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  1. The debates can’t come soon enough. If Trump isn’t going to do anything to stop the Latin American invasion, we might as well get paid.

  2. “It is not immigrants; it is technology.” – A Yang, chink

    NO, it is BOTH. If you destroy white men’s means of earning income, AND you favor (H1-B, set-asides, EEOC, ‘Equality’ statutes, etc.) the NON-White even in the most mundane of jobs (Office work, public service positions – DMV clerks, SSI offices, etc.) as well as destroying your neighborhood, your school, your grocery store, in short- your entire LIFE… and this corruption is ALL AROUND YOU, you WILL have war.

    And yes, I am all for giving every American $1000 a month, while eliminating all of the ‘gibs’ that niggers, spics, and curries are getting BEFORE REAL AMERICANS. But only to put Whites on an equal footing, BEFORE THE PURGE.

    So, for me, Yangbux? That’s only the first step. We need to have an ethno-nationalist strategy of empowerment of our own; (white men) as well as a strategy of Expulsion of the ‘Xenos,’ once this is achieved. Never forgive, never forget.

    Yang may believe what he says. I merely see his position as a means toward an end.
    “Be wise as serpents,” Christ said. Isn’t it about time?

    “Love your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.”- St. Theodosius
    The enemy of Christendom are all, who are not like you.

  3. I’m having a spot of trouble with Yang saying that immigration has nothing to do with labor wages and jobs.
    He says it in the first 5 minutes or so. Kind of hard to watch the rest of it.

    • He’s talking about manufacturing job losses in the Rust Belt. That’s due to automation and globalization. 4/5ths of the problem is automation and 1/5th is offshoring.

  4. To summarize Andrew Yang:

    Automation HAS put low skilled men out of work leading to Donald Trump.

    Automation SOON will put more men out of work putting his family at risk as those men rise up against foreign invaders who automate (like Yang).

    Automation EVENTUALLY will put everyone at risk…

    His solution is aimed only at the SOON, which is to give those men a bribe to not rise up.

    The real solution is a total or near total ban.

    Also to echo Fr John, Yang lies about the impact of immigration, suggesting he is comfortable with white genocide, just so long as it is done smartly and doesn’t lead to a backlash.

    The real solution is splitting the country up and then our new government pushes a global ban on anything that threatens to replace humanity. America is dead, to be sure, but it is also a death trap.

    • 1.) Yang is correct about manufacturing job losses. Immigrants aren’t taking those jobs. Automation and free-trade is destroying them.

      2.) Yang is right that impending job losses will lead to mounting social and economic stress. He’s also right that conservatives like Blompf will blame immigrants to take the spotlight off free-market capitalism.

      3.) Automation will indeed put everyone who can be replaced by a robot at risk. It isn’t a racial issue or even a class issue as white collar jobs will also be automated.

      4.) In such a world, the only thing you can do and the reasonable and humane thing to do, which everyone in Silicon Valley from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg advocates, is to implement a UBI pegged to technological progress that can be raised over time.

      5.) Banning technology has never worked. Instead of doing that, Yang believes we should harness technology for the benefit of everyone, which is rational, humane and sensible.

      6.) Yang is focused on the manufacturing job losses due to automation. Immigrants have replaced workers in other sectors of the economy, but it simply isn’t the reason why the Rust Belt has gone Republican. See Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc.

      7.) Drawing an international border between Oklahoma and Kansas won’t solve the problem. It certainly won’t stop automation. It won’t change our cultural or our economic problems anymore than it has worked in Ireland because our world is now so globalized.

      8.) There are other reasons why Southern Nationalism makes sense, but even if Dixie was an independent country it wouldn’t solve our problem. It would just make our existing elite even more powerful. There isn’t a state in the South where the problem is worse than in Texas where the conservative elite supports open borders as “good for bidness.”

  5. You’re all talking as though it’s 1990 and we can save AmeriKa as a whole. NO WAY. Balkanization is THE solution, not some chink who has no plan to build walls and deport 3rd world darkies like there’s no tomorrow. This chink has a few good ideas that should be debated with Blomph. We all, including me, have a “lazy voice” in us. The lazy voice will kill us. It doesn’t want to do anything that requires effort. Go to gym, cook a healthy meal, do extra to make more $$, or create Confederacy 2.0 to save America and create a Utopia for everyone. It wants to sit back with a bag of chips and a beer, and elect “someone else to take care of everything.”

    Look how that’s working out now.

    F&CK our lazy voices. Put our hearts minds and souls in the drivers seat – get off our asses and create


    to start and grow


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