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  1. LOL, befuddled Biden doesn’t even have a vagene to propel him to the nomination like Shrillary (allegedly) has…

  2. Hunter, your supposed “troll,” LibertyLamp, had this to say on Twitter;

    Seitan Worshipper ??

    “Joe Biden is Southern Strategy Centrist”

    If you realise that Yankeedom and Mexifornia hold the winning number of Electoral Votes, and tend to vote alike, then you’ll realise that a “Southern Strategy” is nonsense. How Dixie votes, doesn’t matter at all.


  3. True and yet he has a good shot at winning, especially if disgruntled populist voters stay home on Election Day.

  4. Biden is now on record saying we should pay for the healthcare of illegal aliens. Sounds like an easy campaign ad for some body to oppose him. Thanks for Joe, illegals first, Americans last, as always.

  5. Well at least he knows why Iowa public schools are light years ahead of DC public schools in academic achievement metrics.

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