National Review: Our Angry, Violent Young Men Problem

Jim Geraghty:

“Some will look at this weekend’s Poway synagogue shooting and argue that it reflects an anti-Semitism problem. (They aren’t wrong, either: Judging by a manifesto he posted online shortly before the attack, the alleged shooter appears to be a hardcore anti-Semite.) Some will react by arguing that we have a gun-control problem. But it’s just as easy to compare the Poway suspect’s case to those of other mass shooters and see a “young men who find normal life unfulfilling or too difficult and choose to risk or end their lives in violent rampage” problem.

Unlike other young men who committed mass shootings, the Poway shooter had an intact family. His father is a high-school physics teacher and an elder in his church. He had a high GPA in high school, took Advanced Placement classes, and was an accomplished pianist. He reportedly had Jewish friends earlier in his life. Yet apparently none of that was enough to keep him from erupting in a spasm of horrific violence, motivated by a belief that he had no worthwhile future because of some sort of nefarious Jewish conspiracy he’d concocted in his head. …”

I have a better explanation.

I would say that it is simply a fact that Jewish donors are controlling both the mainstream Right and the mainstream Left in this country. Look no further than how slavishly subservient the GOP has become to Sheldon Adelson, Bibi Netanyahu and Israel since Blompf has been president.

If you want to see the world as John Earnest saw the world, just replace “White Nationalism” with “Jewish Nationalism.” Look at what Israel is allowed to get away with because Jews have accumulated so much power, wealth and influence in this country and it is still taboo to criticize them.

Just last summer, Israel declared itself a Jewish ethnostate and Blompf has given Bibi Netanyahu the green light to annex the Golan Heights and Kushner is currently working on a plan by which Israel can annex lebensraum in the West Bank as well. It has also built not only a massive border wall funded by American taxpayers, but concentration camps too for the illegal aliens from sub-Saharan Africa which has it has been criticized for by human rights organizations for deporting to countries like Uganda.

The Trump administration is so subservient to Israel because of the wealthy Jewish donors who fund the Republican Party that the United States has become diplomatically isolated in the U.N. over issues like the Iran nuclear deal. Is this a conspiracy theory or just an accurate assessment of the reality of situation that the reason Jews have so much power over American foreign policy is because they are buying the policies? Is there anyone working in Washington who doesn’t know the truth about this?

I would argue that there actually is a Jewish conspiracy to suffocate our culture to death with political correctness. I mean … it is Jewish organizations like the ADL and SPLC which enforce these norms. It is the collective weight of the huge disproportionate numbers of Jews in the mainstream media who have tipped the scales of our culture in this extremely negative direction. They clearly and unquestionably coordinate their efforts in both the real world and on social media to maintain these norms. If you are trying to work in American politics and get labeled “anti-Israel” or “anti-Semitic,” well, we know what happens to you then. You will have all of Congress snapping to the whims of the Jewish donors to denounce you in a huge virtue signaling charade to advance their own pathetic careers.

John Earnest was smart enough to realize there really is a nefarious Jewish conspiracy to marginalize people like him in his society. There really are “journalists” and organizations that set out to destroy the lives of people who ask too many questions about why Congress seems to orbit the interests of less than 3% of the US population. Why the hell are we in the Middle East now that we don’t even need the oil? Hasn’t Blompf himself admitted that Israel is the only reason we are still there?

Now, I agree that the Poway mass shooting is unfortunate. The New Zealand mass shooting was unfortunate. The Pittsburgh mass shooting was unfortunate. In fact, I will go on record now and say that all the future mass shootings are unfortunate, but wouldn’t it just make more sense to dump these antiquated taboos, dismantle the political correctness and end mass immigration now before even more of these people like John Earnest lose their minds?

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  1. The National Jew Review is hardly a publication worth noting, HW. Under William F. Cuckley Jr. it had the veneer of respectability, but now it’s no better than VICE or the Cuntington Post.

  2. What is missing in the piece above, is that the power of Jewish-Israeli lobbies is entirely subject to the fact that largely white European-heritage oligarchs choose to give them that power

    Influential Jews do not just ‘buy’ political power … Billionaires themselves have been hit by the deep state establishment when they do not play along with the oligarch programme … you can only ‘buy’ such power if the oligarchs on top approve you to buy it

    Close on 60% of USA billionaires are European-heritage gentile, roughly 40% are Jewish … it is by choice of the majority gentile ultra-rich, that Jews have the power they do

    It is the nature of the billionaire oligarchy, very small in number, that they need mafias to help carry out their objectives. Over the centuries – and particularly for a modern context – predominantly gentile, white, nominally ‘Christian’ oligarchs, have decided that leading Jews are their optimum mafia

    Historically, priestly-sacerdotal groups, and gay groups in the guise of ‘monks’ and ‘priests’, have also served as those mafias, and that is part of the reason the oligarchs grant so much power to LGBT etc groups today

    But the Jewish mafia is un-rivalled in providing oligarch elite services, using skills that have been developed over thousands of years. Why are Jewish mafias preferred? From ‘A Jew’s Guide to Jewish Mafias’ –

