Transsexuals Are Being Classified As Mentally Ill In China

Daily Mail:

“Transgender people in China are driven to buy black market drugs and even attempt surgery on themselves due to widespread discrimination, according to a new report.

In China, trans people are classified as having a mental illness and gender-affirming surgeries require the consent of families, creating a major barrier in accessing safe treatment, according to human rights group Amnesty International in a report published today. 

The prevalence of stigma, an ‘alarming’ lack of knowledge in the public health system and other restrictive eligibility requirements have driven young transgender men and women to seek unregulated and unsafe alternatives, researchers found. …”

I didn’t know this.

Apparently, Great Helmsman Xi Jinping is not only encouraging nationalism and heavily investing in artificial intelligence and robotics, but he is also banning rap music and blocking degenerate culture with the Great Firewall and he is crushing transgenderism as well. No wonder Steve Bannon hates him and Mike Pompeo is talking about a “Clash of Civilizations” with China.

Note: The huge spike in gender dysphoria in the West correlates perfectly with its promotion by the mainstream media.

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  1. SOME things should be copied, some not. Take the best from everywhere and incorporate it into Confederacy 2.0. Cut out organs of live people and attack Christians because the government wants to be their God ? F&CK NO !!! Kick out fags and rap ? F&CK YES !!!

  2. Makes sense, since that’s what most of them are. There are a small amount with hormonal or physical problems that would make them legit.

  3. Yea that makes sense about Steve Bannon. Oh he’s a Nationalist…..a Jew loving Nationalist. I don’t think he, his former boss Trump, and the Cuck Old Party care anything about Nationalism. Trump is mad about China making things at low prices. However he and his fellow politicians have no plan for fixing our monetary system, the value of the dollar, and wages. All because the Jew Rules at the Federal Reserve. All the American Empire cares about is social liberalism. We have Nationalist Solutions that will Make America White Again while having peace and trade in the World. Deo Vindice !

  4. Transsexualism is a mental illness! The Chinese are wise to treat it as such. Their society will be a lot more stable than Western ones that tolerate and encourage this degeneracy.

  5. And thus do I call the United States the Insane sates of America since it embraces all that lunacy.

  6. Notice how so many racialists believe in the primacy of genetics when it involves race but when it involves homosexuality or transgenderism they suddenly become fierce environmentalists! Like everything else it is probably and interplay of genetics and environment with genetics being predominant. So if there is a gene that causes that abnormality-and I believe there is- should we not embrace genetic engineering and remove it from the gene pool? I believe Gay people are being honest when they say they are born that way. Parents of Gay children will tell you it began before they even embraced sexuality or were sexually mature enough to understand sexual desire and pairing.

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