Axios: The “Mystery” of Sluggish Wages

First, a round of self congratulation: The GDP and The DOW have grown and Goldilocks is doing wonderful for the top 1% of society.

Ivanka’s job is giving bad advice to her daddy who is the president. Talk about being born on third base!

Yeah, take that China … you’re wiping the floor with us in trade, infrastructure, investment in future technologies. You practically own our country by financing our smoke and mirrors economy. We’ve got Larry Kudlow though in charge of our economy.

Goldilocks is trickling down to the working class, right?

Take a bow.

Look at The GDP. Who cares if more people than ever before are sticking a gun in their mouth and blowing their brains out? Does that affect anyone we know?

Yeah, no one has any idea why it is happening:

“The U.S. economy is confounding: Three months from the longest expansion since such data began being tracked 170 years ago, the economy keeps pumping out strong job growth, and has now pushed down unemployment to a 50-year low.

Yes but: It is delivering only middling wage growth,lower for instance than the last expansion in the 2000s. That has been an enduring mystery, especially amid month after month of ultra-low jobless figures over the last year. …”

I feel the solution is more conservative and lolbertarian economics. I believe we need even more neo-liberal globalism: an unprecedented wave of mass immigration, evisceration of unions, deregulation, tax cuts, free-trade, women entering the workforce, billionaires like the Koch Brothers buying our elections for all that “growth” can get sucked up by our bloated oligarchy

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  1. Money used to be a tool, and a medium of exchange and Commerce.

    Now it’s an instrument of social and political control.

    Get rid of the Fed, and “print” real money, backed up by actual worth and value.

    Take the politics out of money, and the money out of politics, and a lot of problems will be solved, or close to it.

    • When your take politics out of money the you get….the Independent Central Bank.
      When you take the politics out of information, then you get the …Independent Media
      When you take the politics out of politics then you get the …Independent State of …huh, India, Indonesia Iran, Iceland or whatever. Never mind.

      Last time ending Fed ended up with genetic liberals succeed to ending up Occupy Wall Street movement.

      Btw, the politics is taken out of money. Haven,t you noticed that all political websites are blocked by Paypal Mastercard and so on and financing is only ensured to the confirmed neutral information channels like Antifa screen shining.

      What does the phrase “printing the real money” mean ? Answer whatever you like and I will turn this to absurd within the millisecond.

      28 years ago, back in the 1991 I was 16 and learned in the Suvorov school in the Soviet Union. This was Soviet Military High School. They teached us a little bit of agriculture.

      When you spill the Public Enemy blood on the soil then humanity and dignity and science will grow and this is much more important that food.

      Good lesson about taking money out of farming Or good lesson about genetic white liberalism inside the white race.

    • “Get rid of the Fed, and “print” real money, backed up by actual worth and value. Take the politics out of money, and the money out of politics, and a lot of problems will be solved, or close to it.”

      Take the JEWS out of the FED; Audit it; destroy it, and expel the Deicides, and go back to a precious metals standard, and only print as much money as we can afford, and all of this evil would end.

      Or do what AH did- and tell the country/world, WHY we had TWO world wars, because of Jews…..

      Usury- Destroyer of Nations. S. C. Mooney

  2. How about the “mystery” of poor health?

    Read this about cell phones and then get that damn killer away from your head:

    A man you never heard of. Intentionally. As always, don’t want the sheep to catch on.

    An oncologist once told me (no, I wasn’t being treated) that head & neck cancers are on the rise. And, they’re getting young and younger…..

    Population control. Self inducing. It’s their modus operandi. And, ours.

  3. I read where US Steel is getting ready to invest a Billion and a half dollars in plant and equipment including a co-generation plant in Clairton, PA. A billion here, a billion there, it starts to add up after awhile.

    • The steel tariffs have definitely helped.

      It is one of the few things Blompf has done right. I’ve given him credit for that. Unfortunately, Chuck Grassley had a big op-ed in The Wall Street Journal the other day demanding he remove the tariffs, OR ELSE, the USMCA deal would die in the Senate.

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