Please help:

I check Twitter and this is what I see in my feed.

As a “white supremacist” American who is worried about how the rise of AI will impact the working class of all races, I feel the president should be focused on more important issues than this. We’ve got to make Yang the 46th president before the robots take over!*

*Some dumb leftwing journo projects the label on to people like us.

Can you imagine another term of Goldilocks?

UPDATE: Blompf just texted me asking me to donate to him. Nigga please, you want my money? You’re a billionaire. Spend your own fortune to get reeelected.

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  1. A massive, permanent underclass of unemployables, HW. Hoovervilles and favelas all over the place. A relatively small managerial class of technicians and administrators living in hi-rise apartment blocks and a tiny ruling elite of whites, jews, hindoos and orientals at the very top living in fortress-like gated communities. That’s what we have to look forward to. Unless we vote for Commander Little in 2020.


    • IMO, Commander Little should run for Congress in California.

      I don’t think many of our current “representatives” in Congress will be around much longer. After all, if we simply disproved free-market capitalism and replaced it with a better economic model, well, that would change everything.

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