AI Superpowers: Copycats In The Coliseum

Editor’s Note: This will be another long day on this website. I’ve been reading Kai-Fu Lee’s AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order which our man Andrew Yang has brought to my attention and want to start breaking it down chapter by chapter.

Kai-Fu Lee looks ahead to the geopolitics and economics of the 2020s:

“As we enter the age of AI implementation, this cutthroat entrepreneurial environment will be one of China’s core assets in building a machine-learning driven economy. The dramatic transformation that deep learning promises to bring to the global economy won’t be delivered by isolated researchers producing novel academic results in the elite computer science labs of MIT or Stanford. Instead, it will be delivered by down-to-earth, profit-hungry entrepreneurs teaming up with AI experts to bring the transformative power of deep learning to bear on real-world industries.

Over the coming decade, China’s gladiator entrepreneurs will fan out across hundreds of industries, applying deep learning to any problem that shows the potential for profit. If artificial intelligence is the new electricity, Chinese entrepreneurs will be the tycoons and tinkerers who electrify everything from household appliances to homeowners’ insurance. Their knack for endlessly tweaking business models and sniffing out profits will yield an incredible array of practical – maybe even life-changing – applications. These will be deployed in their home country and then pushed abroad, potentially taking over most developing markets around the globe.

Corporate America is unprepared for this global wave of Chinese entrepreneurship because it fundamentally misunderstood the secret to The Cloner’s success. Wang Xing didn’t succeed because he’d been a copycat. He triumphed because he’d become a gladiator.”

This is why Axios was off base this morning.

The basic technology has already been created. It is now in the rearview mirror. We are now in the application phase in which China will have a vast advantage over the United States. The application phase is the equivalent of applying electricity to televisions and toasters. This country has an utterly dysfunctional government and culture. In contrast, the Chinese have already built thousands of miles of high speed rail all over China because they aren’t burdened by our antiquated system.

“The core motivation for China’s market-driven entrepreneurs is not fame, glory, or changing the world. Those things are all nice side benefits, but the grand prize is getting rich, and it doesn’t matter how you get there.”

Sounds like a wonderful change of pace for me.

The Chinese don’t share the weird, retarded progressive ideology of Silicon Valley. They don’t give a shit about political correctness like the Americans. The only thing that the Chinese care about is making money and reaping the benefits of technological and material progress. There is no equivalent of legacy Jewish organizations like the ADL or the SPLC in Zhongguancun.

“It’s a dazzling display, a reminder of the timeless nature of true craftsmanship. Jesuit missionaries brought many of the clocks to China as part of “clock diplomacy,” an attempt by Jesuits to charm their way into the imperial court through gifts of advanced European technology. The Qing dynasty’s Qianlong emperor was particularly fond of the clocks, and British manufacturers soon began producing clocks to fit the tastes of the Son of Heaven. Many of the clocks on display at the Hall of Ancestor Worship were the handiwork of Europe’s finest artisanal workshops of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These workshops produced an unparalleled combination of artistry, design and functional engineering.”

This is how we should conquer the 21st century.

Kai-Fu Lee talks about taking Europeans into the Hall of Ancestor Worship in Beijing’s Forbidden City to see the clocks made by their European ancestors. The Europeans can’t even tell the difference between the European originals and the Chinese copycats. The moral of the story: European innovation and Chinese copying and improving European technology are sympatico.

Why don’t we just shove the aside the MIGA oligarchy then which is trying to incite international conflict between China and the United States? Imagine a world in which Yang is the president of the United States, Xi Jinping is in charge of China and Israel is a shitty country in the Middle East.

Instead of all these useless Boomer politicians like Blompf and Biden we have now and their dumb shit that clogs up Twitter every day, we should invest in education, infrastructure and applying deep learning AI to both the US and Chinese economies. We could abolish poverty and liberate everyone from work. I could see a joint US-Chinese mission to Mars in the mid-21st century.

