Axios: The Corruption of Laissez-Faire Capitalism


“Laissez-faire capitalism works very well in theory. The government sets clearly-defined rules, within which corporations compete for profits. Companies win by providing the best products at the lowest price; investors win by allocating scarce capital where it can be put to best use; the country as a whole reaps the benefit.

In an age of corruption anxiety, however, laissez-faire often means that companies themselves get to set the rules. …”

I would argue that laissez-faire capitalism doesn’t even work well in theory. Life isn’t abstract. It is concrete and takes place in reality.

The theory is based on a number of flawed assumptions that have been discredited. The most important assumption is human equality. It simply isn’t true that all people are created equal. In fact, we now know that some people actually are born more gifted than others. What’s more, we know from fMRI scans and modern neuroscience that some people are more violent and impulsive than others.

The impulsive, common criminal suffers from low brain functioning in the prefrontal cortex
Scans of a normal brain, left, beside that of murderer Antonio Bustamante, who was spared the death penalty after a jury was shown these pictures.

I fully grant the point that Axios is making that the wealthy are writing our laws and that their lobbyists are corrupting regulators like we see with Aji Pait and the FCC. As the FCC chairman, his solution to corporate censorship on social media is to stand pat and do nothing because “muh free market principles.” Blompf’s solution to the problem is also “be good.”

It simply isn’t true that everyone has the same chance in life under laissez-faire capitalism. Look at Blompf who started out in life by inheriting his vast fortune from his daddy. Look at Meghan McCain who is only on television as a political commentator because her daddy was John McCain. Look at Hillary Clinton who thought she deserved to be the last Democratic nominee for president and had the primary rigged against Bernie Sanders so that she could have her chance to carry on the Clinton dynasty.

It is really even worse than that.

If we think about the problem of cognitive stratification in the context of a free-market economy, then we can see how some people are simply born genetic losers. They don’t have the intelligence, education or the character to succeed under the rules of laissez-faire capitalism. Some people are literally predisposed to poverty and criminality because of their low-IQ and impulsive behavior. They are in a cruel way predestined to end up born in shattered households in trailer parks where there is no investment and no jobs except selling illicit drugs and end up behind bars in a modern prison. I’m referring of course to the White people who do meth and abuse prescription drugs in Appalachia.

In really poor places like Central Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, Detroit or the Alabama Black Belt, the problem is compounded by history. If you are born in one of these places, then you are immediately confronted with an economic hellscape in life because free-market capitalism is based on abstract nonsense while in reality your life is embedded in time. You are also dunked in a cultural bath by forces beyond your control which can be quite toxic that are embedded in time. You have to search for jobs in mountains and valleys which are embedded in geography.

Now, what is going to happen as the robots continue to displace the working class of all races, as Andrew Yang is telling the country? I would argue that those people will end up like all the former sharecroppers in places today like the Mississippi Delta or all thr former industrial workers in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio. What happens to laissez-faire capitalism when you have to be a genius to find employment?


Note: Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to keep expanding on why free-market capitalism is destined to be thrown into the trash pile of history alongside feudalism. I have to get on the road this afternoon and travel between two of the poorest states in America.

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  1. “Some people are literally predisposed to poverty and criminality because of their low-IQ and impulsive behavior. They are in a cruel way predestined to end up born in shattered households in trailer parks where there is no investment and no jobs except selling illicit drugs and end up behind bars in a modern prison…” – I’m hearing ‘Nigger’ when you wrote that, HW.

    And again, mandatory sterilization is not murder. It is ‘animal husbandry’ finally put to a proactive use.
    “Three generations of mental defectives is enough for any society.”

    Oh, and a complete moratorium on ANY Immigration.

  2. This is why a benevolent dictatorship which takes care of those who really need it is far preferable to a “free” society where anything goes and people are left to their own devices. Paternalism for the genetically disadvantaged is what a moral, Christian society would do.

    On the opposite end of the political spectrum, we have Lolbertarians – which brings us to today’s reminder that Lolbertarianism is gross as heck. Today’s dispatch comes from an article in Reason, published January of this year. Ethical child porn:

    “The Number of Men in Federal Prison for Viewing or Sharing Child Pornography Has Nearly Septupled Since 2004…
    Most are serving mandatory minimums, usually for crimes that did not involve assault or sexual abuse…


    P.S. I refuse to link to this garbage, but I’ve given enough info so that anyone curious can google it. If you don’t think libertarians will be leading the charge to normalize bestiality and pedophilia, then you’re not paying attention.

  3. Unfettered corruption in a corporatocracy. This is the monetary system created, managed, and administered by JEWS. Then enforced by the Jewish kritarchy.
    The concept of a “corporation” (the absolution of human responsibility) itself must be destroyed.
    The inequitable distribution and division of wealth brought on by (((usurers))), whom Christ threw out of the temple, must come to a total halt.


  4. We already have large numbers of unemployables, due to having a school system that was designed in the 19th Century to regulate the poor, not produce competent citizens and employees.

    Read John Taylor Gato’s books.

  5. Any particular idea promoted through mass media or public education is usually related to social control. The herd is to be made more pacified, and more amenable to whatever TPTB want. Have another Coke while you laugh at “Modern Family.” Turn the tech on, turn off your mind, and float downstream, peasant.

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