Louis Farrakhan Calls Out Satanic Jews

Daily Mail:

“Louis Farrakhan has insisted he does ‘not hate the Jewish people’ and only seeks to ‘separate the good Jews from the Satanic Jews’ in a sermon at a Catholic church.

The Nation of Islam leader, 85, was invited to speak at the Saint Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago on May 9 – one week after he was barred from Facebook for violating their ban on ‘dangerous individuals.’

In the speech, he claimed he had not said ‘one word of hate’ while asserting ‘I am not a misogynist. I’m not a homophobe,’ the New York Post reported. …”

I don’t know.

Maybe it was unwise of the ADL to whack that hornet’s nest by purging Farrakhan from Facebook? He has a pretty large following. He is certainly more influential than we are in America.

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  1. I agree with the jive hustler on the distinction part. Possessed Jews, ( 80 % of them, ) are the bad ones. They are targeted by satan and his best and brightest to be influenced to do bad things to us … so we’ll hate them. Never think we’re not pawns in an ancient good vs evil spiritual war. I will say every Christian right wing Jew I know and have met, act like us talk like us think and vote like us. Maybe that’s 10 + % of them ? That’s the remnant we’re supposed to bless ? I don’t know.

  2. This place gets weirder and weirder. This still won’t open the black races eyes to the jew question, they’ll still think the satanic jews are still the White race.

  3. I believe Farrakhan may very well be controlled opposition. He speaks a lot of truths yet he still blames whitey for almost everything. He slams Jews and other blacks yet whitey remains the supreme cause of everyone else’s woes. It just doesn’t add up. He talks about the Jew involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, their excessive power, and their negative behavioral characteristics. But, he never reaches out too much to blacks outside the NOI. He even printed the 3-part series “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” but never rallies a broader part of the public about it. Many of his sermons or speeches have the anti-white rhetoric early on which automatically shuts down whites or others who can’t handle the stronger elements of his “beliefs.” And, pretty much everything he states is already out there through other truth tellers or readily available via searches of the annals of the Library of Congress or other sound institutions or individuals.

    What he really does well is give blacks a platform in which to vent. But, he makes sure his herd stays contained like….. controlled opposition. Has a Nation of Islam follower every been accused of a crime caused by listening to Farrakhan? I also read he is a mason but I am not positive about that due to the small amount of information about him on the Internet. I’ve seen no confirmation but, then again, the prized ones are heavily protected by the system.

    Being controlled opposition means speaking truths but never really whipping up enough demand for a permanent paradigm shift.

    If they truly control everything then everyone in the public eye should be suspect.

    • Of course Farrakhan is of jesuit freemasonic order. He wouldn’t of even had a platform if not one.

    • I talked to a NOI black a few years ago, and had enough of a rapport to straight up ask him why they hated whites but didn’t focus on the Jew more.

      His response?

      Who let the Jews become rich?

      Who gave the Jews power?

      I mean, that little race of neurotic sickly rodents didn’t just put a knife to Whitey’s throat and seize control…

      • Jews themselves are largely to blame for everyone despising them but whitey is first and foremost responsible for the Jew cancer that has caused global enslavement.

    • He is in the Masonic cult…
      If one considers that aspect, ALOT of the strange coincidences and “free passes” begin to make sense. Masonry is Talmudism for the goyim…

  4. The Jews always end up overreaching. They’re individually smart but collectively stupid. It just always ends badly for these unlovable people.

  5. St. Sabina’s Church is a hot bed of radical leftism, so it’s no surprise that Louie was a speaker thete.

    • Stephen,

      I know nothing about St. Sabina as a church but I am appalled that a moslem who hates white people would be allowed to speak in a Catholic church. Our churches are not supposed to be for political speeches but for worship. And that is even more true when dealing with the Infidel.

      I asked my mother and grandmother if they have ever heard a political speech in church. And they said no. The only exception was a traditional priest saying that the right side won the Civil War and that the Republicans were evil. That was during a sermon.

