U.S. Border Patrol: Border Security Has Collapsed

Who cares?

Trump is “strong on the border.”

There is no longer even a pretense that the Trump administration cares about anything other than Making Israel Great Again. The important thing happening in the world right now is that Iran and Venezuela be prevented from destroying America with socialism.

Note: We tried the conservative-populist coalition and this was the result.

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  1. Our economy requires a never ending exponential growth in consumer spending to stay afloat. Is there a single multinational corporation that is harmed in the slightest by illegal immigration?

    • Good point.

      Now is a good time to brush up on the history of free-market capitalism. It will be interesting to track how it penetrated, invaded and demolished the family around the mid-20th century. Now, we are in the age of surveillance capitalism in the 21st century, and all the data that is being collected by smartphones is being used to generate perfect microtargeted advertisements.

      The end goal of all of it is “growth” and “consumption” and allowing, say, 40 million more illegal aliens into the country simply drives down the cost of labor, undermines the unions (which are largely gone now) and creates more consumers to sell shitty products to in Wal-Mart. Unless it is restrained by some outside force, the logic of the system will destroy itself and us and the environment and many other things besides. If I had the time, I would start tracing the history and evolution of the system from slavery down to the present day.

      I’m only 38 though so I have plenty of years left to work on it.

  2. Trump SO FAR is all talk no action. The governments JOB is to protect our borders and from enemy invasion, ( which is what much of this is. ) NOT doing so is treason. We need :


    Maybe they’ll mention that in The Nationalist Solution Conference in Tennessee ??????

  3. I think you do not realize that Trump was not elected Empreror of the United States. You seem to think that all Trump has to do is issue a Royal Decree, and because he is not doing that, in your view, he is a dirtbag from Hell.

    You have little understanding of the Federal system and its workings as well as basic human nature with a focus on human nature in large organizations (managing humans, management of the Federal government).

    Trump is not obstructing. He is being obstructed, and that has nary a thing to do with Trump. Cool your jets.

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