Trump: John Kerry Should Be Prosecuted For Violating The Logan Act

What idiotic thing will the president say today?

Maybe John Kerry can share a bunk in prison with Julian Assange?

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  1. Full-On, In Your Face MIGA, Goyim – and there’s nothing that you are gonna do about it.

  2. Yet Flynn was lobbying on Israel’s behalf to get the Russians to veto the UN Sec Council Vote that Obama had the US abstain on. How is that any different?

  3. Tulsi is the only sane voice in D.C. on foreign policy.

    Compare her remarks with Blompf’s, Pompeo’s, Bolton’s, Kushner’s, or the acting SecDef. Nothing but neo-con lies and exaggerations.

    Let us hope that Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens and the other chicken Hawks at TPUSA are in the “frontlines” of the next war for their beloved Israel.

  4. Democrats are almost never prosecuted. They more or less govern the country, whether they have a majority in the Congress and Senate, or not.

    The Republican Cuckservatives just go along with whatever they want.

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