“The lessons learned in the coliseum were clear: kill or be killed. Any company that can’t fully insulate itself from its competitors – on a technical, business, or even business level – is a target for attack. To the winner go the spoils, and those spoils can amount to billions of dollars.”

This is me shedding a tear for Corporate America circa 2024. What’s good for Mark Zuckerberg or Chase Bank is “good for America,” right? Muh patriotism?


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  1. ” In contrast, the Chinese have already built thousands of miles of high speed rail all over China because they aren’t burdened by our antiquated system.”

    They’re also not burdened with Jews, and the ghosts of WWII, The Cold War, and Ronald Reagan.

  2. They can’t even perfect the early 20th century escalator so there’s no way the Chinese can beat whitey at AI. Besides, if you think the dark matter that exists beneath government buildings in DC will lose control to the Chinese, think again. What is it they say….. technology is 50 years more advanced than what they release to us? I’m betting it’s closer to 100.

    Anti-gravity vehicles are so last century! Besides, they’re deadly.

    • Why not?

      The Chinese have clearly beaten us at high speed rail. East Asia has also beat us in high speed internet as well. LMAO we don’t even make our own phones, telephones, computers, etc.

      • It depends on what you mean by “beaten us?” You said it yourself, they are copycats.

        Just because our infrastructure is crumbling, our citizenry is in speedy decline, and massive amounts of wealth are being diverted elsewhere does not mean we are no longer leading edge, We are a captive people and what we are capable of is being harnessed/suppressed/stolen. I believe our SUPER TOP SECRET technology is so far advanced, it’s like it’s from another world. And, it probably is. I believe there are security clearances that go far beyond what is published.

        I think DARPA is so far out there with weapons and other forms of technology, it would be SCIFI so advanced that a large majority of the population would shut down through panic. What do you think is going on down there in Antarctica? The Nazis were down there (as you know they’re the origin of our space program) and something happened to Admiral Byrd’s expedition. There’s been a flurry of activity for some time and the military industrial complex is hard at work down there. Clif High says there are huge pyramids (doors 15-20′ high or taller) down there and he has the pictures to prove it. They were sent to him by an anonymous person (not anonymous to him) who said he could release them on the Internet but only after he passes. I believe Clif is being truthful. Why did Israel send hundreds to thousands of its citizens down to Patagonia? Adrian Salbuchi, (Argentine political analyst) said they were all over Argentina and Chile. They claimed to be “students”.

        Dr. Stanley Monteith (an orthopedic surgeon by education), used his own personal wealth to try and understand what rules our world (started in the 1960’s). He traveled the globe seeking answers. Dr. Stan was a good and decent man. He played no games. During one of his public speeches (the Q&A session starts at in the 1:31:45) the very first question from the audience is about technology. The answer shocks most who first hear it. In fact, listen to the entire session and the questions are way out there:

        We’ve been lied to all along. What they do is infiltrate and shut down anyone or any group who is on the right track. Generally there weapon of choice is to discredit the truth tellers often through humiliation. And, the gullible public is also to blame.

        We were on the moon (or so the story goes) in the 1960’s and the Concorde was also released in that decade. Our creativity is imprisoned but that does not mean they have beaten us, it means the lowly public is not worthy and is being censored.

        1% make things happen, 10% watch it happening, and the rest doesn’t have a clue anything is even happening. Or, something like that.

        • It doesn’t matter who invents it.

          Look at gunpowder which was invented in China. The Chinese used it to make firecrackers. It was Europeans who perfected the technology.

          • Europeans perfect a lot of things. It is in our blood. Look at what we’ve done to the simple coffee bean. We are an extremely creative and clever people which is why our inventions are second to none.

            The only advantage the Chinese have over us is an endless supply of bodies.

          • Once a technology is created, it doesn’t really matter who created it. Europeans invented trains and electricity. Look at East Asia today. China’s great advantage over us is that it is a homogeneous country full of a billion people and can boast one of the world’s oldest civilizations and it isn’t burdened with culture and government that is completely dysfunctional.

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