MIGA: Netanyahu’s Government Will Name a Settlement In The Golan Heights In Blompf’s Honor

So, Blompf isn’t only featured on the half-shekel in Israel, but according to Bibi will have an Israeli settlement in the Golan Heights named in his honor:

The meme war is heating up:

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  1. If Blompf wins a second term, he’ll probably send in the 82nd Airborne to clear out Syria, Jordan, and the Sinai. We must protect our greatest ally!

  2. If Blompf wins a second term, he will probably send in the troops to clear out Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Sinai. Gotta protect our greatest ally!

    • You’re right, Gunther tn. Also, if Trump wins a second term there will be a war against Iran, definitely. If Trump doesn’t start a war against Iran in this first term of his, if he wins in 2020 he will start a war against Iran.

      The Democratic Party Machine will never let Yang win the Democratic nomination. Even if a very large number of grass root Democrats want Yang, the Democratic Party big-shots would never let Yang win the nomination.

      I don’t follow the MSM news, so I don’t know if the MSM is covering Yang or is ignoring him.

      I voted for Trump, but if he turns out to be a one term president I won’t lose any sleep over it. I voted for Trump — I did not vote for javanka, and what die-hard intense likud jews they are and all they care about is Israel and expanding Israel, that’s all they care about. I won’t be voting for anyone in 2020.

      • And that is what is happenning all across the nation.
        I’m guilty of it. I have willingly left the electorate without apology.
        When and if ever it is no longer a rigged system, maybe I’ll come back.
        That will probably NOT be in my lifetime.
        That does NOT mean I have become politically inactive. Quite the opposite.
        Its simply a switching of gears in the political mind.
        Real politics engages in what WORKS.
        The side-show semantics are merely strategy to implement agendas..for ANY party or group.
        Its called PROPAGANDA. Its not a bad thing.
        Its how a message is boiled down to brass tacks and disseminated to the public.
        That is my focus…to provide the coffee to those just waking up…

  3. The question of Israel is a complicated one. Does the existence of a Jewish ethnonationalist state hurt or help the white nationalist cause? It would be nice if the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians could just be resolved already so we could divest ourselves. The two-state solution is pretty much dead, which leaves a one-state solution and Bolton’s three-state solution. If a one-state solution was implemented, then a great propaganda effort could be made to convince American Jews to move to Israel in order to offset the increase in Palestinian demographics.

    • “The question of Israel is a complicated one.”
      No it’s not, (((Nick))). It really very simple … jews bad, ’nuff said.

  4. Whats insanely sad and scary as hell is when you try to point out to a patriotard Southern Baptist Convention follower the fact that Trump does more for Israel than America, they say “Oh, he’s helping GOD’S PEOPLE!!!”
    Sick…….sick, sick, sick…
    Christians in America need an awakening to the fact that Israel ( the country) and the Jews are Christianity’s WORST ENEMY, NOT the muslims.
    Jesus himself stated it.
    Nobody reads the words of Christ to apply them in context anywhere around here anymore…
    They listen to false doctrine “preachers” distort and pervert His word until its unrecognizable.
    The candle left to the Church of THIS AGE is all but nearly burned out…God help us.

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