Michele Bachmann: Blompf Is The Most Biblical President of Our Lifetimes

My sides:

These Christian Zionist Boomers have utterly lost touch with their own religion. I mean you can clearly see here how “Christianity” has become hollowed out into a tribal marker.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a religious bone in his body. How many times has he been married? Didn’t he commit adultery? Everyone knows he probably banged Stormy Daniels.

No one cares though because the Left is so awful and their religion is woke supremacy. Unlike Blompf who is an atheist pretending to be a Christian because he has to in order to be president, these people are True Believers. They are witch hunting fanatics and holy rollers. They nearly scared enough White people in Minnesota back in 2016 to allow Blompf to carry the state.

Ronald Reagan couldn’t even win Minnesota in 1980 and 1984. It is on the verge of tipping to the GOP because of political correctness and mass immigration.

Note: Evan McMullin and Gary Johnson stopped Blompf from winning Minnesota.

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      • Maybe that was the idea all along.

        Promote these literal retard “Judeo-Christian” preachers, get the Boomers to start worshiping the Jews, get these maniacs to try and trigger enough wars to bring about the “rapture,” and make Christianity so repugnant that youth rebel by abandoning God altogether…

          • You guys always miss the one main thing though. Even Duke misses it. You are 100 % correct …. but miss the “possessed” part. Satan doesn’t have unlimited evil angels any more than a corporation has unlimited high skilled labor. He focuses his best and brightest on those who reach the masses and Jews. By influencing Jews to do things against us … we’ll hate them AND he can attack Christianity in this way as well as other ways.

            So, you get an A. Want an A + ? Remember “possessed.”

  1. If you bring up Trump’s many many large moral failings they will bring up King David, King Solomon, Samson or whatever. Their moral standards these days have dropped like a rock. The only real morals they have is “blessing Israel” and being a Republican.

  2. Christian Zionism is a heinous scam, leading White born agains and holy rollers down the road to never ending wars and White Genocide.

  3. Michelle Bachmann is just another “conservative®” who has conserved nothing. She’s holding back the 21st Century, just like all the rest.

    It doesn’t matter if somebody is in their twenties, or they’re Boomers. If they espouse the politics, whether Left or Right, of the previous 160 years, they need to be gone.

  4. We’ve got plenty of voter fraud here in Minnesota, too. The midterms were filled with it. Not to mention the outsized influence of special people (US Senators Boschwitz, Wellstone, Franken) and mooselimbs (Congresscritters Ellison, Omar). So much for the Nordic superiority idea, huh? We’re the most developed state in the upper Midwest, and the most multicultural. You’ll get to see both of those qualities on display in spades at the Mall of America (or Megamess), which I haven’t gone to in years. I can only put up with so much cultural enrichment, not to mention the accompanying criminal activity.

    And the Recucks here are much more pro-establishment. The 2016 primary (caucus, we call it) was won by Rubio!

    • rick L. minnesota is 85% white suicidal square heads who voted TWICE for the purple lipped Obama. Minn is Americas Sweden

      • Omar was elected out of a district that’s 67% white. Ellison was elected state attorney general after it was proven he beat up and threatened a couple of white girlfriends. We are cucked to the point of being doomed, it seems. Minnesota wants to be Sweden not only in terms of social democratic-style safety nets, but also in coddling and promoting antagonistic minority outsiders in preference to helping our own.

      • Sweden, Minnesota….Nords are definitely tolerant to a fault. In some aspects it is a very laudable trait, but in the current reality it will sadly be their doom if nothing changes.

    • I was there when it opened, Rich. Before the Light Rail started allowing niggers to be bused in from the Ghet- toe, it was ‘THE’ place to go-international tours used to visit the MOA.

      I now call it ‘Le Mal d’Amerique.’ It somehow fits better.
      (“The American Sickness”)

  5. Both zionist boomers and Blompf practice a virulent strain of holocaustianity where the Jews aren’t always right, but they can never be wrong.

  6. That’s one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard in my life. That’s a typical politician with No Brains! He’s probably the most socially liberal President in History. He’s the most 2 faced President in History. Cuck Trump will say and do anything. What he says he’s doing the opposite every single time. He has no common sense, morals, and sure don’t care about the South. Deo Vindice !

  7. ” I thank Dagda that I am a Celt, and not a Nord. Every single day/”

    Um where are the Celtic Vidkun Quisling and Anders Brevik?

  8. “Unlike Blompf who is an atheist pretending to be a Christian because he has to in order to be president, these people are True Believers.”

    You are giving him too much credit. To be an atheist he would have to take a stand and not believe in what he can’t see.

    I see him more as a disgusting degenrate, that would take his daughter on the Howard Stern show. A degenerate that would have weird photographs of his daughter taken, sitting on his lap, holding his throat, staring into his eyes. A degenerate that beds porn actresses while his wife is preganant.

    Trump is one of those people from the private parties in Eyes Wide Shut, that Stanley Kubrick was talking about. He worships the dark lord.

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