Trump: The Stock Market Has Hit An All-Time High!

If Wall Street is doing great, it follows the economy is doing great, right?

Yang had a crowd of 2,000 last night in Los Angeles. It is April 2019. Just wait until the normies catch wind of the candidate who wants to give them $1,000 a month.

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  1. what are you gonna do with the money the Chinese dude will give you? Land, gold, cryptos? I’d suggest bitcoin and monero or other cryptos. The Mexican national-socialist supremacist Chechar is giving advice to all his 4 demented readers to sell everything and buy gold.

    • I’m going to spend my yangbux on hookers at my favorite fleabag motel on La Cienega Boulevard.

    • The thousand bucks completely neutralises the chilling effect of getting people fired from their jobs. Expect much more uppity talk from straight white middle-class people……. and yes “just wait til normies catch wind of this” is 100% right: Yang can vanish in 2020 but UBI’s here to stay once the masses get a hold of it.
      A First Amendment protected speech right would be great but now that that’s off the table, dox insurance is a pretty decent second best: if only to never let them hear the end of the complaint that we lost the First Amendment!

  2. I’m a white nationalist and a right-wing populist with some moderate libertarian and eugenics policy positions sprinkled in, but I’ve come around on Yang. He’s going to annihilate the other candidates in the primary debates. I don’t think he has truly found the sweet spot in American politics, though. Imo, the sweet spot is socially conservative, economically populist, but anti-immigration. Hopefully, a genuine pro-white candidate will have the balls to run on this platform in the near future.

    • No Snow.. The money Jews rig the economy. As long as Trump follows their orders, via Jewred, all will be well. For Trump and the Jews.

      • The jews have something on Blormpf, madam….I don’t know if it’s his Noah Cross relationship with Ivanka or all the times his jew creditors bailed him out of bankruptcy, but they’ve got something.

      • Denise, that was sarcasm toward Trump. Since he wants to take credit for the stock market, he can own the rigging.

  3. As someone who worships the Golden Calf the disconnect between the stock market hitting all-time highs and his presidential popularity hitting all-time lows must be very befuddling to Blom Blormf.

  4. Trump will continue to be the Rodney Dangerfield of his social set, because he does not understand that his social set always had and always will have the ability to continue getting rich from their investments whether they come from the United States or not.

    I imagine having to call their brokers to shift some of their stock portfolios to accommodate US companies was very annoying to many of them. Though they didn’t quibble about pocketing those bodacious tax cuts he bribed them with.

    Had Trump focused on fulfilling his campaign promises to the blue collar and working classes who elected him, he could get the respect that is generated by fear, but now he doesn’t even have that.

  5. > Yang had a crowd of 2,000 last night in Los Angeles. It is April 2019.

    How long did it take Blompf to get those sized crowds last cycle I wonder? I remember the crowds (+ riot) in Chicago but can’t remember how soon that was after his announcement.

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