Elizabeth Warren: Cancel Student Loan Debt

I’m liking what I am hearing from Elizabeth Warren on cancelling student loan debt:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is rolling out a comprehensive higher-education plan that includes a broad proposal to cancel student-loan debt.

The plan, which would cancel $50,000 in student-loan debt for every person with a household income under $100,000, is the latest in the presidential candidate’s list of ambitious policy proposals, including breaking up large tech companies, a new corporate profits tax and universal child-care coverage. …”

We agree on this one issue.

Now, I have already pointed out that Senator Pochahontas alienates White populist voters with her extreme rhetoric on political correctness, but talking about economic issues like student loan debt that is crushing Millennials and Zoomers is what I call a winning issue. I can’t vote for Elizabeth Warren though because she wants to relaunch the Salem Witch Trials!

Yang offers $1,000 a month. Bernie offers Medicare for All. Pocahontas offers student loan debt or iva debt cancellation. What does Blompf offer disaffected White populist voters? Is he going to run in 2020 on the MIGA agenda, corporate tax cuts and a fake wall he never built?

Note: Yang has a huge advantage over the rest of the field because he is a Left-Authoritarian who doesn’t talk down to disaffected White populist voters in political correctness.

joking/not joking Democrats need a platform and messaging that works and will allow them to reconstruct FDR’s coalition

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  1. Pocahontas also wants to throw White People into Gulags. FYI – can I get a retroactive cancellation of my student debt? I paid my loans off years ago – but I’d like that money BACK.

    • Fauxcahontas has said some scary stuff. This is from American Renaissance:

      Senator Elizabeth Warren is flirting with the concept of thoughtcrime. “As President of the United States, my Justice Department would go after white nationalists with full prosecution,” she tweeted on March 18.

      Later, at a town hall meeting, she conceded that “white nationalists” would actually have to commit crimes before they could be hit with “full prosecution,” but she seemed to regret that requirement. She called “white supremacists” a threat “like any other terrorist group.”

    • @Denise

      Ironically, she’s from Oklahoma and educated in Texas. But living in Connecticut and Massachusetts turned her into a Yankee.

  2. Student loan debt? Well my father was the 1st in our line to go to college. He worked in the lunch room during school, on breaks he worked in the steel mills and he was in some sort of ROTC program to help pay his costs in which he had to payback through service. My wife was the 1st in her line to go to college. She received grants, worked through college was married to me and paid all of her debt. My 2nd son will be going to college, is working, plans on staying at home to offset living expenses and has put ample time in studying to receive scholarships.

    These stories don’t include partying, springbreak life and eating out all the time. Pay off student loan my ass. Work in high school, save money, work in college, get scholarships, stay local and get a degree in something that pays off. The country is becoming a bunch of panty waists.

    • Are you one of those boomers who wants to lecture millenials and Gen-Zs about how good they have it? An Ivy League school only cost $4000 a year in 1970. And there aren’t any more steel mills to work in during spring break. You do realize that Spiro Agnew is no longer Vice President…….right?

      • @spahn

        My kids are gen Z and are not going to have college debt because they are using pre-boomers tactics.

      • My school is up to 30k$ a year now from about 8k$ when I was in school. After graduation wages are lower now also. The answer is to merge Sociology and Psychology and fire 80% of the staff in these departments but as these pseudo sciences have been used as a political power base I don’t see this happening. The University system needs to be scrapped completely.

    • True Conservative Boomers are being disingenuous.

      When I started working, minimum wage was $2.10 an hour, gas was 35 cents a gallon, my efficiency apartment was seventy five dollars a month and came right under one hundred a month when you factor in utilities. Food was a lot less expensive (and much tastier than the stuff flown in from South America) than it is today as well.

      I might add college tuition was a lot lower, as well.

      This was back in 1974. In over forty years, minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Gas is $2.50 a gallon. A six hundred a month efficiency is considered a steal. Food and utilities are outrageous.

      We Boomers were the first passengers on the Airplane Scam and the big push to get every child college (loan) ready was another aspect of the Ponzieconomy. I can’t tell you the number of college graduations I attended where the College President was bragging about how college graduates made triple the pay of high school graduates. Naturally, every middle class parent encouraged their child to acquire massive debt before they got their first job which all dried up with the Housing Crash.

