US Billionaires Are Running Scared

I would be scared too.

If we got together and started demolishing the intellectual case for free-market capitalism and wage slavery, what would happen then?

“PALO ALTO, Calif. — A perfect California day. The sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing and, at a Silicon Valley coffee shop, Rep. Ro Khanna was sitting across from one of his many billionaire constituents discussing an uncomfortable subject: the growing unpopularity of billionaires and their giant tech companies.

“There’s some more humility out here,” Khanna (D-Calif.) said.

The billionaire on the other side of the table let out a nervous laugh. Chris Larsen was on his third start-up and well on his way to being one of the wealthiest people in the valley, if not the world.

“Realizing people hate your guts has some value,” he joked. …”

We need to start thinking about how to replace the billionaire class, free-market capitalism and its twin pillars of political support like political correctness and mass immigration culturally, economically and politically. Eventually, the train is going to leave the station as people begin to wrap their minds around the idea that the machines are generating wealth and displacing them in the workforce to the benefit of the Koch Brothers and Andy Puzders of the world.

Note: We’re banned now on social media from talking about race and Jews so instead we will talk about culture, politics and economics. I want to update George Fitzhugh for the 21st century in order to reverse our defeat in the Civil War.

joking/not joking always loved this scene as a disaffected White populist

joking/not joking $1,000 a month out of the pocket of US billionaires

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  1. Agreed. Attacking the economic system that makes these oligarchs so powerful should be our focus from now on. They want to shut down discussion on race & social issues? Fine, we will join our leftist brethren & focus on the failure of free-market economics. Let’s see how they like that bag of apples.

  2. Billionaires = Public Enemy #2

    I want to see a headline state that they are running FROM US! Forget the pitchforks and torches, we’ll be carrying chainsaws and flamethrowers. That’s progress!

      • First: Those mega-billionaires should take a flyleaf from the life of Christ- the story of the rich young ruler. The self-righteous Judean stated that he had ‘kept all the commandments since my youth’…. something few, IF ANY of our American Oligarchs do- least of all, those who ‘say they are Jews, and are not.’ [ Rev. 2:9] At least another man in the NT – Zaccheus, ‘gave half of all I own to the poor’.

        And Christ said ‘salvation had come to this house.’

        If ONE – just ONE of these ‘billionaires’ would do the very minimum – say, if he had a $2 billion net worth, and merely gave his HALF (as Zaccheus did)- in the form of….. oh, I don’t know, $1000 a month to their poorer brethren (note, I said, ETHNIC BROTHERS- not the tacos and curries, niggers, and fags) if just ONE would give $1000 a month, that would alleviate the misery of ONE MILLION PEOPLE.

        Secondly, who is this “Xenos,” KHANNA? Why should a FOREIGNER dare to hold office in the USA? THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE DRIVEN OUT.

        Nevertheless, both are our enemies. as HW said. And not the kind Christians are supposed to ‘love,’ either!

        “Love your enemies, but only your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.”
        – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

        • Capitalism vs. Socialism the “religion” of the Oligarchy and the “Sacrifice of the Mass”

          Capitalism is when someone lends real capital assets, i.e. a plough, a tractor, seed, etc. (called consideration) for production of the other and assumes all risk and losses of his lent capital consideration for a very small interest in the excess production of the other.

          However, it becomes socialism when the capitalists collude and cartelize (Oligarchy) and still assuming an interest in the excess of all production but have centralized and passed on the assumption of all risk and losses via the force of government onto the people in general, i.e. onto the nation, known as the perpetual “Sacrifice of the Mass(es)” in the “religion” of the Oligarchy for their benefit alone.

          It is becomes centralized global communism when the Oligarchy/Monarchy has prima facie and de facto become the central global State and no longer lends real capital consideration, but by fiat, still assumes an interest in the excess production of the nations while all the peoples of the nations continue to assume all risk and losses as the Oligarchy steals the buying power by fiat while gaining control and ownership of all land/property, even ownership of the people themselves.

  3. I’m always extremely suspicious when our rulers put on a show that they are against something, against anything. Wasn’t that the master plan behind the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. “The bankers are against it.” Yeah, right….

