctness and mass immigration. This is a global phenomena that is happening in both Europe and North America and Australia and a sane Democratic president should end it.

18:10: I can only laugh at Blompf’s infrastructure plan. He hasn’t even built a mile of his border wall. Meanwhile, the Chinese are zipping around on high speed trains on the tens of thousands of miles of rail that they have built because their country isn’t totally dysfunctional. Just imagine how much stronger China is going to get when it does the same thing with AI.

18:38: If Bernie wants to really win big, he would appeal to White populist voters by condemning open borders and jettisoning the political correctness.

20:13: Strongly agree on ordinary people choosing the nominee, not insiders. If the GOP had a similar system, Marco Rubio would have won the nomination in 2016. Not that it really makes any difference since Blompf has adopted Rubio’s foreign policy.

21:13: LMAO at Blompf putting lolbertarian Mick Mulvaney in charge of the budget to suggest purely symbolic cuts to Medicare that will be used in countless attack ads.

22:18: But wait, Bernie, Blompf has said the GOP is “the party of health care.” LOL

23:55: Great point about changing jobs and losing your insurance. STABILITY. Bing. Foster social cohesion to appeal to populist voters.

25:06: Those Republicans who support Medicare for All, student loan debt relief, Universal Basic Income, infrastructure spending and higher taxes on the wealthy … are disaffected White populist and nationalist voters. Unfortunately, the Democrats want to go out of their way to alienate them and drive them into supporting Blompf with their insane political correctness.

Wow, I am somewhat surprised. Bernie stuck to economics in Part 1 of the FOX News Town Hall. In fact, he didn’t say a single that I disagreed with in this video.

Sanders gets rave reviews from the “far-right.”

Here we go with Part 2.

The Blompf national-populist coalition was an authoritarian coalition. The United States has an authoritarian majority. The center of the electorate is White and populist. Blompf won the presidency and defeated his rivals by rousing disaffected White populist voters.

The “center-right” of the Reagan era doesn’t exist anymore. This is why there is such a disconnect between Republican voters and the Republican establishment. It is why thousands of people come to Blompf’s rallies. It is why huge numbers of Republican voters support student loan debt relief, tax hikes, Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income and an agenda that emphasizes economic fairness. The Democrats are all concentrated in the Left-Libertarian quadrant. The Republicans are split between Left-Authoritarians and Right-Authoritarians. The Republican establishment, donor class and think tanks are in the Right-Libertarian quadrant with virtually no one else.

People like this US senator from Kentucky, Smilin’ Mitch:

The way you take out these pols like Smilin’ Mitch in the Southern states and the Midwest is by running on economic fairness and social cohesion. That’s how you win over disaffected White populists and retire these people. In order to do that though, you need to dissolve the two wedge issues polarizing the electorate which are mass immigration and political correctness.

0:48: The steel jobs aren’t coming back from East Asia. In the long run, they will be automated like everything else.

1:11: We free traded them away though. East Asia had a superior development strategy.

2:06: I agree that trade is a good thing. It creates wealth. The problem is that trade is highly disruptive, but harnessing the benefits of free trade through Universal Basic Income will improve the lives of the working class and help us repair the social fabric.

3:00: Great point about the decline of global unemployment.

BETO is an empty suit.

4:05: It is technology and automation that is generating the wealth. It is also vacuumed up to the top under the free-market capitalist model.

5:07: LOL at Bezos paying nothing in taxes. It’s absurd.

5:57: I’m also for Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, student loan debt forgiveness, infrastructure, tax hikes on people like Jeff Bezos, but political correctness and mass immigration caused me to vote for Blompf. Why don’t you just dump political correctness and speak to me in a better language?

6:17: LOL at the GOP caring about the national debt. Seriously?

8:57: LMFAO at the Mick Mulvaney dead on arrival budget. Chief of Staff? Blompf hires the best people, right?

9:44: The giving up on life is a symptom of economic decline and social dysfunction and the cause of both is the trend toward both social liberalism and economic liberalism. Do you see the Chinese giving up on life? Of course not, the Chinese are the happiest people on earth.

10:43: Do you remember who slashed child poverty in the South? It was the presidents from FDR to LBJ who had this thing called the New Deal populist-progressive coalition.

11:12: It is all a symptom of the “populist-conservative coalition,” but continue … I am listening.

13:06: Why don’t we simply make Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador into wealthy countries? Bernie had me until he started talking about immigration …

14:20: Yeah, the comprehensive immigration reform thing, which is backed by the US Chamber of Commerce, is a big loser with the White populists who voted Blompf 2016.

15:12: Once again, he had me until he started talking about comprehensive immigration reform. Sorry Bernie, but why on earth don’t we secure our own border? Would FDR have tolerated the fiasco we have now on the Southern border?

