Tomi Lahren To Uber and Lyft Drivers: Drop Dead

Do we fit into this new conservatarian coalition? TEE HEE TEE HEE

LMAO yeah, like I need Tomi Lahren and Charlie Kirk to make me a better Christian and to “conserve” my culture. The only reason this bimbo is even on FOX News is to be a cock tease for Boomers. Anglin has written some of his funniest articles in years on conservatarian Tiana “Juicy Little Strumpet” Lowe who defends monopolies here, here and here.


Populists are 29%. Lolbertarians are 4% of the electorate.

Populists and Moderates are 29%. Conservatives are 23% of the electorate.

Populists, Moderates and Progressives are 74%. Lolbertarians are 4% of the electorate.

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  1. Anglin is right that these stupid girls are nothing but paid shills for corporate America. They are boob bait they use on TV networks where eye candy matters and brains doesn’t. They are paid to show their tits, wear revealing clothes and push the propaganda of corporate America and the rich donors to both political parties. As we see in this case they are also used as attack dogs to try and shame and mock the critics of the corporate & tech overlords.

    Tomi attacking working men looking for a better deal from a company making record profits is especially egregious. She is lower than a worm.

    • What’s her job?

      Tomi Lahren’s job is literally to be a cock tease on FOX News! That’s the only reason she is on television aside from the fact that she tows the line of mainstream conservatism for all the donors. Unfortunately for them, the only people who are watching that shit are like in their 60s and 70s and there are fewer of them every election cycle.

    • Not only do they accentuate their breasts, they bleach their hair blond, post pictures of themselves in revealing clothes holding guns (gun porn), with Boomer memes about fighting Muh Socialism. They support identity politics except when Whites are involved, and are Israel First because that’s who pays them.

    • It boggles my mind that ppl will defend these kind of companies. Uber and Lyft are glorified dating apps, carry little overhead, and per the norm for big companies practically zero liability.

      They dump nearly all operating costs onto the worker and then take 25-45% of the revenue, all while accessing a global market.

      Especially when it is critiqued and the ‘capatilists’ lose their minds. I don’t understand how boomers will go to the mat for oligarch mega corps and then sneer at the guy trying to pay his rent when he buys a latte.

  2. I have never heard of either of these characters, but since I abandoned cuckservatism some time ago, it’s not surprising that I haven’t.

    Hunter you are spot on. These people are nothing but apologists for mega corporations. They worship mammon and make no apologies about it.

    It’s amazing how these people like the losertarians keep hanging on to this pathetic ideology. But when you reject God, you have to replace Him with something else.

    • SC Rebel…

      What do you mean, exactly, when you say that you’ve “abandoned” conservatism?

      Do you no longer wish to conserve Christian values in a culture that is rapidly losing them? Is that no longer a big priority? (For example, someone who has “abandoned” conservatism might allow his children to “transition” from male to female, because, you know…why not? We’ve given up trying to conserve our values…)

      If someone doesn’t want to conserve Christendom, I’m not sure I can trust them.

      Subsequently, maybe you mean something like: you’re no longer a card-carrying member of the Republican party, or some such? That sounds like a move in the right direction, but does it mean you’ve given up democracy all together? That would be brilliant!

      • Maybe I am out of my lane here but….

        Conservative is an empty position in and of itself. Conservatism only wishes to be the dragging tail of the progressive globalist snake.
        This is why they are always willing to shift positions over long time frames as they only try to conserve to the edge of the overton window as framed by the progressives.
        I would say find a ‘party’ that clearly defines it’s positions and doesn’t waiver from them.

        P.s. Christ didn’t waiver on his positions, nor should we. You do not ‘conserve’ Christianity, it is what it is and always will be.
        The heretics are just that, and should be openly called as such. You cannot have victory by continually giving ground.

      • Shotgun, when I say conservatism, I’m not referring to Christianity, I’m talking about what conservatism is today which is basically the worship of mammon and war. Neither of those things are Christian.

        As Hunter has been writing about for quite some time, I fall in the Left Authoritarian quadrant of the political compass. Obviously that means I’m socially conservative, but economically liberal or populist, if you will. I think these mega corporations and billionaires are evil to their core, just as I believe that teaching kids about homosexuality or transsexualty is evil. Both have at their source Satan.

  3. A family of 5?
    Yeah I bet that’s exactly what this dumb, sterile, abortion-mongering silly whore wishes she could come home to every day.
    But it ain’t gonna happen thot.
    You’re already past the better half of your procreative career, but dumb thots like you NEVER see the undefeated wall about to slam you in the face. We’ll see just how valuable your commentary (such a jewish way to make a living) really is then lmfao.
    Good luck thot.
    Keep talking.

  4. uber and lyft drivers do deserve to lose money though. that part was accurate. they’re not smart, and don’t understand what the business model is. it’s deliberately set up so the drivers take a loss, and the executives make all the profits.

    nothing wrong with driving for a living. drive a taxi. drive a truck. drive a bus. just don’t do it for ride sharing companies.

  5. Shabbos Thot Protector

    Many here are the under the impression that my tru-con babes with guns aren’t politically astute. I’ll have you SNOWFLAKES know Tomi has listened to literally hours of talk radios great one mark levin.

  6. Yea the Cuckservatives are nothing but a bunch of Greedy Capitalist Jews. What’s sad is how many White People have been brainwashed into believing Jewnomics. It’s all about Corporate control of our lives. Corporate America is just as bad as Government Dictatorships. Communism, Socialism, and Corporatism are all tools of the Super Rich in controlling all the money. Jewnomics means the Corporate Masters keep 99% of the money and the Working Class get the other 1%. Some of that 1% goes for paying taxes. We need a Small Business and Working Class Revolution. Deo Vindice !

  7. Agree with you all, but please don’t tell me to vote Democrat/Asian–not going to happen.

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