    • The Federal Reserve has been harshly criticized by lolbertarians, but the truth is that we needed to get off the gold standard and inflate the money supply. Just look at the cash starved South in the early 20th century that was still struggling to pull itself up by its bootstraps.

      • Having the Jews print our money, control the supply, and charge us interest was the grandest of all mistakes. Many Americans are still under the assumption that our income taxes fund government.

        • I don’t so.

          The biggest problem we had in the early 20th century was the lack of currency here which was backed by gold at the time. It was Southerners who supported creating the Fed to inflate the money supply.

          After the money supply was inflated and we moved off the gold standard, the Southern economy revived as more currency began circulating in the Southern economy. The Fed wasn’t nearly as bad, economically speaking, as the Great Depression lasting here from 1865 to 1940

          • I didn’t know that about the South and the Fed. But, the Great Depression was manufactured that I’m pretty sure of.

            The Spider’s Web is a great film to watch if you want to get a glimpse inside The City of London. Nothing is at it seems. I presume there is a good amount of accuracy in the film.

          • There was no free market capitalism in the South after the Civil War. The North destroyed their capital and then used various government policies to keep them down years after as punishment. The optimal supply of money is whatever level is established at any given time. The logical implication of this claim is that any amount of the commodity that intermediates trade will do as well as any other in acquitting this task. In fact, large scale increases in the supply of money hurts the poor and destroys savings by decreasing the value of the currency. The government’s chosen benefit from the newly created money, but those at the bottom of the economic food chain are hurt by it. The inflation tax is truly regressive.

          • I’m going to explain what happened in future posts, but briefly:

            1.) Abolition wiped out billions of dollars worth of Southern capital. This crashed the Southern economy and everyone became poor.

            2.) The North extended their system of free-market capitalism to the South which became an internal colony similar to Ireland or India in the British Empire.

            3.) When the Confederacy collapsed, the South and the former slaves were essentially told to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.

            4.) The demise of the Confederacy led to the repudiation of the Confederate debt and the collapse of the Confederate currency.

            5.) The result was a severe currency shortage in the South that lasted for generations.

            6.) Southerners “earned” scarce currency by selling everything to Northern corporations and carpetbaggers like the land, timber, mineral rights, etc.

            7.) The South was plundered for generations by these people. In fact, the Great Depression lasted in the South from 1865 until the 1940s.

            8.) Southerners created the Fed to to inflate the money supply and supported the New Deal to pump currency into the region. It worked too

  4. There is no such animal as free-market capitalism. There is crony capitalism, aided and abetted by gov’t. Labor movement across borders is only encouraged when it benefits those politicians and corporations in the 1%. Everyone else gets bogged down with regulations and laws that don’t apply to them. If we could walk away from them, ignore them as much as possible, their influence would really begin to wane. That takes networking and building our own society within the overarching society. That takes resources. UBI is a good start; partially paying for it through massive taxes on the money-hoarding elites like Bezos and the Kochs would be even better.

  5. “The standard cliche American politician, but gay.”

    Should read: “The standard cliche American politician just more flamboyant.”

    Washington is infested with them. They may even be the majority. Sham marriages galore.

    Just ask Barney Frank. He said he would bring down Washington if they prosecuted him. What in the world did you think he was referring to?

  6. “the idea that the machines are generating wealth and displacing them in the workforce”

    That’s been the case since the rise of the steam engine and electric motor. Most workers are machine operators, since steam and electricity took over from handicraft in factories.

    It’s the American Oligarchs who don’t want to automate, or give up the steampunk work regimen. They wanna party like it’s 1899.

    How much power do you have over people you can’t ruin economically, or threaten with starvation and homelessness?

    What good is being a billionaire, if you can’t play games with living pawns?

    • “It’s the American Oligarchs who don’t want to automate, or give up the steampunk work regimen.”

      We most certainly do not live in a steampunk regimen. Lol. The steampunk era was brief and ended around Mark Twain’s time. The Oligarchs went down the fossil fuel path instead.

