Venezuela Neocon Puppet Juan Guaidó Calls For Military Uprising To Oust Maduro

7:08 PM

Two aircraft carriers on the way.

Blompf is threatening Cuba now on top of threatening to invade Venezuela.

1:00 PM

Apparently, it is coup day in Venezuela.

Guaidó has been given his marching orders by the neocons in Washington. It’s kind of ironic … the “racists” are vehemently opposed to regime change wars while the “humanitarians” are for them.

9:00 AM

We’re going to keep an eye on this:

So far, the neocon scheme to incite a rebellion to overthrow Venezuela’s government which has been backed by Blompf, Mike Pence, Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Marco Rubio has flopped. Is the Trump administration willing to go all the way in Venezuela?

We shall see.

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  1. Last november I (a 31-year old Dutchman) was in Caracas for a month on vacation. It is clear that things have gone really bad, although it surprised me how normal things still seemed to be. By that I mean I could walk the streets unmolested, saw people shopping, and life seemed to carry on. But the inflation was insane, prices literally doubled in a week time. The US federal government richly deserves criticism, but let’s not pretend the people of Venezuela don’t have good reason to get rid of the current regime.

    • The (((US))) has been trying to destroy the economy since Chavez nationalized the (((banks))) and (((oil))) and put a stop to other serious jewing activities. Oy vey the suffering!!!

    • There has to be very real, very genuine grievance for something like this to get off the ground. But there also has to be very real, very genuine popular support for the government to have lasted this long. My guess is the government wins this round. Whether that’s good or bad I’d leave to hindsight.

  2. Next stop Iran. The reality is this is nothing compared to the 85 million dead from (((WWII))). I wish I could ask my grandparents why they not only did nothing they facilitated our destruction.

  3. Ask yourself if Trump wins re-election will we embark on a war with Iran? Tulsi is starting to look better and better! These psychotic neo-Cohens will not rest until they get in a war with Russia, hopefully even nuclear war, so God can come back and smite all enemies of Israel.

  4. Dinesh D’Souza says:

    “The Russians, Cubans and Chinese are already in Venezuela! They don’t just want its oil; they also want its uranium which can be used for nuclear missiles. We face a genuine national security threat! Time for @realDonaldTrump to do something!”

    The only national security threat is the thread of fools above including Trump.

    Looks like some crooks are mad someone beat them to the pillaging.

    Competition is a sin.

    Now they’re trying to fool the masses under the guise of stopping socialism. Oy vey!

    We have no freedoms. Because of these freaking idiots. I wish a meteor would hit DC and wipe the damn cesspool off the planet. The only difference between Democrats and Republicans are some are sinkers and some are floaters.

  5. I read a Fox News interview with that fat psycho Pompeo referring to Guaido as the “duly elected” president. What a liar. Maduro won the election last year and there hasn’t been one this year.

    They are determined to overthrow the government and loot Venezuela. (Bolton already spoke of having US oil companies run that sector of Venezuela’s economy.) If they attack I wish disaster upon these incorrigible warmongers, liars and crooks.

    Trump spoke of ending regime-change wars at nearly every campaign event in 2016. Now look at him.

  6. Yes, it’s terrible how force is used in foreign countries to put down opposition to the government. Here in America, the government would never use flame throwers to burn down a religious compound full of women and children; their snipers would never shoot a woman down while she was holding her child in her arms; they would never use tear gas, beat people with batons and arrest them en masse; they would never go against popular opinion and enact laws and enforce policies that are widely disliked and repudiated; they would never set people up, put them under surveillance and entrap them; our government would never interfere in the elections of a foreign country. And, regardless of who is in power, no coup in America would ever be put down with force. If any group of individuals besieged the Capital and the Executive Mansion, the officials there would readily and gleefully step aside and allow anyone who is dissatisfied to take control of the country’s affairs. Remember, We the People… and Democracy… and the Constitution… your Rights shall not be infringed… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… Truth, Justice and The American Way! That’s what separates the U. S. government from the ruthless dictators and lying tyrants abroad.

    From my understanding, China has topped Amnesty International’s list of Human Rights Abusers for years. I wonder when we’re going to send troops over there to topple their undemocratic regime?

    • The “good” part of our government would never sit on the sidelines while an evil part of it allowed airliners to plow into 110 story buildings causing thousands of its own citizens to die by fire or have to jump from the upper floors of those buildings. Our freedom-fighting government, AKA the “policeman” or “watchdog” of the world, would never allow the destruction of part of its own military headquarters and then have the audacity to blame the actions of a missile on an innocent airliner whose footprint is completely absent from the scene of the crime.

      Better yet. The noble American people wouldn’t fall for such bullshit explanations, would they?

  7. As the Chinese guy in the video in Africa would say … “it all gets so tiresome”.

    Trump has eagerly embraced and joined with the Deep State (or whatever you want to call it). Those of you that plan to vote for him in 2020 – please seriously consider what you’re voting for. If you are a Nationalist , White Nationalist, Patriot, or something similar – he doesn’t give a damn about you, your family, and your country.

  8. The great, American Statesman and Hero, Abraham Lincoln would have never deprived hungry people of food or ailing people of medicine. He would never have allowed the burning of civilian homes, the slaughter of livestock, or the destruction of crops, leaving old men, and women and children homeless and starving. As Mike Pompeo recently tweeted, “What kind of Sick Tyrant” would do those things?

    • We did that to the Iraqis with the No Fly Zone and stopped desperately needed medicines from getting to the children. Sec of State Albright said it was worth having all the children die (on video) to achieve the objectives.

  9. I hate Marxist/Marxism as much as any Right winger…perhaps more than most given I’m a Falagnist. But this has absolutely nothing to do with the US. If we get involved in this, we are making a huge mistake.

  10. Operation Kike Nose is more like it.

    Always snuffling in where it’s least wanted or needed.

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