Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Is Featuring Fat Chicks Now For Social Justice Reasons

Am I alone in believing the political correctness has spiraled out of control and that as a society we would be better off without it for hundreds of reasons?

When I see something like Moby Dick here being promoted, I instinctively want to push back against it as a social conservative. This is the Lolbertarian Left trying to force its retarded view on us that beauty is a social construct. The vast majority of people in our society reject these people.

Honey, no.

You need to get on the KETO diet. You need to take better care of yourself and watch what you eat for purely health reasons. Morbid obesity isn’t a healthy lifestyle.

Note: Half of the people on the Left cringe at this.

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  1. That is gross. Americans are crazy. To look like that she has to be either a glutton and/or have something wrong in her digestive system. Since that look is caused by some health and/or moral issues it is obvious the result is also wrong.

    America is part Twilight Zone and part Sodom and Gomorrah. Maybe next time they can glorify someone who is just skin and bones.

    • You’re partially right, of course, Christina. The temptation is there to blame the poor girl for her body, and yet, whenever I consider “fat-shaming” someone, I always think about the basic boomer-diet: parents pour refined sugar down the throats of their little ones from a very early age. Refined sugar, coated in sugar, poured over with bleached, liquid, sugar. Then for dinner? A hearty helping of Mc-whatever…which is deep-fried sugar with an entire chem-lab thrown in for good measure.

      I feel deep pity for women in her condition. But the “fat-shaming” and the anger have a rightful place. When such a person is lauded as an archetype of beauty, for instance. Is a woman beautiful if she’s simply floated along with the world all her life, never defying it, never fighting it, never reaching for better? No. That’s not beautiful in anyone.

      • @shotgunwildheart — You have provided the definitive answer to this insanity. Irrefutable!

  2. This is simply “socialism” in the social sphere. We’re being forced to consume products we don’t want in order to maintain the pseudo-reality desired by the state. Get used to universal, basic, swimsuit photos for every girl – even the fat ones.

    • shotgunwildatheart,

      I have never heard of socialists elsewhere glorifying obesity. Mexico is socialist with universal health care and it has been very beneficial. Life expectancy up to 78 and climbing. The USA is 79 years old and steady.

      Most of my relatives and friends are socialist and they would never accept fatness as beauty. I am part socialist and part capitalist and I abhor the ugly look above.

      This seems to me to be liberalism more than socialism. Perhaps I am wrong. But no matter what ism it is called it is bizarre.

      • Christina – it’s not economics as in “Socialism vs Capitalism” – it’s cultural, cultural marxism looking to attack the culture of all that is healthy, all that is natural White European of any kind. It hasn’t happened yet, but soon the Powers that Be will strongly turn on healthy, natural Hispanic people and culture – same as they did to decent Conservative Blacks calling them sell outs, OREO cookies. Your people will be forced to take the side of the worst BlackLiesMatter Blacks, the worst CNN Social Justice Warriors, champion ugly, annoying lesbian entertainers like Elizabeth Degeneres.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          Hispanics in the USA only side with Democrat degenerates out of racial self interest. While no people are invincible we are way more protected from this garbage by the strong rule of our fathers, by the macho ideas that latin men have etc.

          Also our religion is strongly against lesbianism and my religion is totalitarian. Francis the false Pope cannot change dogmas. Homosexuality is a defined dogma in that it puts a person in hell. My people do not suffer from mental doubt like the anglo.

          I was told that a couple of years ago the American influenced President of Mexico was thinking of legalizing homosexual marriage. That was met with a hail storm of protest and stopped cold. If the French who are way more wimpy than Mexicans and are more propagandized than Mexicans can be strongly against homo marriages then I think we will hang firm also.

          Americans voluntarily accept their degradation. Others have to have it forced upon them.

          Almost all of your old movies are filled with propaganda whenever an issue arises. Americans have been groomed for this current degeneracy for many years. Moslems are also relatively immune on these issues it would seem.

          As always, nice to hear from you.


          • I don’t know what criteria you are using or who you are including as “Hispanic” women, but I’ll proffer a few anecdotal and matter of record observations:

            1- The entire Mestizo illegal alien rights activist cabal in the US is solidly partnered with the sexual oddity fringe in their mutual activism.

            2- The Mexican government has a much longer history of formal open hostility to The Church than the US.

            3- The sheer quantity of fat body Mesoamerican women walking around in the US dazzles the imagination. And it would appear by some of the images that I’ve seen of the recent Mesoamerican invaders that they are arriving at the border looking just like they just got out of the feed lot. (i.e.– Flores de maranas)

    • Shotgun,

      Do not be offended that I somewhat took up for socialism. I know conservative Americans get really upset at any defence of socialism. So I thought I would mention this.

  3. This is sick, an invitation to stroke, diabetes and a myriad of health problems.
    (Who) could be pushing this, just (who) would be behind such a scheme, (who) would want to cripple the White race ?

