Travelogue: A Trip To The St. Louis Zoo

Yesterday, we spent the entire day taking the kids on a tour of the St. Louis Zoo to see the hundreds of endangered species of idle welfare parasites collected from around the world, which in spite of having little to no value in the context of our free-market economy, are nevertheless conserved and sustained there for the edification and amusement of the public at the expense of taxpayers.

In Southern History Month 2019: Top 15 Species Lolbertarians Hate, I only described the tip of the iceberg of the consequences of market hunting. The environmental devastation caused by free-market capitalism, which licenses ravaging the environment for the sake of individual profit, once nearly drove even the whitetail deer and the wild turkey to extinction in American South. The poverty and exploitation of our ancestors in the aftermath of the Civil War led to a great deal of environmental damage that we have spent most of the last century trying to come back from.

The spread of free-market capitalism around the world in the modern era is a global story. It didn’t just devastate the environment here. This also went on in the American West (the near extermination of the American bison was the great conscience raising turning point), the American North, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa, the world’s oceans, etc. We’ve been destroying countless species around the world for the sake of often frivolous human consumption.


The St. Louis Zoo is a scary “socialist” institution.

It is free of charge and open to the public. I took my son to see the thousands of species on display there which are currently endangered on account of market hunting and habitat destruction. I wanted him to see there is a middle ground between “capitalism vs. socialism.”

Note: My son’s favorite part of the day was riding the train.

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  2. The St Louis zoo is a great place. I love the wonderful Beax Art designed buildings. One of the great zoos of America. It and the Botanical Gardens, in St Louis are both worth going to see. Both do a lot of work in conservation.

  3. I love zoos. Real zoos not the unintended kind like NYC.

    You’re doing really good bonding with your boy, Brad. He’s adorable and I can’t believe how old he is now. Wasn’t it just yesterday when you went to the Gulf Coast with him as a newborn?

  4. Soon we won’t be able to have zoos because the Negros will lose their children in the animal pens and we will have to shoot them all.

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