      The main stream Catholic authorities have defected from our Faith. Because this Farrakhan sometimes speaks the truth does not make him good. Just another form of evil.

      • My reference to the Civil War in the above comment was concerning the Spanish Civil War not the American disaster.

      • Christina,

        The pro-communist Catholic priest Oscar Romero of El Salvador made numerous political sermons from hi pulpit.

        Ultimately, Fr. Romero was assassinated while giving out communion, supposedly by a henchman hired by the military government.

        In the United States, innumerable Catholic cardinals, bishops, deacons, nuns, and priests have jumped into the immigration debate. They’ve flaunted federal laws to defend illegal immigrants from being deported by providing sanctuary in their churches, and publicly ridicule politicians that want to deport said illegal aliens.

        Maybe in Mexico, the Catholic Church behaves differently.

        • November,

          I agree with what you are saying. I was only saying what my family’s personal experiences have been. In the United States I usually attend a traditional Tridentine mass with the sermons being the usual talk on personal piety etc. In Mexico I have never heard a political speech in the church itself either.

          Also, my grandmother’s catechism says that in case of war the citizens were obliged to fight for the lawful side. Morality aside if men will not fight for their own country what value to others do they have?

          So Christina says——-that men that desert their country when a war is on in order to flee and sponge off of whites or anyone else is a coward.

          • “In Mexico I have never heard a political speech in the church itself either.”

            Well maybe that’s because the Mexican government takes its separation of church and state a little more seriously than we Gringos do. I can tell you that in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and in El Salvador (at least until some nuns were assassinated by the government death squad) there have been more than a few political sermons in Catholic churches.

  6. This is all in my former neighborhood’s backyard. NOI were good neighbors. One extremely negative thing is that pretty much everyone referenced here at CINO Catholic in Name Only St. Sabinas (Father Faker) is that everyone behaves badly when there is a video camera, TV camera on them. I was 20 feet from these leaders also including Jessie Jack Ass Jackson 2 weeks ago when these crew was disputing the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police’s protests against SA Kim Foxx over the Jussie Smollet race hate crime hoax.

  7. Cuckservatives think he was Facebook banned as some type of gesture to show they are not going after only “right wingers”. No fools, it’s because he openly speaks against jews.

  8. St. Sabina isn’t a Catholic church. It’s an orgy of leftists and mud people who gather weekly to bitch about White people. The Catholic Church has been cucked since the 60’s and slowly but surely Traditional Catholicism and Sedevacantism are rising.

  9. “jesuit freemasonic” ahahahaha.. those two outfits are diametrically opposed in ideology… they’re ancient mortal enemies…. that’s hilarious. dude, put down the crack pipe.

  10. Strumpet,

    Remember I have always only attended very conservative churches. Usually in these churches the women still cover our hair. The liberation theology you described was traditionally forbidden by Church laws and dogmas etc. The American Revolution of 1775 would be forbidden as well since one cannot overthrow a lawful government. One can resist it’s evils but not overthrow it.

    What makes a government lawful? I believe at the very least it has to claim its authority comes from God. It cannot prevent the Church from practicing and performing its necessary duties and functions etc. Communist/freemasonic revolutions are unlawful. One was traditionally ex-communicated for supporting those beliefs.

    . My religious beliefs are more with traditional Spain than Latin America. I am not saying Spain is traditional now only that it has usually been more Catholic than the Mexican government has been.

    I expect little good comes from the Mexican government. Or the USA government. Or just about any modern government in the former Christian countries.

    • You seem to be a Mexican analogue of Boyd Cathey as far as your religious orientation is concerned.

      • Strumpet,

        I have never heard of the man so I did a few minutes of research on him. He is even listed by the SPLC. They must want to be the new KGB in that they have files on people.

        All I do is obey defined dogmas that cannot be changed by anyone including a Pope. My beliefs are bound to offend most people in America one way or the other. In Mexico so far no one has ever been offended by me even if they did not agree with everything I said. Then I mostly talk to people my own age.

