Mayor Pete Buttplug Has Upstaged Beta O’Dork As The Media’s Candidate

BETO is an empty suit:

“Beto O’Rourke, traveling the country doing a head-snapping number of presidential campaign events, had just finished an extended version of his stump speech Wednesday when a self-described cable news devotee confronted the former congressman over his absence from her TV screen.

O’Rourke’s cable absenteeism diverges with the omnipresence of other 2020 candidates, particularly South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whose media saturation strategy corresponds with his recent rise in polls and surprise early fundraising successes. …

Let me check the latest from the the Beta O’Dork Parody Account:

Does he remind anyone else of Patrick Bateman from Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho? He is pretty boy who does nothing but recite crowd pleasing clichés.

joking/not joking CLICK

Interesting stuff … BETO as Bateman. I might think some more about this later.

Anyway, Mayor Pete is the hip new thing with the media set:

“Burning with the velocity of a prairie fire on a gusty Indiana day, Pete Buttigieg scorched the airwaves, seared the podcasts, and charred the press this week as he ignited his presidential campaign, temporarily torching his Democratic competition in the process.

The secret to Buttigieg’s publicity run was no secret, wrote Matthew Yglesias in Vox. Like Molly Bloom in his favorite novel, Ulysses, he can’t stop saying “yes”—to media invitations. In recent weeks, he’s appeared on a CNN town hall, Ellen, A-list podcasts and Morning Joe, and been featured in New York, POLITICO Magazine, the Atlantic and much more. But saying yes is never enough to hold the press spellbound. Buttigieg has satisfied the ravenous press corps’ appetite by offering them an entire menu of newish things—no, make that an entire food court of newish things—to write about. He’s the youngest candidate in the field (at 37, he’s the only millennial except for Tulsi Gabbard), he’s gay and married, he’s an Afghan war veteran, he’s a Rhodes scholar (as is Cory Booker, but never mind), he plays a decent piano, he’s a churchgoer, he’s the mayor of the fourth-largest city in Indiana, he once gave a TEDx talk, he worked as a McKinsey consultant, he’s a polymath, he’s as earnest as a preacher, he’s an old person’s idea of what a young person should be like, and he’s figured out how to package progressive ideas as moderate. …”

Is Pete Buttigieg even in the populist conversation? NO

LOL … leftwing journos are so dumb.

Who has the higher ceiling here? Who is going to play in the populist quadrant of the electorate? I want to WIN because we can’t afford to have Blompf and Larry Kudlow toasting the “Goldilocks” economy in 2021-2025 as deep learning AI rips its away through the working class.

Note: The reason that Blompf is president is because he reaped a whirlwind of populist support by breaking with hated politically correct taboos. If you are reading this site and getting mad about us making fun of Mayor Buttplug and the Buttbuddies, you are likely on track to lose in 2020.

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  1. Buttplug is just the candidate that the Left wanted to run in the 80’s or 90’s, butt couldn’t, because the public were still largely averse to Homosexuality.

    Now he and his message are just obsolete and irrelevant. Like all of the other 20th Century candidates.
    Physical youth is not enough. Their political ideas have to be youthful, too. And firmly rooted in the present.

    The Left are simply infatuated with Beto, like they were with Wendy Davis, because he represents the possibility of Texas being stripped of its Southern culture and transformed into Mexichusetts by the combination of Carpetbaggers
    and Messican invaders.

    Once they realise that he’s nothing but a spoiled Texas rich boy playing with one of his toys, and a fraud and a clown, they’ll move on to some other freak in this political circus sideshow.

  2. None of these guys like Beto and Mayor Pete have a chance because they have zero support from the populists. They are media creations. They are telling a “story.” They have zero policy proposals which will be very important in 2020 because the populists will swing the election.

    Trump, Kushner and Kudlow have to go. That is a must.

  3. American Psycho and I Shot Andy Warhol are two of my favorite films. Are they of interest to White Southern nationalists?

    I’m glad to see Yang married within his own race. It infuriates me to see a white girl with an Oriental. The way the jewish press is fawning over Pete “the faygeleh” Buttplug is also infuriating. But he is a lot more interesting than Cipher O’Rourke. 2020 promises to have the most unusual assortment of presidential candidates since, I don’t know, 1968?

  4. That little sequence of platitudes from Bateman, in the restaurant scene – that’s been the entire JewOP platform for decades. Skeery.

  5. Love the American Psycho bits….Ahhhh, the 80’s. I think it was Richard Spencer who called the era Indian Summer for White people.

  6. I pray God that some psycho Mohammedan nutcase removes Buttplug from this planet, and soon. A complete ‘act of God” with no one to ‘blame’ for such a fait accompli.

    Accursed, ‘all such are deserving of death.” – St. Paul, Romans, Chapter 1.

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