      • “We most certainly do not live in a steampunk regimen. ”

        I’ve worked in industry since 1985.

        Most companies follow a 19th Century work regimen. Many of them have gone back to ten or twelve hour days. A few have even gone back to the six day, ten/twelve hour a day, work week.

        A lot of the work is still muscle powered. Hands and manual tools are used to accomplish tasks that are performed by automatic machines, and in automated production cells, in European and Japanese plants.

        The companies that do have computer systems for inventory control, time recording, scrap, material use, time clock, etc, and there are fewer of them, than you think, use antiquated systems that date from the late 70s/early 80’s.

        Most of the machines date from the 1940’s and 50’s. A few of the “new machines” are thirty to forty years old.

        These companies aren’t going to upgrade to the late eighties, much less to the 21st Century. They’ll claim, as they always have, that they can’t afford it. They’ll claim that they simply cannot afford the massive start up costs of Automation.
        Culturally, they’re still rooted in the late 19th Century phase of the industrial revolution.

    • I am a fan of steampunk novels, so I know this. We’re using steampunk as slang for the time of steampships.

  7. Billionaires have used their money to corrupt politics, so why not restrict their earnings?

    I read that Warren Buffett pays himself $200,000 a year, and lives in an ordinary suburban home. If $200,000 per year is good enough for Warren Buffett, why is it not good enough for the self appointed gods of Silicon Valley?

    The other trouble makers in politics, are the small number of people that control corporations. Since they gave corporations all the rights of an individual, then the earnings of a corporation should also be restricted to $200,000 per year as well.

    I read that while Apple is firing their American employees and paying sweat shop labor $1 an hour in Asia to make $1000 mobile phones to sell back to Americans, it is sitting on a fortune that would make all of their employees millionaires.

    What if Apple’s excess money was given to the homeless people in San Francisco? Or what if that money was given to all the employees that made Apple the giant it is today?

  8. Billionaires have used their money to corrupt politics, so why not restrict their earnings?

    I read that Warren Buffett pays himself $200,000 a year, and lives in an ordinary suburban home. If $200,000 per year is good enough for Warren Buffett, why isn’t it good enough for the self appointed gods of Silicon Valley?

    The other trouble makers in politics are the small number of people that control corporations. Since they gave corporations all the rights of an individual, then the earnings of a corporation should also be restricted to $200,000 per year as well.

    I read that while Apple is firing their American employees, and paying sweat shop labor $1 an hour in Asia to make $1000 mobile phones to sell back to Americans, it is doing nothing with a fortune that would make all of their employees instant millionaires.

    What if Apple’s excess money was given to the homeless people in San Francisco? Or what if its money was given to all the employees that made Apple the giant it is today?

  9. will the chinese get rid of their billionaires too? should the chinese abandon capitalism, the thing that is turning them from a third world dump into a middle class country? will they? or would they just laugh in hunter’s face.

    what idiotic nonsense and clap trap.

    hunter now sounds like america hating far leftists. no power plants, no electricity, no nothing, america must dismantle it’s economy and go back to the stone age. every global competitor is ok to build as infrastructure as it wants though, because the goal is destroying america. not stopping power plants or economics.

    herr derr, get rid of the billionaires (but only in america)

    • LOL as I have beem demonstrating for the past month the South was Venezuela under free-market capitalism.

      The Chinese learned from Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Japan how to get rich and have done it by doing the exact opposite of what lolbertarians have recommended they so with their economy

  10. We here in ZOG USA have a distribution of wealth that is no different from Brazil or India, where a small, privileged elite own just about everything, while the rest are enslaved by debt, low wages and inflation. If this is the best that capitalism has to offer then call me a socialist. I support free enterprise, not capitalism or corporate monopolies. And I certainly don’t support having a tribe of hostile, alien parasites controlling the economy for their exclusive benefit.

  11. Andrew Yang seems to be the only Democrat candidate that is NOT being promoted by the Democrats. Yet he seems to be the ONLY candidate that would ordinarily unify their fragile Rainbow Coalition and their original working class base.