  4. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was nice. Sure gonna a miss it. This will just turn off men by the millions. Whos dumb marketing idea was this. This i got a feeling wont last long.

  5. She COULD be beautiful if she lost all that weight. The way she is there is not healthy or attractive in any way and it should not be promoted. Civilization…society….they are about having standards and drawing lines that are not to be crossed. Our current society is letting go of all standards and erasing the lines. It will only lead to ugliness and mayhem.

    • And to reply to that idiotic tweet….

      “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” – Aristotle

  6. I chose to watch the old film ‘High Society’ last night, with Grace Kelly. Yes, she is ‘thin,’ but the shots of her wearing slacks with a typical beautiful female posterior, clearly pointed out she was not ‘thin’…. but normal. Her face (that perfect face) and torso were the mark of a healthy, young paragon of feminine beauty. NO WONDER a prince proposed marriage! Wlat Disney had it correct in all his films- women are to be proportionate, svelte, and modest submissives, to become the property of their ‘Prince Charming.’

    IN CONTRAST, almost all women today are fat, ugly (in spirit and in body) and whores. Many people criticized Anglin for speaking out against this, yet here I find HW doing the same, just a few years later.

    Was Anglin wrong? Or were the rest of us merely behind the curve? Just sayin’……

    • Anglin is wrong about hating women.

      Instead of doing that, he should focus on the culture and economy that has f***ed our society, and offer a vision of a better way forward. See, I am not attacking women as a group. I’m attacking a fat woman who doesn’t take care of herself and who is being promoted to level the social distinction between beautiful and ugly women.

  7. I am afraid most everything now associated with the media company Time Warner Inc. including Sports Illustrated has gone bat sh** insane, cult marxist, virulently anti White. I noticed this about the time Ted Turner sold out CNN/Turner Broadcasting to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc. The cult marxism at all Time Warner movie, TV and now sports print journalism keeps getting worse and worse.

    So now Sports Illustrated is promoting obesity as attractive, I think they also were promoting Muslims in burka swimsuits on their swimsuit issue. This along with all the “American” major beauty contestants now completely taken over by BlackLiesMatter and the worst feminists.

    We’re in Bolshevik 1919, Jewish New Left 1968-69 type street anarchy.

    Where to go for sanity – try some 3rd tier sports like College Baseball. My alma Mater looks very good they are the #2 team in the nation.

  8. HW, you missed the sarcasm by a mile, in some misguided attempt to avoid the label.
    God clearly calls women of ‘that sort’ whores and other pejorative terms, because, as the article from Faith and Heritage clearly notes, ‘You give love a bad name.”
    As that article clearly pointed out: “…it requires no wisdom to see that a race of sons will be reared nearer akin to devils than to men. In the hands of such a bastard progeny, without discipline, without homes, without God, the last remains of social order will speedily perish, and society will be overwhelmed in savage anarchy.” We are there, today. And why? Because Protestant American removed the ‘and obey’ clause in the marriage covenant, for one. Because we broke down the barriers a Patriarchal society erected, to keep women chaste and at home.

    Anglin IS fundamentally correct. If you think of a woman as your ontological equal, you ALREADY are halfway there. Woman was created for MAN, not vice versa. While AA is still a ‘pagan,’ he often has more biblical insights than your column, because he is not willing (or able? – Don’t know the man personally) to go down this ‘slippery slope of acommodationism’ on the part of Protestant liberalism, whether of 1860 or 1960..

    • Fr. John+,

      I don’t have any axe to grind against women.

      Unlike Anglin, I see the current degraded state of both women and men as a product of our culture and economy. This is why I don’t have any problem with women who are traditionalist oriented and who are encouraging other women to embrace a healthier value system. My only problem with women is their values. If they reject those values, then I don’t have a problem with them.

      As for Anglin, I look at him from the perspective of a Lutheran father and husband. What would Martin Luther have said about him? What would John Calvin have said about him? I don’t think there is any doubt what either would have said to him. He should repent, become a Christian, get married to a woman of his own race, father children and stop wasting away sleeping with Asian prostitutes.

    • Anglin’s incendiary language towards women is a necessary corrective to the broader cultural narrative that excuses women’s behavior. All women *are* like that and all have the latent possibility to undermine the family and society in general. Until we get back to a traditional society with men having the appropriate authority, then the society will continue to circle the drain.

      • In his own exact words, Anglin hates women. Period; end of story. Hating our women is anti-White.

  9. What is really remarkable are the numbers of women like the SI “Rubenesque” poster girl that you can see walking around your local hospitals– nurses, imaging and lab techs, dieticians, therapists etc. Even some occasional MDs.

