Jexodus: Jews Have Strong Grounds To Join The Republican Party

Bethany Mandel writes:

“A PEW poll this week found that while Republicans are more likely to perceive anti-Christian discrimination, Democrats are more likely to see discrimination against Muslims, gays and Jews. Would that that bit about Democratic sensitivity to anti-Semitism were true. If it were, more Democrats would be sounding the alarm about the cancer of Jew-hatred infesting their party.

Leading Democrats remain blasé at best, however. On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed herself to be in ­utter denial about the disease, telling CNN that “we have no taint of that in the Democratic Party.” Self-delusion on this scale is almost heroic, what with Rep. ­Ilhan Omar’s repeated evocations of classic anti-Semitic tropes about Israel “hypnotizing the world” and buying US support with “Benjamins, baby.” …

If American Jews wish to stop the Democrats from turning their party into an American version of Corbyn’s Labour, they shouldn’t permit their votes to be taken for granted. The Democrats, like the Republicans, should have to earn Jews’ votes, and for the past 10 years, and especially lately, they’ve done little to do so. Come 2020, American Jews need to send a clear message — with their votes and their money.”

Where do I even start?


The real question isn’t why Jews are aligned with the Democratic Party. Jewish donors finance the Democratic Party. The Jewish elite controls the Democratic Party. The political preferences of the vast majority of Jewish voters are perfectly aligned with the Democratic Party which literally jumps every time in Congress it is accused of “anti-Semitism.” Jexodus will never happen.

No, the real question is how the Republican coalition works, specifically, how does the Right-Libertarian GOP establishment control the party? Virtually no one is down there in the electorate with these “Republican strategists” like Karl Rove and Rick Wilson who worship Ronald Reagan. That’s the reason why Blompf was able to walk away with the Republican nomination in 2016.

Karl Rove and Rick Wilson had no idea why Mitt Romney lost and Blompf won:

Do you see the problem?

The Republican electorate is an authoritarian coalition of Left-Authoritarians and Right-Authoritarians. The populists are Left-Authoritarians. The conservatives are Right-Authoritarians. And yet, the GOP is controlled by wealthy donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers and think tanks and journals that are all Right-Libertarian straight out of the 1980s.

So, the challenge for the GOP in 2020 is to rally Left-Authoritarian populists and moderates with the Right-Authoritarian conservatives all behind the triumphs of a policy agenda that four years later will be essentially Right-Libertarian. We’re supposed to be excited about MIGA!

Now, what is the cause of this Yang phenomenon? I would argue the cause is that it is starting to dawn on disaffected White populists and nationalists who are Left-Authoritarians that Andrew Yang is a Left-Authoritarian like all other Asians. If you just ignore the racial aspect of identity politics, it turns out our values are actually aligned. Seriously, if you just read his biography, it reveals he is someone who is concerned and animated about social cohesion and economic fairness.

Why are the Yang dog whistles working?

joking/not joking lmao for some strange reason he is connecting

Is it because Yang is a Left-Authoritarian?

joking/not joking lmao all the Asians are Left-Authoritarians.

Challenge accepted, Mitch McConnell:

Note: LOL … is Murdoch Chan in the comments?

Are the Asians taking over the Democratic Party? If so, we can get excited about not being sixth class citizens!

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  1. since Jews already control both wings of the ZOG Uniparty from the top down,

    a Jexodus would be mere play-acting. It does not matter

    whether it happens,

    or not. But

    I do get a kick out of the way the cute ‘lil brown bulb lady is ruffling some kosher feathers.

  2. What folks want is the freedom to live and work, or not work, as and where they please, without having to worry about having the money to do it.

    They want to be able to produce and create value and worth for themselves and others, without having it destroyed by the envious, or stolen by the greedy.

    They want the West to remain racially White, and whatever European, or European derived culture, that prevails in their particular living space within the Occidental whole, to continue. North America for Whites, Canada for Canadians, Dixie for Southrons, etc.

    They want an end to USZOG and the Jews’ ancient war against Human Civilisation.

    They want Peace.
    Ordered Liberty.
    Real Justice.
    Social Cohesion snd Cultural stability.

    A future not determined for them by Jews, Communists, and ideologues rooted in the increasingly distant past.

    An automated mixed economy that provides UBI and makes all of this possible.

    They want the 21st Century.

    As an aside, I have a life long interest in farm machinery. I watch some promotional videos from 1980’s, on YouTube, that look and feel suspiciously like similar videos from the 1970’s, that I watch.

    The current political parties look and sound suspiciously like they’re from the 1970’s, too.

    Listening to them talk about union factory jobs that no longer exist, profess their nonexistent love for muds, whom they claim we need to perform jobs that no longer exist, either.

    Listening to them talk about the need for new aircraft carriers and the need to confront extinct empires and non existent or defunct power blocks. Or have gunboats on the Yangtze and Nile Rivers, is like watching those old promotional videos.

    Except that farm machinery has advanced into the 21st Century, The Democrats and Republicans haven’t.

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