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“The presidential hopeful told Reason that his Freedom Dividend would put “more people in a position where they can actually participate in a free market,” making for a “much more dynamic” economy.

UBI has a bevy of full-throated critics on both sides of the aisle. In 2016, Oren Cass wrote in National Review that it is “a logical successor to the worst public policies and social movements of the past 50 years.” Eduardo Porter of The New York Times said it provides a “non-negligible disincentive to work” and that government aid would become “less generous over time.”

But it’s also had an unlikely array of supporters over the years, like Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King, Jr.—not to mention famed libertarian economists Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, and Charles Murray.

“The good news is that a well-designed UBI can do much more than help us to cope with disaster,” Murray wrote in The Wall Street Journal in 2016. “It also could provide an invaluable benefit: injecting new resources and new energy into an American civic culture that has historically been one of our greatest assets but that has deteriorated alarmingly in recent decades.”

Murray and Yang approach the UBI discussion from a similar vantage point: Automation is picking up speed, and it’s coming for your job. “We are approaching a labor market in which entire trades and professions will be mere shadows of what they once were,” says Murray. Similarly, Yang calls his Freedom Dividend a “tech check”—an homage to the retail workers, call center employees, and truck drivers who may increasingly find themselves without work in the coming years.

But Murray and Yang diverge considerably when it comes to how they would pay for a UBI—as well as how it would interact with the welfare system. Murray champions the burn-it-all-down approach, financing the stipend by eradicating all social safety net programs, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, as well as housing and agricultural subsidies.

Yang sees it differently. He proposes centralizing health care costs and taxing tech giants like Amazon, who he says are automating jobs into oblivion and driving some stores across the country into the ground. Emboldened by the Freedom Dividend, recipients would spend their money in their local communities, facilitating a “trickle up economy.”

And while he pictures welfare dependence waning, Yang maintains that it has its rightful place in society. “You don’t want to take away benefits that hundreds of thousands of Americans are literally relying upon for their very survival,” he told Reason. “The goal is to create more positive incentives.” Over time, he says that welfare enrollment would decline with a rise in empowered consumers, “because many people in the Dividend would never find themselves in those programs.” …”

In the course of my historical research, I came across a very different understanding of “liberty” than is held by modern day liberals and libertarians under wage slavery. These posts were all drawn from David Hackett Fischer’s Liberty and Freedom: A Visual History of America’s Founding Ideas:

Further reading:

Liberty: Its True Meaning In The Backcountry
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In the South, the three major ethnocultural hearths that gave rise to Southern culture – South Carolina and the Deep South, Virginia and Tidewater and Appalachia and the Backcountry – each had an idea of “liberty” that was closely associated with leisure, prosperity and economic independence. The republican vision of liberty was linked to agrarianism and ownership of property.

Historically speaking, the Southern idea of liberty was having the constitutional right to free speech and the economic independence to essentially say, “fuck off.” Liberty was highly compatible with Slave Society because it gave the planters both the leisure and wealth to style themselves as the Southern equivalent of England’s country gentry. That’s something to think about now that Yang is telling everyone that Silicon Valley and China are restoring Slave Society with AI and robotics.

joking/not joking the past is the future

joking/not joking the Yankees created our current dystopia

The vast majority of people in America today are employees. They would have been recognized as wage slaves by our Southern ancestors. The rise of wage slavery and the intensification of the political correctness are closely related. The whole Northern ideal of liberty has always been associated with tyrannical conformity. In an a land of agrarian farmers, there were fewer employees and more people were free to speak their minds because they weren’t lackeys of employers.

The Northern cultures had their own peculiar awful visions of liberty as well. Check out the book. I would argue we are seeing a resurrection of the Southern ideal of liberty. There are only a tiny number of these new robotic slaves in the United States of 2019 which is a historically significant date. It is the 400th anniversary of the arrival of black slaves in Virginia.

We need to start studying the classics. The Roman Empire combined slavery with republican liberty. The same is true of the Old South which admired Rome and Greece.


Note: I’m being humorous, of course, but simultaneously serious. It is hard to believe this is happening, but nevertheless here we are.