    1 They are intrinsically a small group

    2 Non-mafia Jews violate tribal & religious laws if they critique other Jews in public

    3 As children, Jews suffer psychological mauling such as from male physical genital mutilation and its discussion, creating trauma and a greater open-ness to harming others

    4 Jews have a supremacist ideology in their holy book and in tribal tradition, passed through parents and community

    5 Jews have a millennia-long tradition of serving elite oligarch interests wherever they are

    6 Jewish groups cash in on pro-Israel, pro-Jewish cultism in the Christian and Islamic ‘holy books’

    7 Criitque of Jewish mafias can be quickly categorised as anti-Semitic etc

    8 JQ ‘Jewish Question’ discussion superbly distracts from the oligarchs on the top of the pyramid

      • it’s the other way around: 60% of the billionaires are Jews (2% of the population). And many of the non-Jew billionaires have Jew-controllers; cf. JPM honcho Jamie Dimon’s (((wife))). In addition to which the financial industry Jews control the rich goyim’s a) debt, and b) invested wealth; cf.: Drumpf.

        as hasbaras go, though, this was above average.

        brabantian earned his $2.39

          • Jews think and behave as a united ethnic group, while Whites have been trained to beleive that working in their own ethnic interests is sinful. Jewish billionaires will always beat out White billionaires for that reason.

  3. I would add the Jewish controlled medical and pharmaceutical industry to the (((conspiracy))) which thrives on things like child sex mutilations and prescribing brain altering drugs to children. I am personally convinced the dual (((push))) for bottle feeding and fluoridated tap water in the 1950’s was an early effort to dumb down the goyim through poisoning. This has since been replaced with vaccinations, c-sections and drugs. The “Nazis” appear to have been very much aware of these (((practices))) as evidenced by several of Julius Streicher’s cartoons for which he was hung at Nuremberg.

  4. He was only 19. Think about that for a minute. Most couldn’t write a manifesto to wipe their own ass at that age. He opted for action / almost certain death rather than a slow cucked / opioid based existence and demise. Not all of our children will go quietly to death, we should support them.

    • Yeah, I think he was talented musician and could have persuaded far more people to support our cause through applying himself in that way than through bungling a mass shooting that ratcheting up the censorship.

    • @ MPO
      A common tactic the enemy uses is to tell the truth, but associate that truth with violence. They do it so normal people will reject the truth when they hear it.

      @Hunter Wallace
      “Yeah, I think he was talented musician and could have persuaded far more people to support our cause through applying himself in that way than through bungling a mass shooting that ratcheting up the censorship.”

      I think the recent shootings were caused by a) censorship and b) Trump breaking all his promises to his base.

      a) The’ve banned the Alt-Right/WN from social media and banking. They banned Pro White scholars from selling their books on Amazon about two weeks before the attack in New Zealand. Speech is the only alternative to violence. If the anti-Whites double down on banning free speech on very important issues, then frustrated young people will be inclined to give up an resort to violence.

      b) Another reason I think this kid resorted to violence, is because Trump and the Republicans destroyed his faith in the system They only keep their promises to Jewish Zionist billionaire donors, which is increasing anti-Semitism in America.

      • That’s definitely part of it and an upswing in violence isn’t really unexpected given the repression of giving people the option to express their views either online or in the real world in the public square.

  5. There are a lot of rich Jews, but, this is a big country, and I doubt that the wealth of the Jews equals 30% of the total.

    Most banking is gentile, once you move away from New York and the West Coast, it’s a gentile industry, and even on the coasts J.P Morgan, the DuPonts, the Mellons, the Hearst family, surely are not Jews. They maybe spineless and have forgotten who brought them, but, they are not Jews.

    • If they are subservient to jews, and they are, then they might as well be jews. They would never intervene on our behalf. Their financial organizations are infested with jews, and is the US government. They work with the jews because all of them know if they were to rebel against them, the entire jew tribe would work together to destroy them. These greedy billionaires only see us as the “unwashed”.

  6. “but wouldn’t it just make more sense to dump these antiquated taboos, dismantle the political correctness and end mass immigration now before even more of these people like John Earnest lose their minds?”

    The Jews aren’t going to be talked out of their schemes.

  7. Rich, elite Jews sure have a good scam going. They run the banks, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the Media, Hollywood, and they own Congress and the President.

    Using their media power, they endlessly play up the Holocaust and their woe-is-me suffering throughout history, and they leave the average, non-elite Jews in a state of paranoia and hysteria.

    Any non-elite Jew who doesn’t see this and remains in that despicable religion is a moron.

  8. Any non-elite Jew who doesn’t see this and remains in that despicable religion is a moron.

    “On the first and fundamental lie, the purpose of which is to make people believe that we are not a nation but a religion, other lies are subsequently based. Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the moment the general public comes into possession of the truth and acts upon it. It is becoming apparent that an awakening is occurring even here in America.” — Harold Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts (a primary sponsor/promoter of the 1965 Immigration Act)

  9. I see these mass shootings as part of a bigger problem of total alienation among a good number of people. Drug over doses, huge prison population, long term unemployment, the lie of America, so to speak, which is, if you work hard and keep your nose clean, then you will get ahead. This isn’t true for a lot of individuals., even if they have a job. So much of the U.S. has become a racket of one kind or another.

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