        For instance, I am not exactly a poster girl for white nationalists. And not just because of ethnic group and religion but for other reasons as well.

        I am lukewarm on firearms. I do not in general believe in wars of independence for independence sake alone. I am against the American Revolution in 1775. I support the Mexicans during the Alamo and during the Mexican American war of 1846-1848. And even though I am against illegal immigration anywhere in the world it is hard for me not to enjoy the growing latin presence in the southwest USA.

        My great grandmother was a female soldier under Zapata or Villa. I forgot which one. We have a picture of her at my grandfather’s home from 1916 with her dressed in the large sombrero, long dress with bandoliers with a rifle and bayonet. She was 15 or 16 years old.

        So outside of some similarity in religious outlook, I doubt if this Boyd person would agree with most of my other beliefs.

        • I’m not shocked in the least at your personal revelations and your calm, measured candor is appreciated. That said, you are a rarity in the aforementioned regards. However, I am a bit surprised at your ambiguous knowledge of just who your bisabuela took up arms with–given your background, interests and apparent mobile bi-nationality that you have implied/expressed here in this forum.

          As for your revanchist position on the SW, I’ll leave you with this: My view is that the whole Nuevo Aztlan thing about re-establishing old (putative) Mexican borders has about as much legitimacy as the US declaring the moon to be national territory by virtue of the (putative) placement of a flag on the lunar surface. Be that as it may, demography is indeed destiny as they say.

          I’m not sure if many readers here are aware that in parts of New Mexico, Arizona, western Texas and Colorado, there is sizeable contingency of very rooted huwhite speakers of an old (and proper) dialect of European Spanish whose 16th or 17th century ancestors predate Gringo westward expansion and did not arrive there via the non existent road from Tenochtitlan. Incidentally, they have absolutely no use whatsoever for your Brown Beret crowd or most anything else streaming across our current putative geo-political southern border.

          As for the further expression and dissemination of your views, I think you should contact Ron Unz at Unz Review. He needs a replacement for Gustavo Arellano (who is a total ass-clown in my estimation) and I think you would be a substantial improvement over him.

          • strumpet,

            I was almost walking out the door to school when I saw your response. So I will have to make it quick.

            I only saw the picture of my great grandmother once years ago. I was a little girl. It held a little interest. I could ask my mother.

            My family has land/houses in California, Texas, and Mexico. I sometimes when school is out accompany my grandmother to some of these places. I do not remember if I have definitely said whether I am Mexican citizen or Mexican American on this website. I do try to be a little vague.

            As for retaking the Southwest that is soon an accomplished fact whether it is remains part of the USA or not. I am not an aztec. The USA is falling apart. When it does, naturally I want us to get the southwest officially. I have not/will not support any immoral activity to advance that goal. The land currently rightfully belongs to the United States.

            I am too young to write professionally. I doubt if my parents would allow it anyway.

            I have been told that we do not have any Indian blood in my family. It must be admitted that out of all my aunts and cousins (I have over 100 first cousins) that there are only 2 of us with hair color other than black. Mine is dark brown.

          • strumpet,

            Somewhat of a letdown here. My mother said that my great grandmother was under a General but not the famous Zapata or Villa. She could not readily remember what general. Well, that is a disappointment. Perhaps the general was under them? Or maybe the general was fighting for the lawful government. I am not sure which one that might be at this time.

  11. OK, so you are a much brighter than average high school girl who happens to be a bi-cultural transnational. You didn’t get that way in a US public school and you sure as hell didn’t get that way in a Mexican public school.

    Not all Unz contributors make their living by writing at UNZ, so age, per se is theoretically not an issue. Besides, there are exceptional minors that have been professionals in one sort of honorable endeavor or another. All that said, don’t dishonor your parents if they are decent.

    • Strumpet,

      I would never dishonor my parents. I do not have the teenage attitude. I have most of my life attended private schools. Sometimes Catholic private schools and sometimes government schools. In private schools we are required to wear dresses which is okay. I hardly ever wear pants anyway.

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