MIGA: Trump Administration Imposes New Sanctions On Iran


“WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered new sanctions placed on Iranian metals, Tehran’s largest non-petroleum-related sources of export revenue.

It is the administration’s latest effort to pressure the regime over its support for weapons proliferation and extremist groups in the Middle East.

“Today’s action targets Iran’s revenue from the export of industrial metals — 10 percent of its export economy — and puts other nations on notice that allowing Iranian steel and other metals into your ports will no longer be tolerated,” Trump said in a statement about the sanctions. …”

John Bolton is trying to bait Iran into lashing out and attacking the United States or Israel in some way in order to justify a war. It’s the same strategy that FDR used to bait Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941. Iran will most likely just wait this out until Blompf loses in 2020.

Is the abnormal country Iran or the United States? Iran is concerned about threats to its security in the region like Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. It sees itself as the protector of the Shi’ites. It is developing nuclear weapons to protect itself primarily from Israeli aggression.

Is it normal for a superpower like the United States to have a foreign policy that is totally controlled by a small state in the Middle East? Is it normal for the Secretary of State to believe that the president is playing some kind of divine role in bringing on the Apocalypse? That’s what is really abnormal.

If you even talk about the fact that Israel is controlling our foreign policy and Blompf has colluded with Israel and our government is utterly subservient to Bibi Netanyahu and is willing to do virtually anything he wants, then AIPAC will activate all of its puppets in the US Congress which will come down on you.

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  1. These phycopaths want this end time prophecy BS. You can clearly see it if you’re not too poisoned/dumbed down from air, food water and meds. I’m starting to think Drumpf is the anti-Christ we were warned about. All for jews. How sickening!

  2. Since economic sanctions almost always leads to war, it should be classed as an act of war.

  3. Having spent some time working with a few Iranians that immigrated here years ago I can tell you I would rather spend time with them than these Satanic neocon pieces of excrement.

    The only thing that’s keeping me sane right now is the knowledge that God is in control and His righteous judgment is coming.

  4. Yes, sanctions are economic warfare. They lead to death.

    It disgusts me that the US thinks it has the right to tell other countries what they can and cannot buy and sell and with whom they can do business. I suppose the dollar as reserve currency and SWIFT (among other things ) gives them this power. Some day in the future, however, the US will lose these advantages and powers which they have sorely abused. Maybe those who have suffered will be eager to turn the tables and gain vengeance. Who could blame them?

  5. “and puts other nations on notice that allowing Iranian steel and other metals into your ports will no longer be tolerated,”

    These other countries will respond with Fourth Wave warfare. For which, bullets, bombs and aircraft carriers are useless. They’ll just join the ranks of the BRICs countries.

    In fact, the BRICs countries are already fighting a war against USZOG. They’re dropping the Petrodollar as the World reserve currency, and trading in their own currencies and with hard commodities, instead of dollars. They’re freezing the U.S. out of the market, destroying it’s economy, devaluing the U.S. Dollar.

    Eventually, USZOG won’t be able to afford it’s 20th Century armies, fleets and airforces, which are designed to fight the Soviets in 1985, anymore.

  6. The globalists would clearly have been happy to get zio-maniacal Pence should Trump be impeached. I think this was spelled out to Trump. Go pro-globalist on foreign policy and “legal” immigration; and we’ll get the Mueller thing closed. At least the timing of key events suggests this scenario. It’s either that or Kushner put a total zio-kavorka on Trump. Or it was all a set up from the beginning. No matter, we’re not getting the America first, Nationalist economic, foreign and immigration policies we voted for. That said, as another commenter previously noted, I’m not voting for an Asian-democrat with his $1000 dollars a month BS. That’s not American Nationalism. Nation, People, Culture, Economy, in that order.

    • I’m voting for Yang.

      The environment, economy and current state of technology underpin the social order. If you change the foundation of our culture, you will change the culture that rests on top of it. Case in point, the invention of film, radio and television decisively shaped the world of the Baby Boomer generation and dominated their culture. That’s the reason the Boomer generation is the way it is today because it was raised in an unusual period of concentrated mass media.

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