Chris Hughes: It’s Time To Break Up Facebook

New York Times:

“The last time I saw Mark Zuckerberg was in the summer of 2017, several months before the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. We met at Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., office and drove to his house, in a quiet, leafy neighborhood. We spent an hour or two together while his toddler daughter cruised around. We talked politics mostly, a little about Facebook, a bit about our families. When the shadows grew long, I had to head out. I hugged his wife, Priscilla, and said goodbye to Mark.

Since then, Mark’s personal reputation and the reputation of Facebook have taken a nose-dive. The company’s mistakes — the sloppy privacy practices that dropped tens of millions of users’ data into a political consulting firm’s lap;the slow response to Russian agents, violent rhetoric and fake news; and the unbounded drive to capture ever more of our time and attention — dominate the headlines. It’s been 15 years since I co-founded Facebook at Harvard, and I haven’t worked at the company in a decade. But I feel a sense of anger and responsibility. …”

I’m cool with breaking up Facebook.

I just think the pieces like Instagram and WhatsApp should be regulated by the government to maintain free speech and prevent politically motivated viewpoint discrimination. As long as the pieces are regulated like Ma Bell back in the 20th century, then I have no problem with it at all. The same rules that apply to your landline telephone should govern your use of social media.

Note: I’m not going to use Facebook anyway because it sucks.

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  1. Excellent. Looks like the equally high IQ White guy is trying reign in the Hight IQ Jewish bad guy. Kind of like Thor and Loki in the first couple Jack Kirby respectful Thor movies.

  2. Anti Trust and monopoly laws are outdated and irrelevant. The corporations got around them a long time ago by creating layers of holding companies on top of holding companies.

    There may be ten different brands of a given product, or class of products, but the money all goes in the same pockets. They just create the illusion of competition, choice, and no monopolies, to avoid complaints and legal trouble.

    If you look, you’ll notice many products that differ from one another only in colour and branding, but are actually all the same thing.

    Technically, this is a group of monopolies, legally, they’re not.

    • Thats true. A lot of these fast food places we think are independent entities competing against one another are owned by a Company Called Yum Foods. It’s not free enterprise it’s Cartel Capitalism.

      • @Ethno-Statist

        Start a business and you’ll see how “free” the market is. They’ll do all they can to buy you out, or run you out of business. They don’t want any real competition from outside of their cartels, or any horning in on their monopolies.

  3. Lefties really hate Facebook for some reason. I kid you not, they seriously believe Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for the rise of nationalism in Europe and America, via a conspiracy with Putin. This despite Zuck treating nationalists with white skin like dirt for the last 10 years.

    I haven’t used Facebook since 2010 because its not very good at spreading memes. Twitter and Google that are the real danger IMO, yet there’s no talk against them by the left that I’ve seen.

    • Jerry H, You’re incorrect.

      SPLC shill michael hayden is extreme left, and he’s constantly attacking Twitter for not suspending more “right-wing” accounts.

      • Its not the same. With Mark it is very personal. They don’t want Facebook to change, they want it destroyed. I have not seen them say they’ve permanently closed their Twitter accounts because of Jack, they only say this about Facebook.

  4. If Trump was real that little bath house homo, ( Zuckerbitch, ) would be in jail and of course gaybook would be broken up. They need an alt right version of Facebook. Can’t stand even looking at that punk face of his. Him and the twitter fag. Butt buddies I bet 🙂

    • @The Gray Ghost

      To beat these characters, requires more than an Alt-Right version of anything. Besides huge piles of money, it takes lots of lawyers to beat off the Jews and their Goy minions.

      Even then, if they can’t beat you by hook or crook, they’ll resort to murder and the physical destruction of your assets and capital.

      They killed Kennedy because they couldn’t run him out if office like they did Nixon, or make him a one hit wonder like they did Carter. They won’t hesitate to murder the CEO of some Alt-Right “Facebook,” or use Antifa(K) to burn down or blow up its facilities, and pin it on “Nazis” or whichever of the neurotic Jews’ enemies of the moment, are convenient.

      • “They won’t hesitate to murder the CEO of some Alt-Right “Facebook,” or use Antifa(K) to burn down or blow up its facilities, and pin it on “Nazis” or whichever of the neurotic Jews’ enemies of the moment, are convenient.”

        So you make an Alt-Right Facebook that can’t be muscled, the same as guns can’t break encryption. Peer to peer to decentralize it and some kind of blockchain tech so a post once made can’t be undone.

  5. No. You form THE CONFEDERATE PARTY and massage into existence


    where there are no Jews.

    Then we start Rebelbook or some such bs 🙂

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