15:52: Why don’t we simply send in the UN to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and have them stabilize those countries like Liberia or Haiti? Why don’t we build infrastructure there for them like China is doing all over sub-Saharan Africa? They could all go home then.

16:24: It would be worth building the wall for the Democrats to detoxify the electorate and win congressional elections in the South and Midwest. It’s not like we are going to have jobs for these desperate people when automation is raging in the 2020s.


18:04: APPLAUSE on getting out of Yemen. Blompf supports this stupid war for some reason. Undoubtedly, it is because Israel and Saudi Arabia are allies.

19:38: LMFAO about these lolbertarians and conservatives saber-rattling about China. They’re the ones who are responsible for making East Asia so wealthy.

Boomer conservatives like Bannon made China wealthy. I don’t blame the Chinese for it. They were smart to take advantage of these stupid people.

20:05: Don’t really care about climate change. I’m pro-environment and conservation though. I like what Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and FDR did back in the day.

21:25: Phase out nuclear power? Sorry Bernie, that’s just dumb. Why on earth would we want to do that in the eastern United States where there aren’t earthquakes? Yang is right on this issue.

22:04: I support defense cuts. These Boomers can’t even secure our own border. Why the hell should we spend $700 billion a year on a worthless military?

23:41: Sorry Bernie, but I am pro-life. It is one of the reasons why I voted for Blompf in spite of agreeing with you on all this other stuff.

24:34: Ilhan Omar speaks the truth about AIPAC!

26:21: Rapists and murderers should be allowed to vote? That’s cringe, Bernie. I’m up here in the Left-Authoritarian quadrant.

29:03: It is Yang because disaffected White populist and nationalist voters are swinging behind him. He doesn’t talk down to them in political correctness.

30:00: Great closing statement, Bernie!

The problem, Bernie, is that White populist voters agree with you on economics across the board, but you lose them on social issues like immigration and political correctness.

Andrew Yang is Asian. I’ve observed that the vast majority of Asians share my values which are social cohesion and economic fairness. Even if he has to win over all these crazy people first, I get it. We need an Asian president to move FORWARD and GET RICH.

It’s not going to be you, Bernie.

Note: This is the strategy we need to take out our three enemies: the Democratic establishment, the Republican establishment and Blompf. We need a populist-progressive electoral coalition. We need a new paradigm and a national populist discourse that emphasizes economic fairness and social cohesion. We need to jettison identity politics and appeal to these voters on the basis of their values.

Yang is a Star Trek fan so think of it as a strategy to take out three birds with one stone:

Politics is war and everyone in the fed up center needs to stop being dumb and play to win. That’s what Blompf did in 2016. Most Democrats only care about winning anyway not ideology.

Eventually, we can foster social cohesion and economic fairness to the point where we can reconstruct ethnic and cultural homogeneity, and achieve the ends of of White Nationalism peacefully. In order to detoxify, unscramble and fix our f***ed country, however, we first have to fix our culture, economy and politics and overcome the burden of history.

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  1. It’s sad to say that Bernie is one of the better candidates out there. A testament to the state of American politics that a communist jew is somehow more appealing than the majority of candidates.

  2. Bernie crumbled when the Clintons strong-armed him in 2016. What will he do when the really big boys come a calling while he’s in the White House?

    Bernie is like Ron Paul (whom I supported). A lot of great talk but absolutely NO COURAGE to do what he says he will do. We need an unflinching gladiator not a waterboy. I also don’t vote socialist.

  3. The “center-right” of the Reagan era doesn’t exist anymore.

    Nor do the empires and power blocks whose ghosts still drive U.S. foreign policy outside of MIGA.

    Yang and Sanders still have large elements of 19/20th Century ideology in their political paradigms.

    They’d both have to overcome the Congress and Senate, including Nancy Pelosi, who’ll fight them every step of the way.

    Until we can get politicians who are real 21st Century types, and get rid of the political and ideological baggage from last century, U.S. policy, domestic and foreign, will be firmly rooted in the 1980’s.

  4. It isn’t just the politicians who can’t get out of the past, most of the public seems to be there too. They don’t seem to able to let go of this pop culture bullshit of the last 65 years. Elvis has left the building, and it was 40 years ago, and he isn’t coming back. The Beatles haven’t played together for almost 50 years, and they aren’t going to either.

  5. Sanders did a good job dismantling Trump’s economic agenda and showing it for what it has been which is anything but populist.

    I also agree with you on Mulvaney. I am still laughing over Trump allowing that clown to add that Medicare language to his symbolic budget. That was a massive gift o the Democrats in 2020.

  6. “A lot of great talk but absolutely NO COURAGE to do what he says he will do.”

    Dr. No was a courageous congressman who submitted bills to audit the Fed!

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