Kushner Set To Present Trump With His Immigration Plan

The Hill:

“White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said Tuesday that he’s preparing an immigration plan to present to President Trump in the coming days.

Kushner said at Time magazine’s Time 100 Summit that he’s put together “a very detailed proposal” that encompasses three major themes: improving border security, moving toward a so-called merit-based system and maintaining “our country’s humanitarian values.”

“I do believe that the president’s position on immigration has been maybe defined by his opponents by what he’s against as opposed to what he’s for,” Kushner said.

The president has been involved in crafting the proposal, Kushner said …”

I don’t recall ever voting for Jared Kushner and his immigration plan. In fact, I don’t remember hearing much about this person at all during the 2016 election.

I’m sure it will go over well.

As we all know, Jared Kushner is extremely popular among Blompf’s former populist supporters. He has driven them to the point of bolting from the GOP.

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  1. Jared Trump thinks America has humanitarian values? A country that mass murders babies and bombs millions of people into death and mutilation? Do these people actually beleive their own caca?

  2. Oh wow, a jew’s gonna protect your border goyim. Trust him, he cares about keeping America European very much. And Trump trusts him. He must be good. Can’t wait for this dictate, I mean proposal.

  3. Miss Romana,

    Jared is a (((Kushner))), so to his tribe, murdering fetuses, bombing innocent people, ritualistic mutilation, lying, ursury, censorship, and a myriad of other obscurantist values are part and parcel.

    You need to be an actual human to have “humanitarian values.”

    Do these people believe their own caca?

    No. They only care that people outside their tribe does by way of deception.

    Remember, to be “persecuted ” on several continents over two millennia isn’t some accident of history. To be on the receiving end of being expelled from 109 countries is very telling of a tribe doing something wrong.

    • November,

      You are sweet. And calling me miss Romana is nice. It is actually one of my middle names. No one calls me Romana. Just Christina or Christina Romana when my parents are agitated with me. One of my grandfathers calls me Ninotchka. I do not know why. My shorten name is Tina or sometimes Nina and he derives Ninotchka from that. He says it is Swedish or Russian or German. I do not remember. He said there was a Queen Kristina from Germany or Sweden I think.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment. I do not find the powers that be very clever. Their main goal is always the same——–evil and destruction no matter what spews from their mouths.

      One would have to be a fool to believe the USA government is good.

  4. SO FAR … Trump is an all talk all traitor all treason piece of “S.” Then, who would let their daughter marry that little dainty fag and convert to a 1/2 false ( thus false, ) religion ? THIS is running AmeriKa ???

    You know the solution by now …


    It starts with conversation … bouncing ideas around. Moves into the creation of THE CONFEDERATE PARTY with a realistic MANIFESTO which is a carefully thought out debated honed and polished PLAN to massage Confederacy 2.0 into existence.

    • You are correct, but it appears that the movement will try EVERY OTHER THING before actually moving in the real world towards the thing it claims it wants: a white ethnostate.

      Why is that? It’s a good question isn’t it?

  5. HW, you voted the Kushner-Trump ticket,

    and that’s what you got. None of (((it))) was a secret at the time,

    you just played “let’s pretend”. And

    you’re at it again.

  6. Scary and disturbing how extremist this site has become, how rabid evil white supremacists like Christina Romana Alva H. (Christy) is allowed to spew her hatred?

    • Nemo,

      I am a dumb dumb. I now realize you were kidding. I am too serious when I am on this website.

  7. Man,…if we EVER all agree on something to agree on, it’ll damn sure be a miracle…
    Does anyone here ever step back and see what our enemies see when they read us?
    Good Lord help us…..
    Whitey won’t get his shit together until these bread and circuses short-circuit, I fear.
    It won’t be “too late”, but its gonna be close.

  8. The real fun comes after Trump has finished his second term-assuming he wins reelection-and politics returns to normal. The question is will red state America be willing to go back to politics as usual? Is Trump merely a bump in the road to our extinction or the avatar of a new reality about to dawn? As I have said before if your politics stops at the border of the old Confederacy you are thinking too narrow. In the decades to come the lower south will turn majority non-white. Where will you new confederacy be then assuming its becomes an independent nation? Better yet is a broad based secessionist movement encompassing all of red state America(and red counties, regions, and districts help hostage in blue state America) and their formation into a White Heartland Republic. That should be the ultimate conclusion of what CNN commentator Van Jones titled the Whitelash revolt as a way to denigrate (how long will it be before that word is retired as it sounds to much like the dreaded N word?) Trump’s white middle and working class supporters in red state America.

    In other words expand your thinking beyond Southern or Southlander ( to use an Afrikaner term) and become a Heartlander! The heartland is 85% of the land mass of the United States and is majority white and conservative portions of which will continue to be so even after whites reach minority status nationwide in 2040. (Or 2050) Therein can our political and racial salvation be found. I am sure I need not remind you the rise of the Populist Party was in the Heartland not in the America South. The greatest influence of Charles Lindbergh’s America First organization was in the heartland and not in the south who were New Deal democrats. It is the irony of history that the most hated and despised area of the United States by the powers that be is the American South and yet the South is the most patriotic always supporting this or that war or foreign intervention with yellow ribbons and support our troops rallies and bumper stickers.

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