Tucker Carlson Slams Usury

I missed this last night while I was on the road.

We’re inching our way towards either a populist-progressive coalition or a populist-conservative coalition by finding common ground on tax hikes, government regulation of social media, Universal Basic Income, a VAT tax, unsustainable levels of student loan debt and now an usury cap.

The old stale True Conservatism of the 1980s is under siege and is dying out all over the internet. Populists are the center of the electorate now and we ought to be a wild card that can swing either way in national elections. In the long run, the only way to save conservatism is to throw Conservatism, Inc. in the garbage and flip the conservative-populist coalition upside down so that populists are the senior partner in the coalition and we find common ground with conservatives on social issues.

Populists and Moderates are 29% of the electorate.

Conservatives are 23% of the electirate.

Lolbertarians are 4% of the electorate.

We’re now light years away from Reaganism, but the institutions of Conservatism, Inc. which were set up in that era have failed to keep pace with the drift of the Republican coalition which has become more and more working class over time. Right-Libertarianism is now down to a mere 4% of the electorate, but due to the power and influence of the donors its preferences and policies are being forced on the base and this is causing mounting levels of social and economic stress and resentment toward elites.

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  1. Tucker is walking a fine line. My bet is (((they))j will have him off the air when the election season gets going.

    Soon he will start using the term “rootless cosmopolitans”.

  2. If Carlson goes, Fox is sure going to hurt. Hes the only thing worth watching on Fox. He’s probably popular enough to take his audience with him, if he starts somewhere else.
    hes not just going to go away.

  3. Carlson has come a long way over the years. I remember I used to listen to him on Infowars and he was not nearly as anti-establishment as he is now. Nor nearly as woke in general.

  4. To be anti-usury is is not ‘NatSoc’ or some other political moniker- it is merely to be consistently Christian. The Church was the only organ that perennially slammed Usury, while at the same time, the Papacy began to join with the (((Bankers))) to subvert their own ideology. (Because the Church and the Papacy are not one and the same).

    Bravo, Tuck.

  5. Ha ha ha….
    Usury is the car the Jew rides in, chaufferred by the shabbas goyim…
    You think they’re gonna let talk like this go much further?!
    They’ll start another WAR..then, like the missing money at the Pentagon the day before 9/11, it’ll never be spoken of again….

  6. That’s the only pro Muslim thing he’s ever said.He does love AOC; from the get go he mentions her in every show. In a few years he will be a Democratic Socialist, [ I said this on day one ;the way he fawned; he could not help himself over her.His statements that he disagreed with her politics [ I knew would change too; Republicans /conservatives stand for nothing[ except hatred of Muslims since 9-11, and staunch right wing Zionism] except the words “freedom “, “liberty”,”Constitution”. These mantras are now more and more being exposed as an emperor with no clothes.

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