Elon Musk: Owning Any Car But a Tesla In Three Years Will Be Like Owning a Horse


“Elon Musk — known for making bold, and by some measures outlandish statements — threw down the gauntlet to other automakers.

“The fundamental message that consumers should be taking today is that it’s financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla,” the CEO of the electric auto maker said after Monday’s robotaxi announcement. “It would be like owning a horse in three years. I mean, fine if you want to own a horse. But you should go into it with that expectation.”

On stage at the Tesla Autonomy Investor Day in Palo Alto, California, Musk boasted about Tesla’s self-driving technology, predicting his company will have more than 1 million robotaxis on the road next year …”

I know who I want in the White House in 2020. Not Blompf and his Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow who are currently trying to take the Boomers back to the 1950s, but President Yang and a “Team of Rivals” composed of Elon Musk and Sophia the Robot!

Maybe Elon could build some Tesla plants in Alabama? We’ve got a good bidness climate here!

Note: Is Elon bluffing? I suppose we will see. Those are some fighting words.

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  1. HW, Even if Tesla opened factories in Alabama, would the ‘workforce ‘ not be compromised of robots and automation controlled by AI? That’s what you’ve been stressing lately. Therefore, the good people of Alabama still wouldn’t be employed by Tesla.

  2. Laughable. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true, Elon. Other companies in better financial health are working on this too.

  3. There’s really no necessity for electric vehicles. You’re just trading the cost of gas for a higher electric bill, while the
    electricity is still generated by petroleum and coal fired thermal electric plants.

    Railroad electrification is a better plan.
    It will improve the electric grid and significantly reduced the cost of bulk commodities transport, especially foodstuffs, and take more trucks off the road. It’ll also improve scheduling and running time, making rail more attractive to shippers. Which reduces truck usage and presumably pollution on long distance hauls.

    Fewer trucks on the road.
    Cheaper loaves of bread.
    Cheaper, Better electricity.
    Less diesel fuel used.

    Better than Musk’s toy for spoiled rich kids.

    Now, if I could replace the engine in my pickup with an 800hp locomotive traction motor, and power it with a Zero Point Energy unit, with practically unlimited current, I would!

  4. Elon is not joking about this. He is WAY ahead of all the automotive companies. A quote,”…Tesla now has over 70 million miles of fully engaged Autopilot driving…”

    Tesla has a massive data set that no one else has. All of the self driving systems use neural nets with some human guidance for odd cases. They’ve been working on these rules for years now. No one else is even close.

    Even more he has a brand new neural net computer designed only for driving cars designed by some of the best computer chip designers on planet earth. I mean really top people. They have this built now and will deploy immediately. Here’s a really long investors meeting where he talks about self driving and has the various specialist that designed the system tell investors what they are doing. It’s very illuminating and since it’s for investors it’s not too high level tech wise and easy to understand. It well worth watching even though it’s long and covers all the tech for self driving.


    As for him going broke I don’t believe it at all. I think the Jews want to bankrupt his company and then take it over. They are using naked shorting,(they don’t actually own the stock. A form of fraud that has ruined many companies), and constant negative press to bankrupt the company. It is possible they could succeed in this but way less likely now that he has the model three assembly line up and running much faster so he can churn out cars. The really dangerous moment for him was when he was ramping up the model three. Low price with lots of complications. With self driving possibly being fully certified by the end of this year sales will rocket up. Even worse for his competitors it will take them years to catch up and unlike most of our rotten bankster run companies he will not sit still. As they are catching up he will push price/performance even harder the whole time. He is continuously rebuilding his assembly line to go faster and faster for less cost. They may never catch up. There’s 100 million cars sold every year. What if he were to get half of that? The profits are huge and he has a massive lead. Notice so far he’s survived. The Man is incredibly focused and moves really fast. He’s incredibly hard on people. I wouldn’t want to work for him, but he gets things done. If you don’t perform he throws you out intermediately.

    One question in my mind is Elon a Jew? I don’t know. Says he isn’t but he does have some Jewy things that he has done and he does seem to be able to get a lot of funding. Hard to say.

    I’m very much for electric cars. With an electric car you can use your own solar or wind power and charge your car. It also VERY good for us if you look at oil independence. Electric cars are of great military significance for the US. Not depending on large oil companies or the middle east. In China they ration oil burning cars. You can only buy electric with no sanctions.

    Solar or wind is not dollar for dollar cost effective right now but will be in a decade. The price of solar will plummet with the new solar cells they are building and new cheap batteries. The electronics to interface the two are already cost effective.



    All these technologies are fantastic news for independence. Combine that with satellite internet and you will start to see the emptying out of the inner city. Why live with all these assholes?

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