Tucker Carlson Interviews Andrew Yang on Amazon, Automation and a VAT Tax

Tucker Carlson calls Andrew Yang the most interesting candidate running for president:

Note: Andrew Yang told a reporter in New Hampshire last night that he thinks “he is in his own lane.” So true! He’s in the smart vs. dumb lane!

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  1. “Tucker Carlson calls Andrew Yang the most interesting candidate running for president.”

    Unfortunately, we won’t get there by voting.

    It’ll be European, Japanese and Korean companies that force automation in the U.S., just as they have built the first truly new and modern manufacturing facilities, built here in long time, and bought out and updated the better U.S. manufacturing companies.

    When these multinationals install automation, It’ll trigger the collapse of what remains of native U.S. industry and force the government’s hand. They’ll have no choice but to accommodate automation and UBI.

    Burger flipping ain’t gonna cut it, especially when the “kitchen” is an integrated machine that consumes raw food and spits out meals ordered on touch pads. Nor will everybody be able to “learn to code,” or get one of the few engineering and technician’s jobs that remain. It’s UBI, or war.

          • It already is. The supermarkets here have maybe one or two clerks behind a cash register.

            The rest are all self scan machines. Busy supermarkets with hundreds of people in them. A dozen machines and only a few lines open with a person behind the counter. We also have the machines in Mc Donalds. Filthy screens.

            Makes sense Vegas is being hit hard. The casinos are filled with digital slot machines, and a few employees walking around,

        • Of course it ends badly. The goal is to disarm America and Yang is fully on board with that. Once Whites are outnumbered and defenseless, it’s over. Ask the Comanche, Sioux, Ute or the Apache how being defenseless and overrun worked out for them in the long run.
          It’s 1861 and we’re the indians this time.

          “There is no practical reason for citizens to have assault weapons. We need to treat gin ownership as an awesome privilege and responsibility and regulate accordingly. Guns are more deadly than cars and we take tests to get drivers licenses.” Andrew Yang- Tweet, Feb 15, 2018

          “I’d start fining gun manufacturers $1 million for each person killed by their weapons.” -Andrew Yang- Tweet Oct 27, 2018

          I get that cucks like Biden, Trump, Cruz, Romney etc are all white and don’t give a shit about whites, but do you really think whites will fare better under a chink who, “described being bullied and called racial slurs by classmates.” -Wikipedia, Andrew Yang.

          He married WITHIN his race, and his wife Evelyn home schools their two children Shocker, I know. Can’t have them mixing with those god awful, racist whites.

          Yang doesn’t give a shit about whites, other than their votes to obtain power.

      • “If we’re doing automation, why are we allowing massive immigration?”

        As a genocidal attack on White people by certain (((interests))), of course.

        Economics can’t explain everything. This is pretty much similar to White people talking to the jews and asking them what the jews want Whites to do:

  2. The VAT is another stupid idea floated once in a while. Does Yang not realize some of us are already drowning in taxes on top of the inflation so the big guys can more than they need?

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