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  1. If your job is a repetitive one it will be a profitable target for the automation companies.

    The careers of the future will be in destroying other people’s jobs, until there are no jobs are left. Destroying your own job will be your ultimate goal.

  2. If cancer has taken over our left leg … beginning to eat right and take vitamins NOW won’t save our whole body. We’re going to die unless we cut off the leg … AND change our habits of course.

    NOT forming Confederacy 2.0 but solving one or two problems here and there … won’t save us. Things have gotten out of control, while zeros were watching monkeys toss a ball around. AmeriKa, ( the left leg, ) is finished. Condense all the good cells into A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY = ALL problems solved. ALL cancer cured.

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