Trump Attacks Crazy Bernie Sanders

So, I reviewed the Bernie Sanders Town Hall, and if you want to know how that went over with a disaffected White populist and nationalist voter just read my take.

Blompf is having a tantrum right now on Twitter:

He is retweeting Charlie Kirk too:

LOL yeah, he beat them all right, Charlie.

He beat them by winning over people like us, not Conservatism, Inc. grifters like you and Candace Owens. I agreed with everything Crazy Bernie said except the parts about immigration and abortion. This is great for Bernie that he is being attacked like this by Blompf.

Note: Yang has the higher ceiling though.

The Yang Campaign also shouldn’t be giving poor Shawn McCaffery a hard time either for volunteering in Michigan. Politics is a team sport and the Trump-Yang voter is very real. These people are who are defecting from Blompf to Yang are simply disaffected White populist and nationalist voters and virtually all of them are actually in the center of the electorate, not on the “far-right.”

It’s actually Charlie Kirk and Sean Hannity who are “far-right.” If you support everyone in America getting a $1,000 a month, you are to the left of True Conservatism. In fact, you are probably a Left-Authoritarian voter like me. What’s more, THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOW AUTHORITARIAN, and Shawn McCaffrey is no more authoritarian than the run of the mill MAGApede.

Leftwing journos are dumb. Just laugh at them next time they call. Never forget how for two solid years they claimed Hillary lost in 2016 because of the Russia conspiracy hoax. They’re also telling all these people who are in the center that they are “far-right.”

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  1. Bernie is forcing Trump to defend his tax plan which is genius. This is exactly what you want to force Trump and the GOP to do. Call them out on what they actually did with power over the last two years – not let them distract everyone with wedge issues they use as bait.

    • And the only response Trump has is “yeah, but bernie has money tho.”

      This is the classic low IQ attempt at owning the socialists from lolbertarians and neoliberals. “If you’re so socialist, why do you own stuff bro? Checkmate.”

    • I remember Gerald Celente of Trends Research stating that over 80% of the tax breaks went to the corporations and multimillionaires. The average person benefited very little from the new tax break structure.

  2. Sanders will get screwed out of the nomination again. It’s going to be Biden running on union factory jobs and corn/ethanol subsidies for West Yankeedom. East Yankeedom and Mexifornia will grudgingly vote for him, just to spite Trump and defeat the Republicans. Then Biden can get to work advancing Judeo-Communist-Capitalist interests and preventing most Americans from experiencing the 21st Century.


    How can you have a Democratic Socialist Worker’s States of America, if there are no workers because the work is being done by robots and computers, who don’t vote and don’t have any “rights” to be violated?

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