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  1. From the comment bellow the article “…And is it actually a survival strategy? A closer look at it makes me think it’s more of a racial self-extermination strategy. After all, what kind of a survival strategy is it that can’t even admit its goals to itself? And it’s exactly this refusal of whites to explicitly state that they collectively want to continue to exist as a race that is the greatest impediment to their doing so. It’s an interesting problem with no easy solution. How do you restore the will to live to a race that seems to have lost it? And not only lost its will to live, but actually prides itself on doing so? Accordingly, this “betrayal” isn’t a betrayal at all. It’s what American whites voted for and want. Giving their country away and accepting their own demographic demise is proof of their virtue; proof of their Christian love for all mankind.”

  2. Wage slave? Are you kidding me? You talk like a Bolshevik. Millions would starve if we were to return to an agrarian lifestyle. Also, where is this mythical free market that gets blamed for everything? How is it that political correctness was less of an issue back when the government was less intrusive in everyone’s daily lives? Corporate censorship is a result of government intervention and a Jewish monopoly of this country’s soft power centers. Christianity hasn’t helped either, with its race blindness.

    • No, I talk about free-market capitalism like a Southerner because I have studied Slave Society vs. Free Society for years. Obviously, no one is returning to an agrarian arcades, but we can bring back the concept of liberty as economic independence

      • There is no “liberty” or economic independence under Yang’s “UBI”…it’s wage-slavery writ-large, with impersonal, bureaucratic, overlords, who hate us and have none of the meager restraints of business owners (who at least have to make shows of improving worker conditions). All the competition between the “free-laborers” and the employers, still exists under a state-sponsored UBI, with all the same damages highlighed by Henry Hughes and others.

        Maybe, if you were advocating for some massive re-distribution of capital (instead of money) you’d be closer to a Southern strategy – in that case, we’d all be more economically-independent because we’d be better positioned to provide for our own needs from our own property holdings.

        Also, it’s hard to argue that the traditional southern view included a naive blind-faith in scientism, and the ability of the lab-coat-wearing demi-gods to rescue us all from scarcity. You don’t find Fitzhugh mocking his opponents by claiming they’re not “progressing towards the 21rst century”. This pleb-level transhumanism is an embarrassing farce. How many “engineers” and “brilliant” government-schooled calculators have been working on a cure for cancer? For how many years? How many have been working on energy production and getting us independent of fossil fuels? I’ve heard similar naive assertions about the inevitability of these things as well….it’s “right around the corner” we’re told. That was two decades ago.

        Far better the *actual* southern view – of loving, appreciating, and championing the simple things in life that can’t be purchased with Yang-bucks…

        • How so?

          The federal government gave all the Whites in the much of the Midwest their family farms with the Homestead Act. They deported all the Creek Indians where I am from out to Oklahoma so the Whites could buy their land.

          UBI is no different. We’re just giving people economic independence from their bosses. How do you think we colonized North America?

      • Some of these “private” corporations are not really private at all, but used as propaganda arms of the state to circumvent the 1st amendment. Even ignoring the government role in incorporation in the first place, we can see that:

        1. Facebook colludes with U.S. and Israeli intelligence.

        2. Google was seed funded by the CIA and NSA.

        3. Twitter and other social media internet firms are sheltered from liability regarding the content – just as if they were common carriers. Yet, unlike common carriers, they are allowed to (and now, under threat by the government, required to) censor content. But they are not liable for the content that they censor, nor are they liable for the content that they allow. How is this the free market? Is this typical for private property? Heads I win, tails you lose.

        4. Paypal is part of the banking cartel.

        • Yes, it will be a crying shame to watch them get blown out by their Chinese competitors over the next couple of decades. Did you see that Amazon just followed in the footsteps of E-Bay and retreated from the Chinese market?

    • Nikos- Race blindness? Are you out of your mind? Christianity is the NEW ISRAEL, and it was ONLY meant for the Sons and daughters of ADAM, and NONE ELSE.

      It is the PERVERSION OF CHRISTIANITY, i.e., Pagan Roman universal jurisdiction coupled with the filioquist heresy, that permitted the Western Church to conflate universal RULE with universal ‘salvation’ – but a salvation of a gnostic soul of ‘mankind,’ and NOT the salvation of the BODY of Christ, which is- and can only ever be – Adamic. like the flesh of Christ Himself. We are not obligated to either: a) believe it any longer, nor b) operate as though a multiracial mess is coterminous with the ‘kingdom.’ It may be a Kingdom, but is of Satan, and not GOD!

