MIGA: Trump Administration Blocks Chinese Companies From Building Infrastructure In The U.S.


“Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai is recommending, per executive branch agencies, that the FCC deny China Mobile’s application to provide telecommunications services in the U.S. due to concerns about national security and law enforcement risks.

Why it matters: It’s the first time executive branch agencies have recommended that the FCC deny such an application to interconnect with U.S. communications infrastructure, FCC officials said Wednesday on a call with reporters. The move represents a further escalation in the slow-building conflict between the U.S. and China over telecommunications trade.

The bigger picture: The Trump administration has already blocked Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei from selling to American companies on national security grounds, driven largely by fears that China could use 5G network equipment to spy on Americans. …”


No, the real threat to our national security is on display in Congress and on social media at this very moment, as the political class is focused on dumb things like the Mueller report and arguing about the discredited Russia conspiracy hoax that was pushed by the media. The national political conversation in the USA is nothing but Boomers shouting at each other.

If the Chinese built infrastructure in the United States, then at least we would have an infrastructure, right? The infrastructure we have in large swathes of the country was built when FDR was president in the 1930s and 1940s. As things stand today, the Republicans and Democrats are refighting the Battle of Little Bighorn over the border wall while a million illegal aliens march across it.

Blompf hasn’t been able to enforce the law or build a single new mile of wall. He hasn’t been able to really do anything as president except favors for Israel. Obama wasn’t able to really do anything as president either because of the polarization in Washington. The only way to move past all that is to elect someone in the middle who is liked by enough people in the center to govern.

Note: The US Congress prefers to send $38 billion to Israel.

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  1. Brad, you’re too busy reading books about history (not that that’s not important) without taking the time to do something about your financial future. You could have been in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a year or more ago but you have foolishly procrastinated. Too much energy into Yang and not enough energy into $$$. Cryptos are the future whether we want them to be or not. Everything will be digital and money will be there, too. All the infrastructure that is being built for blockchain and an enormous amount of companies and nations getting involved will not be a mistake. And, the real prize for you is that people can anonymously donate to your website and that would really help you with the message.

    Whether you believe in the woo woo world or not, Clif High’s data sets called this years ago. He stated Bitcoin will be used to settle sovereign debts. It has begun:


    Bitcoin is too slow and too costly to use as a means of exchange for the general population. So, it makes sense for governments to implement it as a means of exchange among themselves. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash (true to Satoshi’s blueprint), I own some of both. And, Litecoin and Ethereum, too. You can add tokens later when you feel more comfortable. The world is changing and you better change with it. Getting in on the ground floor of a financial system change is the opportunity of 1,000 lifetimes, especially at our social level.


    Come on racially woke white people, get with the program.

    For those who think Bitcoin is too expensive at this point, crytos are purchased/exchanged in whole numbers and in decimals. So, you can even buy a fraction of a Bitcoin in amounts up to 8 decimal places (I think that’s the max).

      • I HOPE so!

        I take it you mean Kyle R. Make sure to get a Trezor hardware wallet and transfer the amount off your site daily. The Crypto Merchant, a Trezor-approved reseller, has the best prices. Buying things like Trezors should not be done via eBay and, I’d even say Amazon, third party resellers. Only Trezor-approved resellers IMO (list on their website https://trezor.io).

        Good luck and may you have a financially independent future. I’ll be checking on you… just in case…

      • I think we have missed the boat with crypto investment wise. We should have invested 5 years ago. However if you are doing it to take donations without relying on the major companies, I think that is a good idea.

        Warren Buffet said something about his investing strategy. If he understands how a business makes money and he thinks it is a good business he invests in it immediately, regardless of whether its shares are high or low.

        So if you believe A.I. is going to create vast wealth, then that is the business you would would be investing your money in now.

        • It is not too late at all. The maximum number of Bitcoins that will ever be produced/mined is 21,000,000. Most people in the market believe that 5-10% are already permanently lost. That leaves less than 20,000,000 to ever exist. If governments around the world are going to use BTC to settle debts between them, do you think it will realistically stay at $5,700 or even $20,000 the more it is utilized? Use logic.

          A little more woo woo… Clif High’s data says that Bitcoin will end up only being used as a store of wealth and that at some point in time, it will be impossible to get your hands on it. At any price.

          But, you have to believe in it. And, you do that by understanding it.

          Start here: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

          Buy wisely and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.

    • Frankly, who gives a f— about the financial future of whoever it is that’s running this ever less relevant site? Our culture and civilization are under attack, and a—holes are focused on cyber-money and Asian saviors? We deserve our fate.

  2. “The infrastructure we have in large swathes of the country was built when FDR was president in the 1930s and 1940s.”

    The politics and politicians we have are from that time, too.

    I can’t stress this enough. We have got to get rid of the people who keep us rooted in the last century, politically and economically.

    As long as we have Jews shouting about Nazis and Hitler, and 87 year old Senators rattling on about the need for new aircraft carriers to counter the fleet(s) of some imaginary empire, we’ll never be able to move forward with Fourth Wave Civilisation.

    The rest of the world got over the 20th Century. They’re laughing at USZOG, and eventually, they’ll just ignore it as irrelevant, like they ignore Polynesia or Haiti.

  3. guys, it’s ok when chinese spies steal industrial and military technology from the US. one or two are caught every year by the US government (imagine how many there actually are if they’re able to catch one every year), but that’s fine, because they are just helping us. chinese people really want to help america and we shouldn’t interfere when they’re trying to help us.

    but it’s not ok when jews or israelis do that, because hunter doesn’t like them, and they’re not trying to help us. jewish spies bad, chinese spies good.

    • These Chinese are building infrastructure all over the world.

      Do you see China destroying countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen? Of course not because China isn’t ruled by a hostile Jewish elite and the Chinese vision of the future is getting rich while developing new technology

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