      Yes, we need a College Loan Jubilee. Did we all forget that the taxpayers had to shell out over 700 billion dollars to bail out the banking industry and FEDGOV didn’t at least get the houses but let the banks keep them? If we can afford to let the banks have their cake and eat it, too … if we can afford to send Israel billions and fight every war Israel wants started, we can damn well afford to let some kids who were conned into signing their futures away to debt slavery off the hook.

      And yeah, for all those Boomer bleating about having paid their loans off, I favor sending them a refund, but it will be in today’s money. So if you ended up paying off twenty thousand dollars worth of debt in yesteryear’s dollar, you get a twenty thousand dollar refund in today’s dollar.

      But Boomers need to stop pissing on the legs of their kids and their grandkids and telling them it’s rain. I am not happy watching how hard my kids have to struggle to get the opportunities that were there for me on a silver platter.

      • I think you should write a lot more about this phenomenon, clytemnestra – how the Boomers got sold on the college loans, and how they were promised riches and a perfect life, because it was through this snake oil scam that the foundation for white genocide was established.

        Of special note is that the marketing convinced germans and irish particularly, as well as some slavs, that they would not be in such danger since according to the (((hucksters))) the ‘WASP’s’ were all the ones taking higher education opportunity for granted, which was of course a mirage scaffolded on a lie.

        The danger of college loan amnesty is that so many took on so much debt as an ego trip. Much of their debt wasn’t necessary to survive. I consider it dangerous and impractical to reward such self indulgence. I didn’t get a master’s degree after going to a public university for my BA because I couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to go into debt.

        • @Mary Phagan’s Ghost:

          Back when I graduated high school, all the “people in the know” were pushing a college degree, any type of college degree as the ticket to higher pay. You allegedly didn’t need a specialized degree, a degree in basket weaving would get you a managerial position with higher pay. The corporations pushed college degrees. It wasn’t uncommon for someone who had been on the job for ten years who literally had to train his own supervisor fresh out of college. That’s how much reverence there was for college degrees.

          At the same time, coincidentally, all these college loans were made available for people tired of training their own supervisors. Then college went from something somewhat affordable to less affordable.

          When you had to pay for college (unless, of course, you were a rich legacy brat), it might take you a few years longer, working eight hours and going to school part time. But there was a very tangible fear that if you didn’t get your degree quickly, the spot you wanted (and experience qualified you for) would be taken by a wet-behind-the-ears college kid you had to train and then who would be your supervisor.

          The whole time college, college, college was being pushed, and even ten years ago, every kid out there had to be made “college-ready,” corporations had seminars with some Jewish lawyer weasel telling them how they could get cheap foreign labor and not run afoul of anything on the books promoting the hiring of an American.

          When I started high school, there were automotive and shop classes for boys and cosmetology and culinary classes for girls (or any boys that were interested). They were fazing these things out to push these kids into the college loan pipeline.

          In retrospect, the big tip-off was that college loans are the one loans you can write off in bankruptcy. You can write off your credit cards, you can even write off any hospital bills, but not college loans. Why? Because those bastards knew that while those kids were going to school the corporatists were busily phasing out any jobs that those degrees were supposed to fill.

          Yes, I favor college loan amnesty. I fail to see why we can bail out the banks AND let them keep their “toxic” assets to re-sell to the Chinese and fund all these ridiculous wars for Israel but we smugly force the kids to stay on a hook for what was basically another scam in the Ponzieconomy.

    • @Mark Saint

      Most of them would be better off if they went to Lincoln Tech or DeVry and learned to weld, or some other useful trade or profession, instead of abstract nonsense that keeps them perpetually employed in coffee shops and geegaw stores.

  3. I never liked Deliverance. This quote says it all:

    “Yes… If you venture into the woods, you will get ass-raped and killed by white men.

    Doesn’t sound unrealistic at all.

    What has the world come to when a non-american apparently is the only one who can see (and care?) about obvious anti-white, anti-southerner garbage like this…

    But then I have never been to the US, so maybe i’m completely off about the forest rapes.”