      Say what you like about the CI paradigm, they have more of the vision of the older pre-schism Catholic faith, that ONLY was meant for ‘His People’ [Matt. 1:21] and ‘the lost sheep of the House (Gr. ‘oikos’ – race/family/household) of the lost Sheep of ISRAEL [ Matt. 10:6] and was corroborated at the end of that same NT, by both James [Jas. 1:1] and St. Peter [I Pet. 1:1]. the very word ‘World’ in verses like Matt. 26:13, ark 14:9, and Romans 1:8 has to be taken into consideration- the word we know as ‘cosmos’ clearly does NOT mean that the Gospel either was (or ever will be!) preached on Saturn- even though it is part of the ‘kosmos’! The word also means ‘an ordered system’ – like a government. And the ONLY government in the ‘world’ of the Apostles’ day, was the ROMAN government. Interestingly enough, the phrase for ‘inhabited world’ in that era, was the “Ecumene.” Which is where the term ‘Ecumenical Council’ comes from. Now, those councils did NOT include ‘Christians’ from India, or Sub-saharan Africa, or the Amerindians, but only those lands that were once the ROMAN Empire- i.e., Europe. Because?????

      God – YHWH God is ONLY concerned with, and only will elect as HIS OWN CHILDREN, the White, non-miscegenated races of Europe. Which is why Moslems in Europe is at base, so very WRONG.
      We all KNOW this, but have to have ‘science’ as our false ‘god’ to tell us what we should know, instinctively.

      Protestant and RC Missionary endeavors to ‘save the world’ are BULLSHIT religious AND racial HERESY, plain and simple. And why Jews (as the counterfeit ‘israel of god’ (Not!)) are so filled with HATE against White Folks. WE TOOK THEIR HERITAGE from Christ, and they AIN’T GETTING IT BACK, EVER.

      • An article that illustrates that biblical reality- FWIW.

        “What makes the understanding of ethnic compatibilities and incompatibilities important is that if they are ignored the result is a phenomenal amount of mayhem, murder and strife….

        [ But] history attests that mashing incompatible ethnic groups together through an enforced ideology, be it religious or secular in nature, produces very poor results. Yes, it is possible to boost the rate of intermarriage by shaming those who exhibit racist tendencies while rewarding those who intermarry as a way of signaling their virtuousness, and on the surface the resulting society does not appear broken. What breaks is its sense of itself. Being among compatible people, who accept you and whom you accept unconsciously and unconditionally, creates a sense of harmony and well-being, convincing you that the world is a good place and is to be nurtured and celebrated.”

      • There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
        – Galatians 3:28

        • Right. Only two peoples, BOTH OF THEM OF THE ECUMENE. You proved nothing. Don’t conflate the Hellene and the Judean (both of them Geographical territories) with the fallacy that they include all races… unless you are a godless romanist.

          • My understanding of what I took from Jesus Christ’s King’s Wedding Invitation Parable is that eternal salvation is extended to any one and all who accepts God’s invitation to take Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

            That said, in Revelations, it concludes that Christ the King will divide all the peoples of the world and send them back to their own nations to live. He will impose his just rule over all peoples, but they will live separate and apart from each other.

            It looks to me that even after all peoples are cleansed of sin and transformed into the individuals God meant them to be, they will still retain enough tribal and racial instincts that world peace can only be maintained by separating them and keeping them separate with Jesus Christ as the mediator and arbiter between all peoples.

            At least that’s my take on what I read in Scriptures. And I concede that’s partly because I can’t relate to what I deem as Wannabe Jews who just basically want to take over what I view as Organized Crime disguised as religion, complete with the blessings of Gee Dash Dee who allows them to regularly abuse any gentile who is stupid or ignorant enough to extend hospitality to them.

            I am a proud Aryan and we don’t engage in such Semitic shenanigans. And I say Semitic, because the Arabs aren’t any better about not abusing the hospitality of their hosts than the Hebrews or Jews or whatever the hell they want to call themselves are.

            In fact, reading the New Testament, I got the strongest impression that the years of His life not covered by the Bible,Christ spent traveling other lands and was attempting to teach that proud, stiff-necked people the concepts of honor and true hospitality He observed while there. Yeah, in some of his sermons it was like he was telling everyone to bend over backwards for people, but if they couldn’t rob, cheat or kill people, that would seem to them like bending over backwards for people, LOL.

            I relate to El Shaddai who created Man in his image, blessed them, and said, “Be fruitful and multiply; I can’t related to Yahweh. The entity that approached Moses never explained the necessity of the name change and why our Creator who created and blessed everybody suddenly preferred one entitled group to the exclusion of all His other children. It smells too kosher for my tastes.

