Live Thread: Andrew Yang Arrives In Los Angeles

UPDATE: Looks like a good turnout. #YangGang is over since losing the 2.0 crowd lmao

I’m going to be on the road in Mississippi and will have to catch the rally later. Good luck!

Congratulations Yang, you’ve seized the right issue!

joking/not joking Tormud Giantsbane and Jon Snow are friends now

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  1. This just being reported: Democrat hopeful Andrew Yang was hospitalized early this morning en route to L.A.
    Doctors at a Phoenix hospital have released a statement. Yang was hospitalized due to a rectal parasite he picked up in Alabama.
    The attending physician said its too early to tell, but removal may be nearly impossible at this point….

    • Funny.

      I agree with Yang though that automation is a black hole underneath the working class and middle class. I’m also not voting to reelect our moron president.

  2. At Least Yang is campaigning in the only state outside of Yankeedom, that matters, vote wise.

    He deserves credit for that.

  3. The 2020 Election will feature Biden vs Trump and new and improved old fashioned politics updated for the 1980’s.

    It’ll be about bringing back the glorious steel mills of the Great Lakes, and Detroit as America’s premier industrial center, complete with extinct union jobs. But nary a word about automation.

    American companies aren’t gonna spend a dime on automation, anyway. They haven’t even replaced their 70 year old machinery and 1981 computer systems. And they have no plans or monies set aside to do so.

  4. Sorry, man..couldn’t help myself.
    I do see the automation threat and I know its real, I just think you’re becoming a single issue pundit and not shining enough light on other critical issues that are more relevant to the issue of us moving forward without remaining in the current slavery we find ourselves in.
    The banking system and the media are our biggest threats. Everything else is just social evolution.
    I’m not your enemy or a troll. Hope you know that, brother.

    • It’s cool.

      I’m on the road right now. My wife is driving.

      I don’t think so. I’ve actually been mixing it up a lot lately. We’re discussing the 2020 election, but half the posts here are mixed up with history and economics now. I’m writing an essay on Southern history a day. We’re also taking a look at the environment which has been on ice for years here

  5. For the record, I never voted for the damn Jew York Yankee Doodle to begin with. I went to a Stevie Nicks concert on Election day….

      • Trump succeeded in moving the Overton Window…

        Leftward, not Rightward. And he didn’t “sell out” to

        Las Vegas Zionist-Jew billionaire Adelson:

        the Wall Street Zionist Jews have owned Trump ever since his 1980’s bankruptcies.

        HW just didn’t notice.

        • No, if you look at the chart that I have posted 50 times, all the Republicans are authoritarian now. Blompf sold out but the voters have shifted away from Reaganism

  6. “American companies aren’t gonna spend a dime on automation, anyway. They haven’t even replaced their 70 year old machinery and 1981 computer systems. And they have no plans or monies set aside to do so.”

    stop making sense. too much sense makes hunter’s head hurt and then he has to furiously page thru his first robot and AI book, looking for the perfect answer to your extremely valid observation. after he doesn’t find the answer, he just ignores your comment.

    hunter never thought about this stuff one single time in his entire life until 3 months ago, so if it’s not in the book, he has no idea. listening to hunter talk about this stuff is like listening to politicians talk about power plants or small arms after some national news story and then we have to hear their stupid ideas that they spent 10 entire minutes coming up with. remember when obama started talking about the fuel economy of big rig trucks? that was good for a laugh.

    back in the real world, we have states (big states, not small ones) with 30 year old black and green computer systems running the state government operations, computer systems which have been obsolete for decades. they never got replaced and probably won’t be, because some overpaid government worker gets 25 dollars an hour to do data entry on them, and he votes, and he votes democrat, to make sure he’s never replaced by automation.

    probably the dumbest idea in the entire book is the idea that lawyers, of all people, will allow themselves to be replaced by AI expert systems. lawyers don’t allow themselves to be sued for all the things that they sue you for, why on earth would they allow you to replace them? lawyers love to sue big companies for not having enough blacks, women, mexicans, muslims, whatever it is, then you check the law firm itself, and it’s 99% white men or jewish men. disparate impact indeed.

    overpaid, democrat voting, budget busting government workers WILL NEVER BE REPLACED. in big states with billion dollar budget deficits, they don’t replace obsolete computer systems and never will, due to political power.

    what? a robot can’t teach 2nd grade math and history and english? of course it can. will overpaid, democrat voting teachers EVER allow themselves to be replaced by robots? not as long as the democrat controlled department of education exists. which it always will.

    • Oh really?

      There aren’t posts about economic history on this blog going all the way back to 2008? This is just something new that I have started writing about over the last three months?

    • glarg glarg:

      When was the last time you stepped into a WalMart? Automation is already happening. It’s everywhere you look. Even some restaurants now have you ordering from a machine. Do you EVER leave your mansion?

  7. Happy Confederate Memorial Day to you and your family, HW. Will you all be visiting President Davis’ home in Biloxi?

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