    • Guess I never thought about that. If I remember correctly, the story was written by a “good old boy”, so there may not have been any subversion intended. He may have just concocted an extreme story using characters he was familiar with.

  4. ——-We interrupt this moon battery to bring you a public service announcement——

    Brad has gone off the deep end, seemingly with no safe shoals in sight. OD is now a satirical genre of clown world controlled op porn.

    The sober amongst us know that we *want* the system to crash – the sooner the better – and that robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t progress.

    13 pieces of silver will only buy you fool’s gold.

    • If it is machines that are creating wealth in our 21st century economy, then are you really “robbing Peter to pay Paul”?

      What if Peter isn’t the one who is actually creating the wealth? What if the true source of the wealth is labor being performed by machines that Peter owns as a capitalist and which have replaced his human laborers?

      • The shitlibs shouldn’t have used the cynical ploy of calling everyone a “racist” who opposed bringing in massive immigrants to take over the few remaining non-automated jobs.

        Well, surprise shitlibs. The “racist” right can adopt some leftist slogans to flip the situation. Down with the Capitalists! Confiscate the ill-gotten wealth of Bezos and Zuckerberg! Secure that bag. #HumanityFirst

  5. Does anyone really believe this Assholechustts liberal is going cancel a trillion dollars worth of student loan debt? The interest on those loans is making a fortune for the banks. Financially expoiting young adults is the American way.

    • While I’d actually be for the cancellation, I despise this harpy … and I furthermore wonder if the President even has the authority to cancel said debt?

      Donald Pimpf seems to have revealed pretty starkly that the office is, in fact, ceremonial.

      • Of course the President does not have that authority. Just another campaign lie to reel in foolish voters. It would take massive and complicated legislation to accomplish such a feat.

  6. While I understand Mr. Wallace’s sympathy for students burdened with college debt, I don’t think that we should ignore the positive consequences of that burden. The universities are under the control of the left and simply spread politically correct corruption throughout our culture; our professors aren’t really educators, but are instead commissars. Anything that prevents them getting more students to brainwash slows down the spread of that corruption. The slower the spread the more time we have to undo the cultural results of their mischief.

    Still there are things that be done to help the situation. First, make plain the role race and the doctrine of disparate impact have on the issue. Before, university attendance was unnecessary to get a good job because employers gave job candidates tests to qualify. Since blacks disproportionately failed the tests, businesses found themselves on the losing side in Federal discrimination lawsuits. For the most part, companies stopped testing and used college attendance as a surrogate. This caused an increase in the number of people attending college with the results that prices were driven up and the number of people exposed to cultural Marxism increased. Remove disparate impact as a successful legal plea and fewer people will be forced to take up the burden of student debt and fewer people will be exposed to leftest indoctrination. Second, for those who sincerely wish knowledge, alternatives to college should be created. The example of openculture.org could serve as a starting point, listing conservative lectures and other academically oriented resources available for free on the internet. Combined with something akin to Dr. Taylor Marshall’s St. Thomas Aquinas Institute or retired right wing faculty offering short courses on select subjects at nominal cost, we could come up with a work around that would let knowledge seekers avoid the cultural Marxist debt trap.

  7. Warren’s proposal is the worst of all worlds; does nothing for those who don’t go to college while supporting those who do, but are low-income (the core of the Democratic Party among White people). I support free college for all (no means-testing), but also a huge rise in standards for all colleges. I also do not support student debt cancellation.

  8. Democrats need a platform and messaging that works and will allow them to reconstruct FDR’s coaltion.

    They do. They intend to capture the steel mill hands, auto workers and corn farmers of West Yankeedom.

    They don’t care about Dixie, or the West outside of their PacRim colonies. They don’t need their votes to win, anyway.
    Nor do they care what Southrons and Westerners think, or want.

    Furthermore, they’re mostly Yankees and Jews. Texas, Alabama, Georgia, or Nebraska, are places that don’t mean any more to them, than New York, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin mean to us.

    If Dixe and the West mattered, they wouldn’t spend 90+% of their time campaigning from Maine to Minnesota, and from Iowa to New Jersey.

    Even their campaigning in Mexifornia is half assed, because they known that that state will always vote Democrat out of spite for “Red America,” and for freebies for Mestizos.

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