Charlie Kirk: China Is Our Greatest Enemy

Every time Charlie Kirk opens his mouth I become more pro-China:

Compare what China is doing to the United States like avoiding stupid wars for Israel, investing in future technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, killing Blompf in trade, building a 21st century infrastructure, blocking Western degenerate culture with the Great Firewall, cracking down on transgenderism, banning rap music and hip hop, lifting over 500 million people out of poverty, financing our government to gain leverage over us and teaching nationalism to Chinese youth.

Who do you think is going to emerge victorious here? Xi Jinping or Charlie Kirk?

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  1. “Compare what China is doing”

    Like everywhere else outside of the former United States, they’re living in the 21st Century.

    Putin told Trump that Cold War policies are irrelevant in the 21st Century. He said everything except; “1983 called and said that they wanted their politics back.”

    China has replaced the extinct Soviet Union in these characters minds, even though it’s no longer Communist. It’s simply an old fashioned, East Asian authoritarian society, but without an emperor or king.

    The 21st Century began in 1990. But the Boomers and older folks seemed to try real hard to pretend that it hadn’t. They groped around for a role for armed forces that had been rendered obsolete overnight. I believe that the Gulf War and participation in the Balkan Wars were paroxysms of the dying U.S. political order. They were really fighting the future. Not Iraqis or various Balkan factions.

    Nearly thirty years later, they’re still trying to live in the past and deny a future that’s already here.

  2. What Charlie is saying about the Chinese in that tweet is a text book example of “hate speech”. If Charlie wasn’t a shill with connections to the establishment, @Jack’s Filipino lady censors with great hair, would be told to ban him.

  3. If only a Caucasian country were doing and saying the things that China is listed as doing/saying, I’d work toward citizenship there. Imagine a white country that banned degenerate nigger music (and its practitioners), and forbade sodomy and all attendant sexual perversion within its barriers, and kept the net free of anarchistic sites.. All that would be missing, would be waltzing on Saturday night… and strudel mit schlagobers…

  4. He is Ben Shapp without the funny little hat. Or AOC without the mickey mouse voice. All the young leaders are being pick for us by the Jews and are all going to lead us to hell. God save us.

  5. Russia is the one who possibly needs to be concerned about Chinese expansion in their far east. That’s why they are giving away land there to settlers who will take it. I’m sure the Chinese would rather retain America as a profitable market, and this damn country needs to stop poking hornets nests every chance it gets.

  6. Wouldn’t Charlie Kirk look great being paraded around as a war criminal in China? He wants to inflame hostilities against the red dragon then he should be willing to put some skin into the game. Of course, he wont because chick hawk neocons lead from country clubs or synagogues.

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