Is Andrew Yang Too Nice To Beat Donald Trump?

The New York Times:

“CONCORD, N.H. — It is a backhanded compliment Andrew Yang has received before, and one that a New Hampshire voter paid him again on Friday as Mr. Yang was campaigning and trying to raise his profile in the 21-candidateDemocratic field.

“You’re too nice,” a man told Mr. Yang. “You need to be meaner.”

As his better-known rivals like Senator Kamala Harris of California and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. have ratcheted up their attacks of President Trump, Mr. Yang, the former tech executive promising to give Americans $12,000 a year, has portrayed himself as a math-obsessed, solution-focused nerd who would be an ideal foil to the president. ….”

Washington Post:

“STUART, Iowa — Andrew Yang knows that most Americans have absolutely no idea who he is. Even before he makes his expected debut on the presidential debate stage next month, he has a good guess what viewers will be thinking when the camera shifts to him.

“‘Who the hell is that guy?’ ” said Yang, 44, speaking between stops during a recent campaign swing through Iowa. …”

Personally, I find it refreshing that Andrew Yang is friendly, honest, practical, non-ideological and solutions-oriented. If he was ranting and raving about how White people suck like The New York Times, he would just be dismissed like Elizabeth Warren or Beto O’Rourke.

I’m tired of dealing with angry, polarizing Boomers whether it is Blompf or Joe Biden who have no solutions to any of our national problems or even the slightest curiosity about them. I get the sense with Yang that this is a person who will wake up every morning, walk into the Oval Office and do the f**king job and think very deeply and seriously about the country and not himself.

It is also reassuring for me that Yang is a math-obsessed, solutions-focused nerd. We can deal with someone who has that personality and temperament. The nerd can be reasoned with and persuaded because he focuses on the information and solutions to problems instead of ideology.

We didn’t know about the looming robot apocalypse because literally no one else in national politics was talking about the issue. Since Yang brought that to our attention in February, many of us have been digging into that and have concluded he is right. We can’t afford 4 more years of polarizing Boomer politics. The stakes are too high now with the projected job losses from automation.

I simply can’t in good conscience trust Blompf, Charlie Kirk and Larry Kudlow to address that problem. Assuming we DON’T get dragged into another war for Israel, they will spend another 4 years crowing about the Goldilocks economy while the suicides, drug overdoses and job losses skyrocket.

Note: I’m dying of laughter.

This video is the best take yet on the whole situation.

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  1. That was a good movie clip and analogy. I believe the recoil from the musket would have knocked the boy silly. I shot a .22 in Mexico and a shotgun once in California. The shotgun is no fun. My shoulder was bruised. And there was alot of recoil.

  2. Do you remember when the GOP wanted Jeb! as their ticket, and in early debates they actually hired actors to “boo” Trump, I remember that. They were obvious actors because they were cheering and booing in a very random fashion.

    Yang doesn’t stand a chance against the GOP. These people have no soul and use any trick to win. Even when they lost with “Trump victory” they ended up winning by crook-somehow. Yang isn’t the type of guy to neuter the GOP.

  3. Why are they asking him about Drumpf? Drumpf beat himself when he broke all his promises on immigration after just winning in 2016. The only chance Drumpf has of getting re-elected is if he starts WW3, which the neo-cons are working on.

  4. Exactly my sense too. I just want a discussion about our situation without all the dog and pony shows. Yang just seems like a guy who will just try to figure out how to make things work better. He’s refreshingly normal. He doesn’t care about ideology. Just what works. His personal life is perfectly honorable, no creepy lawyers, porn stars, loves his family, has no fringy behaviors. The thing I’m saying is as much as I’m tired of foreign wars, I’m also tired of the war between Trump, neocons, and the crazy depraved Left. I just want to call a truce and work on our problems. I’m probably a foolfor wishing this though…..

  5. “-speaking between stops during a recent campaign swing through Iowa. …”

    Where Biden will speak about corn subsidies, and Trump will say “me, too.”

    It’s all about corn and ethanol, and union jobs at AGP. It’s not about robots or automation, or current problems that need today’s solutions, not yesterday’s.

  6. Too nice like Harold Wilson?

    Only flaw in documentary is that Baron George Kagan inventor of Gannex cloth isn’t mentioned.

    Coups, CIA, MI5, shady Jews, Queen, Lord Mountbatten, George Bush, James Jesus Angleton.

    Yang will be crushed by Biden. Biden will be crushed by Trump. Trump went in swinging his dick but it got clipped.

    • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

      “Yang will be crushed by Biden. Biden will be crushed by Trump. Trump went in swinging his dick but it got clipped.”

      Yang won’t even make it onto the stage. Biden will turn the states in Western Yankeedom back the other way with slick promises from 1980, and win the Presidency. Then it’ll be onwards to the past.

  7. Please, stop the Yang meme. No one cares. It so cringe and forced.

    Focus on running our own candidates.

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