            Jesus Christ strikes me more as the son of El Shaddai the Blessing Creator than Yahweh some questionable desert deity who encouraged a bunch of nasty Semites to do whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted. Yeah, I know that smacks of Marcionism on my part, but there it is.

            I don’t see any particular honor to being The Chosen when viewed through the following lens. Some Jewish wags joke about wishing Christ had gone to Rome so they would feed Him to the Lions. Well, I believe when Satan tried to tempt Christ, he offered him Rome (who the eight hundred pound gorilla on the block).

            Had Jesus performed His miracles and wonders in any place but Judea for any people but the Jews who had a practice of killing all their prophets when they didn’t like the message they heard, there is no doubt in my mind that the people there would worship Him as God on Earth and make him King. So, if He went to Egypt, they’d make Him Pharoah and if He went to Rome, they’d make him Ceasar and worship Him as God on Earth. They certainly wouldn’t execute him or be so filled with hubris that they’d dare invoke the curse of God on themselves and their children or be so filled with hatred for Him that to this day, they can honor John the Baptist but not Jesus Christ as, at least, a prophet of God.

            To me, The Chosen People were chosen to sacrifice the Lamb of God. And they were designed to be so full of self-entitlement and hubris that they murdered Him just like they murdered a bunch of previous prophets, because they didn’t like Him telling Truth to Power. That’s a rather dubious honor that I’ll gladly forego.But I happily and gratefully accept the invitation to acknowledge Jesus Christ as my Lord, King and Savior, so ’nuff said.

  3. Jeff Davis appears to be giving the Bellamy Salute, HW. I’d like to see that reintroduced to American classrooms, along with one room schoolhouses.

    According to Castizo Nick, Ching Chong Chinaman is now at 3% in the polls. But I’ll admit that it’s better having Nicholas Cage and Jack Dorsey as supporters than Scott Baio (LOL).

  4. Hunter wrote: “Really?

    The Post Office has never censored me. It is private corporations that do it. Lolbertarianism and political correctness are joined at the hip”.

    That is the monster that was created. Corporations respond to the “direct democracy” of the masses to silence the minority or view points the boards disapprove of. Fear of political correctness supercedes good culture and free thought.

  5. “We’ve given lolbertarians a hard time lately…”

    Where? All I’ve seen are shallow and uninformed assertions of the sort we’ve been hearing from government-indoctrinated “socialists” for decades – this sort of thing seems to convince the average OD reader, but it doesn’t do anything to confront free-market principles held by men who have a traditionally-white curiosity and penchant for self-education.

    Maybe depth isn’t the goal of OD – this isn’t an academic journal after all, fair enough – but again, I’d be happy to just be *linked* to indepth socialist criticism of the free market, or to have a book recommendation of someone who savages Austrian business-cycle theory. A mere link will suffice.

    • I’m glad that free-market capitalism was shackled before it exterminated the wild turkey and whitetail deer and cured everyone in Dixie from hookworms, pellagra, malaria and yellow fever. After World War II, the people who lived through that saw us split the atom and land on the moon.

      None of that is “traditionally” Southern though, right? That’s not a part of our history as a people? LMAO

      How in the world is liberal political theory and liberal economics at all conservative? The Germans knew better!

      • We don’t eat wild turkeys today because they taste disgusting and are scrawny, chewy, and take a lot of work to kill and prepare – far better the mass of cheap turkey meat provided to us by the market, yes? No danger of running out of cows and chickens and turkeys any time soon. I bet if whale blubber was similarly valuable, we could walk from NC to England on the backs of blue whales…

        …additionally, I would contest that free-market principles are “liberal”. There are a number of canonical works floating around in the Austrian economic literature highlighting how these principles emerged naturally in the middle ages, and in a decentralized context of competing political authorities. No, the “liberals” were inspired by their belief that the mind of man is the standard of all things – like today’s socialists. It’s a devastating philosophy that causes misery wherever it’s spread.

  6. From the Russia Insider article linked by
    Fr. John+

    “consider the (no longer relevant) clash of socialist vs. capitalist ideologies or any number of other irrelevancies.”

    Outsiders, and thoughtful people in the former U.S., recognise that our politics and politicians are outdated, obsolete, and irrelevant to the present era.

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