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  1. Christian Golden Rule—-Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

    Jew Golden Rule—-He who has the gold makes the rules.

  2. Neil would be a good deep dive. He was the editor at the Sunday Times who exposed the fact that Israel had a Nuclear Bomb via Mordecai Vanunu.

  3. Also Neil employed David Irving to translate Goebels diaries for the Sunday Times.

    Neil is one of our own with qualification.

    • Except he never wants to talk about the subsidized abortion in (secular and socialist) Israel, which we help afford with our aid.

    • The rule he broke is the “don’t go to a debate against someone who will expose his jewish tricks”

  4. There is a You Tube video of Ben Shapiro playing the theme to Schindler’s List on a violin at his Bar Mitzvah.

  5. Much as I hate Ben Shapiro he’s certainly has a case that the reporter was mostly focused on gotcha instead of his book. I think it’s annoying no matter who they do this too and one of the reasons we all hate the press. I think it reasonable that if they are interviewing you for a book they shouldn’t be grilling you about things that happened years ago. If they are going to do this they should tell you before you go on.

    • He figured out Shapiro’s soft spot: A duplicitous Jew! He found a way to crowbar that into a demolition of Shapiro’s claim that he’s a tribune of civility in politics.

      Glasgow U beats Harvard.

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