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  1. No one on OD would’ve expected anything less from Blompf on Good Friday.

    Maybe one of his in-laws or daughter will choke on a foreskin during their pissover dinner.

  2. There is nothing cringier on this earth than a philosemitic gentile. Literal cuckolds have more honor than these treacherous spineless sychophantic benefit-seeking shabbot goys. No one respects them; especially not the kikes whom they bow down to and jump so high for. Trump is a betrayer of his support base. This faggot is an alpha of nothing. His own daughter’s feelings literally dictate his foreign policy, while (((Jared Kushner))) rubs his hands behind this sorry cuck’s limp back. I have zero respect for any man who is easily influenced by women. Sorry orange man, but Israel already has a prime minister. You have to go back…

    • @Matt – there is anecdotal info that Trump is a mischling, on hid father’s side. Germany attempted, centuries ago, to integrate Jews. They gave them social status, and allowed them to take German names. But Jews are not German. I know 2 local sisters, who are ostensible Catholics, and they are kind, decent women – but they look like dopplegangers of the Notorious RBG. Ivanka IS a blood Jew. Ivana is a JEW. Her family name is Zelní?ková. Czech for “Zelnick”. Which means “tax collector”. Ivanka did not convert. Use your search engine and use terms like “Ivanka Trump plastic surgery” . Ye Gods. Her childhood and teen pics reveal her to be a walking bagel.


      • @Denise

        His father gave prime New York City real estate to the Jews for free.
        Trump’s give away on his Jewish ancestry is his earlobes.

        • The links go back before that. As soon as the Trump family arrived in New York, they had close business links within the local Jewish community.

          There is an article linked to in the Trump thread in the politics section of Stormfront detailing their history. It reported that people were *noticing* the Trump family were living in a certain neighborhood, when only Jews lived there. The quote went something like, what is this blonde boy doing in this neighborhood? It didn’t make any sense to them.

          Honestly, I think the higher ups in Alt-Right/WN knew all this but chose to ignore it. They thought they could make a deal with Jews because Trump was saying what they wanted to hear. We support your shill, you give us a wall was the deal.

          The Jews predictably screwed those idiots over. I blame the very respectable Jared Taylors of the movement and the idiots that follow them for that sillyness. Jared says about Jews, “They look Hu-White to me.”

          • In my case, it was simply because Trump was resonating with me.

            As I explained to the media at the time, Blompf was resonated with me by talking about immigration, trade, foreign policy, infrastructure, entitlement spending, political correctness and how his opponents were puppets of the donor class, and how he was independent of the influence of the donors because he was self-financing his campaign. I took him at his word. He conned me.

        • “he conned me”. HW,

          confession is good for the soul. This

          puts you way ahead of Anglin, VoxDay, and other

          recovering Trumpaholics. But now,

          you are being conned by Genghiz Yang.


          • No, I don’t think so.

            Unlike Blompf, Yang’s values and agenda match up with his personal life. He is a Left-Authoritarian like the vast majority of other Asians in this world.

  3. Can somebody lend me $20 so I can go see how the supreme wankers over at MPC are reacting Trump’s philosemetic cuckoldry? I gotta admit I am experiencing a high level of schadenfreude watching die hard Trump supporters and their pathetic attempts to rationalize his treachery. Knowing them they are probably pretending their fanatical support was always “ironic”.

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