Andrew Yang Campaigns In Des Moines


“DES MOINES, Iowa — Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate, is back in Iowa advocating for universal basic income.

He may be considered a long shot presidential candidate in the crowded Democratic field, but that didn’t stop him from making another trip to the state. …”

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As a Left-Authoritarian populist nationalist voter, I have never fit in with the mainstream Left or the mainstream Right because my politics are somewhere in the dead center of the electorate. “Journalists” in the mainstream media told me that I was “far-right,” but since when are those people right about anything? My takes on the 2016 election were more accurate than their statistical models and the vast majority of the mainstream punditry. I never wasted my time on the Russia conspiracy hoax either because I already knew the real reasons why Blompf won the 2016 election.

Click through the link.

There is a news clip of the event. I’m unable to embed it for some reason.

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  1. at the moment, Haxo is still endorsing the

    Hickenlooper-Buttfiegal Dream Team. However,

    if Genghiz Yang ups the bribe

    to $5,000/month,

    Haxo will reconsider.

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