    He’s not an open homosexual. With all the Muslim countries an American president must deal with, the idea of a President Buttigieg and a First Gay is ludicrous. Look what happened to the first openly gay American ambassador to Libya.

    He’s not a White faking another race like Elizabeth Warren or Sean “Talcum X” King or Rachel Dolezal.

    He’s not an elderly White-skinned Jewish socialist like Bernie Sanders.

    He’s not creepy like Joe Biden who is going to turn off women voters in droves.

    He’s not Black. I notice the Black candidates are not being pushed that hard, because even the Democrats know that Whites are wary about electing another Black after the endless conversation about race and other antics by Barak Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder. I don’t think any of them would appeal to Hispanics who will probably all rally around Julian Castro.

    He’s not Hispanic. I think it is highly unlikely that any Blacks will vote for Julian Castro. The media likes to downplay it in favor of whining about White gentrification pricing Blacks out of formerly Black enclaves, but it is Hispanics who have racially cleansed Blacks from Compton and Watts. In view of the unreported animosity and power struggles between these two groups, I can’t see Blacks voting for Julian Castro or any other Hispanic.

    He’s not a woman. The one person Hillary Clinton forgot to blame for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory regarding her winning the White House was Angela Merkel. Additionally, Theresa May’s sabotage of Brexit is going to make it nigh impossible for ANY woman to get elected to the White House.

    He’s not a White male. Beta O’Dork is being promoted as a White Obama. Fluffy, non-threatening, very little substance, designed to offend no one. Might have worked, but the man is dumb as a box of hair with his pro-open borders stance. Had he supported barriers to keep drug traffickers out but pushed for worker visas (which called for people that must be vetted by the police, and bonded and insured by employers), he could have been a contender.

    Eric “Nuke’em” Swalwell is also dumb as a box of hair and too arrogant and power-hungry to contain himself. Only a small fringe of vocal people want gun control. He shot himself in the ass right out of the box. His candidacy is going nowhere.

    So here, we have Yang a stable, happily married heterosexual clean-cut Asian with young children (skin in the game) to think about. His values relate to those of the vast majority of Americans across the spectrum. He’s the only Democrat candidate who appears to have given AI any thought whatsoever and is not caught up in Identity Politics. He’ll have definite appeal to Asians and HIndus, but I believe he can appeal to White socialist liberals as well as the White working class won by Trump in 2016. There is no taint of the kind of behavior which got the Me Too Movement up in arms and he’d be a great compromise candidate between the Latinx and the Blacks.

    So, why is the media bending over backwards to ignore Andrew Yang unless to point out that White Nationalists support him?

    I honestly suspect that TPTB like things just the way they are now with Donald Trump as President and a Democrat Congress too busy investigating him to do anything about student loans or healthcare. In the meantime, I guess they can cook up some more pandemic viruses in the lab to take care of any of those malcontents displaced by robots out there.

    • Clytemnestra,

      You seem to be one of the few people who understand that Hispanics and blacks do not like each other. We already outnumber blacks in the USA by 2-1. We are about 24% of the population compared to blacks at 12.7%. We are growing fast. In the USA it is not everyone against whitey. It is a free for all.

      The so called Balkanization of the USA might actually be just around the corner.

      Christina Romana

      • Most people are naturally tribal. They prefer the company of people that look like them. I live in a neighborhood where Asians keep to themselves, as do the Somalis and Hispanics. Their kids don’t play with each other, and the adults of different ethnicities ignore each other. This is human nature. We’re naturally Balkanized.

      • @Christina:

        I wasn’t aware of any animosity until a supervisor who gave me a cat mentioned that his previous owner, a Hispanic lady, did not want her to give him to any Black. This surprised me, because I had never noticed any animosity between Blacks and Hispanics.

        Once that experience opened my eyes and I saw a few articles about race riots between Latinx and Blacks, not to mention the purge of Blacks done by Hispanics in Compton and Watts, I came to the conclusion that any comraderie was for my benefit. The media has done a great job in making both Blacks and Hispanics assume every White is as tribal as they are when, alas, this is not true.

