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  1. Yes, he’s doing very at chasing down the last White person. This is the kind of shit that Boomers (I’m one myself) eat up. I understand why you younger folks hate my generation.

  2. I was born in 1957 so I guess you can call me a “Boomer,” though, like all people born after 1954 and most people born before 1954, I have little in common with them. I do remember constantly feeling irritated watching (((Boomers))) like Abbie Hoffmann and Gloria Steinem on megaphones claiming to represent MY views. But then you NEVER saw a camera microphone shoved in the face of a Boomer Boy who was prepared to do his “patriotic chore” and didn’t spit on Vietnam Veterans or a Boomer Girl who wasn’t a feminist and wanted to simply marry a good man and raise their children. And they were legion.

    Trump is an elite Boomer whose close proximity to Jews made him absorb their crass materialism into his very bone marrow. He believes that, as long as he meets their material needs, Whites should not care that they are and will continue to be an increasingly politically marginalized minority in their own country.

    That worked out great for the Jews in Nazi Germany, didn’t it, Donald? And no, I don’t buy into the whole Holocaust Schtick but many Jews ended up driven out of power, from their homes, and into interment camps where typhus and starvation from Allied Bombing of railroad supply lines.

    The biggest thing I hate about the Republicans Lolbertarians is the “you don’t need government” bullshit they successfully fed to the Boomers. Hell yeah, we need government. More importantly, we need to make government work FOR us, just like the Jews did, or as proven, government will certainly work AGAINST us!

    • It’s okay.

      Once again, the Boomers were born into a culture and time that was a product of history. They were raised at a time when the mass media was new. It is why they ended up the way that they are today. I love my parents, but they will never get it because their thinking was so narrowed by being raised on the television.

    • In all fairness Abbie and Gloria were not Boomers. They belonged to the “silent generation” (1930-1945). They did, however, dish out a lot of the swell which many Boomers readily consumed.

  3. My problem with Boomers is that even now many are still not waking up! I mean my God, that freaking Iowa Boomers daughter was murdered by that Savage and she said “don’t make this about immigration”…
    She’s dead, a walking talking dead person. Zombie Boomer.

    • Most people make up their minds about life in their 20s and 30s.

      The minds of the Boomers were made up in the 1970s and 1980s. It is impossible for them to mentally leave the 1980s. This is nothing peculiarly wrong with them. It is true of all generations. My political perspective was shaped by the 2000s.

  4. No something is wrong with her, she’s malfunctioning in the brain. We do have a serious drug problem HW, something has crossed her wiring.

  5. @Professional:

    Well, we have seen the social and employment repercussions for anyone caught in blurting out an inconvenient truth about diversity. But what isn’t widely known is that they also exist for the survivors of victims of diversity.

    Most survivors of Whites enriched by mega-vibrancy know that they are expected to keep a dignified silence if they want to see any type of justice for their dead loved-one. If they DON’T know that, they learn the hard way like the parents of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian did. Channon’s father couldn’t hide the anger and hatred within his bosom at his daughter’s killer.

    When news about the double murder first occurred, the authorities wanted to sweep it under the rug ASAP and were prepared to give the killers life with no possibility of parole for all involved, but the parents wanted the death penalty and Mr Christian could not repress himself. When I heard about it, I expressed my hope that the Christians and Newsoms would go for it, because that was the best they could get. Remember, it occurred at approximately the same time Barack Obama was running for president and TMFIIC were determined to make his presidency happen.

    The upshot was that the only killer who got the death penalty for some weird reason, sabotaged himself by NOT appearing before an outside nearly all black jury. Then, the very lenient judge was so compromised that the there had to be new trials which resulted in ALL the sentences from the first trial being reduced. Coinky-dink? I think not!

    So yeah, if MY loved one was enriched to death by vibrant diversity, I would be more inclined to work behind the scenes to burn his or her killer as much as possible while keeping a dignified silence in public. But I’d be damned if I would be so social-status-conscious that I would actually engage in public virtue-signaling where the killer is concerned.

    And I think that’s what the mother’s problem is. Way too status-conscious for her own damned good. But I think that’s true for the majority of Whites of ALL ages these days. They are living in a state of denial. I think they are dimly aware of how marginalized we’ve all become, but if they acknowledge it, they’d have to do something about it and that entails some very scary consequences.

    • @Clytemnestra59

      Thanks for responding. You and most Boomers are not the Zombie Boomers I’m referring to. I think most Boomers are the retirement-minded, good-life Boomers that want to enjoy here and now.

      But these Boomer types like this Iowa woman are something else…. Like a Somalian could hack up their children and in two weeks they would hire a Somalian to work on their house. Or look at the Zombie Boomers that see the drug epidemic and then advocate for legalizing marijuana, I know one that has invested in marijuana stock options. Zombies eat the flesh of their own and still aren’t satisfied, I can’t think of a more appropriate illustration. The Jews have been putting out all of these Zombie apocalypse shows-they are purposely making this statement and rubbing it in our faces.

      Jews actually do this a lot for sport if you pay close attention, they often mock our demise right in front of us. I watched the beginning of one yesterday that was mocking us. In the first five minutes a white man was bitten and his white wife is saying “she’s going to save them both and get them to safety herself” (like she is going to save the white man), of course he turns to Z and chases her down, enter the hero (a black man who shoots the husband Zombie), she throws her arms around him and sweetly thanks him and asks him to save her (“help her get to the safe zone”). Suddenly the white feminist is a damsel in distress who needs a hero. All this in 5 minutes is a statement.

      This is pretty much why I just watch Man vs. Wild and Survivorman. They are the only tv shows with white heros. 🙂

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