Live Thread: Andrew Yang Arrives In Detroit

UPDATE: Here is the livestream:

Great clip from Nick Fuentes

The “long shot” candidate Andrew Yang, the unbought and securer of the bag, is coming to the D this afternoon to bring the message of $1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism.

Yesterday, Yang had over 1,000 people in Seattle, which was his latest campaign stop on the Humanity First tour. Sorry folks, but it is time for the conservatives and racist lolbertarians in our movement to take a backseat to the populists and let us lead for a change. They’ve exhausted their strategy of “infiltrating conservatism” and “reforming the GOP” under Blompf. Why should we be “infiltrating conservatism” and conforming to their way of doing things when we outnumber them?

Yeah, 23 percent of the electorate are conservatives and only 4 percent are libertarians, but 29 percent are populists and moderates:

1,000 people in Seattle:

“Andrew Yang, the New York tech entrepreneur seeking the Democratic presidential nomination with a campaign built on the idea of a $1,000-per-month guaranteed income for every adult, drew approximately 1,000 people Friday evening to Gas Works Park in Seattle.

Yang, 44, garnered cheers from the crowd as he promised a “trickle up” economy and described himself as “the opposite of Donald Trump: an Asian man who likes math.”

The candidate — who’s never held political office and lacks widespread name recognition — touted national polling at 3%, “higher than your governor, Jay Inslee.”

Yang slammed D.C. politicians, including establishment Democrats, for failing to grasp the extent to which robots and e-commerce are changing the country’s economy, and he at one point addressed a certain Seattle company’s employees directly.

“I know some of you work for Amazon,” said Yang, noting the retail giant paid no federal income taxes last year and comparing the company to a giant, money- and commerce-sucking vacuum. …”

Yang cracked jokes on a literal soap box in Seattle about how he is already higher in the polls than the governor of Washington who is running in 2020. He is now appearing via hologram to ask for small donations from the public and is boasting about giving everyone free money.

I’ve seen this show before.

This is going to be the worst nightmare of both the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment as the greatest populist wave election ever gathers steam. If I were Yang, I would be worried about my security because Huey Long was assassinated.

Note: Why on earth aren’t more Huey Longs running at the state and local level?

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  1. It needs to be 2k a month. Or fix the monetary system and the purchasing power of the dollar.

    We haf to move on from the Republican and Democratic parties. They’re obsolete and irrelevant in this century.

    We need a Southern Nationalist Party and a genuine Southern movement for independence and advancement into the 21st Century, technologically and economically.

    But we haf to defeat our scalawag and cuckservative politicians and the Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson crowd. Else the South will become a New England style Theocracy that’s subservient to Israel and the “Judeo-Christians.” Not a Southern Republic with a robot slave class, and a Human masterclass.

  2. It’s fun to talk about it but of course the $1,000 / month is not even remotely possible. If you take 350 Million people and assume that only one third will actually get the payout, that’s $1.4 Trillion each year.

    So let’s look at the Federal budget for last year, 2018. They had to borrow over $1 Trillion just to keep things afloat – over half of that, $500 Billion, was used to pay interest on the National Debt. The other approximate $500 Billion was used to help pay the rest of the bills – Social Security, Medicare, and Defense being the biggest pieces.

    So going forward, from here on out into the future, the govt will have to continue to borrow $1 Trillion every year just to maintain the status quo. Obviously the govt is totally insolvent and within 5 years the whole thing is going to collapse. For example, if the Fed allows interest rates to rise to a nominal 5% and the National Debt is at $30 Trillion, the interest payments alone will be $1.5 Trillion (just under half of what the IRS currently receives from income taxes each year).

    This is why I laugh when Liberals come with grandiose ideas like the New Green Deal, or Beto O’Dumbo’s latest climate change deal of $5 Trillion over 10 years. There is no money in the budget left to spend on new ideas – not even infrastructure. We can’t borrow anymore money because we are already borrowing $1 Trillion just to pay half of it for interest payments. Soon nobody will be willing to buy our debt anymore. Soon oil will be sold in currencies other than the dollar. That’s when it’s all going to collapse – and the 1930s will seem like an economic boom by comparison. And when it happens, the collapse will come quickly and without warning.

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