        Most of any potential White leadership AKA the elites live in lily-white gated communities and are insulated to multicultural enrichment. I don’t count the miniscule numbers of ultra wealthy people of color living here and there. If any of them can afford to pay what is an unofficial Whiteness Tax, then who am I to begrudge them the safety and security we all used to take for granted when this was a heavily segregated, ninety percent White country? That will only change when they live cheek-to-jowl with multicultural “enrichment” like the rest of Whites.

        The one tiny upside to all this “divershitty” is that, as Whites dwindle to the largest (but largely marginalized) minority in a sea of minorities, the Non-Whites will realize that they have less to fear from Whites and will allow their deep-seated wariness of Blacks to take over especially as Blacks are getting increasingly arrogant and feckless with their latest reparations demands.

        I don’t know if you were watching any videos of all the Democrats lining up to kiss Al Sharpton’s behind and all having to promise signing off on any reparations bill passed by Congress, but the least enthusiastic candidate about even making that promise was Andrew Yang. The reason for that is that the most prosperous Americans are not White but Hindu and Asians.

        The only way to render reparations to over forty million Blacks who are already bankrupting the country thanks to fifty years of welfare imposed by LBJ’s “Great Society” will be to pass massive taxes that will have to be paid by the entire country .. whose White population is already unofficially far less than fifty percent (once the Arabs take a page from the La Raza playbook) and get their own racio-ethnic designation changed to something less White.

        The Blacks are too dumb to recognize that when reparations gets passed (and it will be by White Democrat liberals and White Republican cucks) that it will be game over for them. It won’t be only the White working class (whose ancestors never held or benefited from slaves) who will be resentful, it will be every Non-Black who has to pay a reparation tax to cover forty million Blacks.

        I always thought it was a matter of time before the paradigm shifts from White versus Non-White to Black versus Non-Black; the shift has been slowly evolving for some time – if you watch World Star Hip Hop, Black “youths” have no problem playing the knock-out game even with their own elderly and don’t spare other Non-Whites if there are no Whites around.

        So, yeah, when Hispanics discover that not even purging Blacks from their neighborhoods will keep Black fingers out of their wallets, and the Hindus and the Asians have to pay the Afro-geld along with Whitey, that paradigm shift from Non-White versus White is going to swing hard to Non-Black versus Black.

      • @Christina:

        Wanted to add that the Mexican Mafia was created by a mixed group of Whites and Mexicans against Blacks. Leads me to suspect that the reason why Disingenous White Liberals are establishing all these sanctuary cities is for the Latinx to purge them of Blacks.

        They keep running down Whites to Blacks so that Blacks will be for very liberal immigration laws that let in nothing but Non-Whites all who hate them. They exploit any bigotry Blacks have against Whites to fool them into voting against their own interests.

        Reparations would be an easier pill for a ninety percent White population thoroughly indoctrinated in White Guilt than all these “historically oppressed” Non-White refugees from countries that had formely been colonized by Whites.

        • Clytemnestra57,

          Thank you for your detailed analysis and comments. The situation is very messy.

          • @Christina:

            You’re welcome.

            None of this shit that is happening now is the fault of any Non-White but our (((Fellow White People)) and their Disingenuous White Liberal allies.

            Most WNs think I’m counter-intuitive, but I think having a bunch of fragmented but very tribal Non-White groups vying for control of the former White Utopia is better for Whites than a bunch of rich, powerful, brainwashed or Disingenuous White Liberals imposing BRA (Black Ruled America) on the working and middle class Whites who can’t afford to pay the unofficial White Tax that is required for good, functional schools and neighborhoods anymore.

            I have lived in majority Hispanic areas before and have even found them far less stressful than living in majority White areas (who are all filled with DWLs). The corruption that is endemic in Latinx communities is less harmful to Whites than the new White Puritanism that is political correctness imposed by wild-eyed White Antifa thugs.

  12. ZOG is still ZOG, no matter what the rules say. The Bolsheviks didn’t bring paradise to Russia. UBI and UMI won’t undermine Jewish power. Quite the opposite.

    Not that there is any alternative to neo-bolshevik rule. Get ready. It’s coming either way.

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