    • Strumpet,

      1. To reply to your comment earlier. I already mentioned that the Hispanic organizations in the USA are in alliance with the Democrats and their baggage. The republicans at the national level do not seem to be anti-homosexual either. That does not change the fact that the average latin, especially in Mexico is strongly anti-homosexual. More so than the anglo. Mexicans are not really defined by their leadership in such matters.

      2. The Mexican government was against the Church from the 1920’s-1990’s. That was after the Mexican civil war from 1910-1921. There was the Cristero revolt in the 1920’s in response. It was put down brutally. None of this has anything to do with the macho attitude among latin Americans or the fact that homosexuality is openly taught as being a mortal sin. If anyone no matter their race accepts it they are deeply in error.

      3. The average Mexican woman is 5 feet 2 inches and weighed 151 pounds.
      The average American woman is 5 feet 3.7 inches. The average white woman in USA is 5 feet 4.1 inches and weight varies depending on race.

      Now in the USA 2018, the average black woman weighs 186 pounds. The average white woman weighs 171 pounds. The average Hispanic woman in USA weighs 172 pounds. Take your choice. It is all pretty abysmal. My source is Health News 12/20/2018.

      As for me I am around 5 feet 6 inches and weigh 110 pounds. The ones entering/invading the USA are in general Indians.

      Conclusion——women in general in USA are fatter than Mexican women. Latin women in the USA are just as fat as white women. Black women are really fat.

      And that woman in Sports Illustrated is beyond anyone’s average.

      • An admittedly provocative afterthought here Christina, since you seem to have a finely honed sense of sexual propriety– just askin’ here, no te pierdas los papeles:

        What are your thoughts on Jesús banging his 11 year old niece or step-daughter?

      • Correction. I had myself measured for the first time in a while. I am 5 foot 6 and 3/4 inches and 115 pounds. And that is getting on the scales very carefully and not looking down.

        I like to round up for height and round down for poundage.

    • Strumpet,

      Quite an interesting article.
      The article said that hispanics do not support the Republicans———that is correct
      article said that the death cult popular among Indians is condemned by the Church—that is correct. The Church in Mexico does anyway

      Article said that Hispanics are more against abortion than whites——-that is correct
      Article said that the Church officially condemns liberation theology—-that is correct

      Article said Hispanics were more likely to support homo marriage in the USA—I am not sure about that one. Everyone I know finds it disgusting, especially males with males. It would be nice if that disgust was carried over into politics

      Article mentioned some leaders of Hispanics with dubious morality—Alexandrio-OC and Julian Castro—————-I have no use for them. They should be excommunicated.

      The Catholic age of consent for girls is 14 and for boys 16. The legal age of consent in Mexico varies from state to state and ranges from 11 years to 16 years old. I think

      I attend conservative churches in Mexico and traditional churches in USA. I have no use for liberalism/degeneracy no matter who practices it

      The Republicans are fools if they think Hispanics like them, especially the Mexican/Central American ones.

      The Church traditionally believes in big government. Freedom of speech was even condemned in the American Baltimore 1954 catechism. It is also defined dogma of Church and State being united–guess what Church we are talking about
      Individualism is condemned as heresy—-rights are generally collective not individual with a few exceptions——–those views are Traditionally the Catholic position

      I could go on but you get the point. Politicians on both sides do pretend though

      I have the Catholic view and I am not compatible with Americanism. Most Hispanics are going to have either the Catholic beliefs, the Hispanic secular ones or a combo and NONE of it is compatible with either traditional America or the current version

      A few latins have been assimilated in the USA. They make me queasy

      • Thanks for your enumerations but what is up with Jesús banging his 11 year old niece or step daughter. Statistically this sort of behavior is off the charts comparatively speaking with Mesoamerican men.

        • Strumpet,

          Well as you can see the age of consent in Mexico varies. Incest and under 14 girls are off limits for Catholics.

          Mexican federal law allows 12 year olds who consent to have sex. Each state varies in age.

          Indians are still part or completely pagan. They do what they want and what they have always done. I am hoping and assuming this is primarily an Indian issue,

          It is my observation and I have been told that the older men get the younger they like their girls. Up to a point of course. Why any man would want to have sex with a girl not yet formed or at least 14 is beyond me. As for incest that speaks for itself.

          In conclusion I can not explain this aspect. I know anglo men like young Mexican girls. Last year I read a story of American men traveling to border towns for sex with young girls who were willing.

          As for statistics on this issue? I have never read any.

  10. I made a cursory attempt to find some old UNESCO and other academic literature on the subject and got derailed with this:

    I have some connections from way back with the geographic places under discussion in the article. The writers are, of course, feminists and probably cultural Marxists/Sandinistas etc. but their presentation and descriptions of society in this context don’t really seem to be off the rails.

    I will also tell you that my late seventies/early eighties life in this part of the world was revealing in many ways that I have only come to understand more clearly now.

  11. Just look at the contorted position they put her in so nobody sees her fat belly. They minimize what you see. Why, because it’s just not right and they know it.

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