Rebel Yell: American Nations, Spanish Caribbean

Great podcast.

We’ve got a mountain of articles in the archives here about the connections between the culture and economic history of the American South and the wider world of the plantation complex in South America and the Caribbean.

I’m currently editing that material into an e-book in order to make all that research more accessible. I’ve also returned to the subject lately and have been expanding my research into developments in the metropolitan countries in Western Europe in the Early Modern Era.

Note: We’ve been terrible about making our content more accessible. Instead of holding small little forgettable rallies, I think we should be writing more books to try to strengthen Southern identity. We need more material that can easily get into the hands of our target audience. Just a single book which blows the Rainbow Confederacy out of the water would be much more effective.

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  1. Agree with the NOTE : also, maybe some videos and town hall / webinars ?

    Just for fun conversations sake … 1. How do you think we ( in Confederacy 2.0, ) could “use” the Caribbean ? 2. Do you agree for strategic reasons The Confederate States would have to “take,” ( and relocate the sheeple, ) most islands in the Gulf ?

    • Gray Ghost,

      That’s a large subject. Many of these islands are now either tax havens or dependent on tourism. The exceptions are the larger Greater Antilles which have the most problems like Haiti or Cuba. I’m sure the tourism industry will expand there in the future which will tie the islands closer to Europe and the South.

  2. “Instead of holding small little forgettable rallies, I think we should be writing more books to try to strengthen Southern identity.”

    Great idea!

    After Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin came out in the early 1850’s, the South responded with anti-Tom or plantation literature to counter the lies/stereotypes in Stowe’s (sister of radical abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher) hit piece against the South.

    With the anti-South radicals today cranking out all their hate items against the South on a daily basis encouraging the destruction of the South’s history/heritage/monuments/etc and making their descendants the scapegoats of all the evils done in the context of slavery, maybe you and other writers can inspire all these undiscovered Southern authors out there to wake up and display their writing talents to the world and fight back against these South haters …

    An anti-Tom literature revival …

    • It is a project that has been floated again and again for the past 7 years which for whatever reason I never got around to doing mainly because of the schedule of rallies. I’m just going to finally get that done because it is doable.

  3. I’d be interested to read that book, Hunter. I read some first-hand former slave accounts recently, and it seems that the antebellum status quo was much more nuanced than is commonly depicted (e.g. lack of segregation – masters and slaves sat together in church; slaves loyal to masters to the point of risking their lives in defiance of Yankee conquerors – interesting stuff!).

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