Axios: Team Trump’s Five Year Plan

Get a load of this.


“Some of President Trump’s top aides, who assume he will be re-elected,are already planning for an epic 2021 spending battle.

What’s happening: Senior administration officials — including acting Office of Management and Budget director Russ Vought and fiscally conservative chief Mick Mulvaney — have told Republicans that the president doesn’t want Congress to strike a spending deal in September when current funding runs out. Instead, Team Trump wants a short-term solution to preserve the ability to fight for massive spending cuts in the fifth year of a Trump presidency. …

Why it matters: Some senior administration officials envision a newly re-elected Trump liberated to slash spending. They view 2021 as the year to have that fight — the final year in which the president can threaten hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of automatic spending cuts known as the sequester. (These automatic cuts, which attack both defense and domestic spending, expire in 2021.) …

Aides say Trump wants to spend more on the military, veterans’ programs, NASA, infrastructure and border security.

The bottom line: Trump will entertain cutting almost anything else. “The president feels like he’s had to give up ransom” to Democrats, who pressured him to increase domestic spending in exchange for more spending on the military and border security, an administration official told me.”

Oh, I see.

Blompf’s reelection strategy makes sense now.

The plan is to run on the “capitalism vs. socialism” narrative in order to rally the Boomers by scaring them into believing that Blompf has to be reelected to stop China, Venezuela and Iran from imposing socialism on the United States and destroying the American economy.

After the battle against “socialism” is won, the plan is to dramatically cut federal spending – health care, education, environment, federal oversight of the private sector, etc. – so that even more money can be spent on Israel and the Pentagon’s foreign wars than is currently the case now.


“Sign of the times: The top advocate for corporate America, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has installed a sign on the front steps of its headquarters in Washington, D.C., comparing Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. Their building is right near the White House. …”

It remains to be seen whether Blompf will preside over a greater influx of illegal aliens than Ronald Reagan. He might well surpass Reagan and George W. Bush in that respect and become the greatest president ever in the eyes of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for all he has done to cut taxes on the wealthy, slash federal spending, deregulate the economy and preside over a massive influx of cheap labor and escalation of political correctness while pretending to oppose it.

What are we going to do about this?

Forget the fact that Blompf is wanting to dramatically slash federal spending on non-Israel related parts of the budget. He wants to slash funds for education and health care in the context of automation ripping its way like a buzzsaw through the White working class and middle class.

Note: Fortunately, a challenger has arisen with a new strategy!

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing analysis here turn at some point to the actual eventual choice at hand: Blompf/Biden, Blompf/Harris, Blompf/Sanders, etc.

    • I’m confident Yang’s low poll numbers are due solely to lack of name recognition. Similarly, Biden’s high poll numbers are due to being perceived as more moderate and having high name recognition. Biden’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep. Yang’s support is currently a mile deep and an inch wide.

  2. I find the attraction to Yang and the automation worries when productivity’s bern stagnant for 8 years and running and the unemployment rate the lowest it’s been since the 1960s strange.

  3. Automation has already steamrolled us, Yang is just trying to capitalize in a system that’s given foreigners everything at our expense. Why not an Asian nerd for president if a New York debt deadbeat can work his way in…

    *** News Flash **** Hunter and Yang, foreigners HAVE caused us a lot of problems. I don’t care how many times the Asian man says they haven’t, my own eyes are seeing racial divisions like never before. The only plausible argument against this fact is that our white oligarchs have slaughtered their own people by allowing this scenario. But saying the machines have caused all of this strife is retarded. Whites are being genocided from top down policies while other races are certainly procreating. How have robots caused this!? I have seen affirmative action work against native-borns while elevating classes that would normally be disadvantaged in a white English speaking society.

    Uh…the data ..uh…ummmm……..let me give you the proof check mate. Affirmative action is alive and roaring in places that robots and machines haven’t touched. University grad schools, courtrooms, certain occupations, etc. What would Yang say about that? It’s funny, he isn’t saying machines kept the Chinese farmers in the lowest classes of Chinese society…..I wonder why?

    As for the Trump strategy, this is just the final proof (as if we needed one last proof) that Republiturds have captured the flag. All this spend money on military, infrastructure, etc is just Republanomics 101. And yes it is designed to pluck the heartstrings of the Boomers.

    • It’s a half truth.

      Sure, immigrants have replaced Whites in lots of sectors like construction, hotel and restaurant workers, agricultural day laborers and so forth, but he is right that isn’t true of manufacturing specifically. In manufacturing, 4/5ths of the jobs are being destroyed by automation and 1/5th are due to offshoring jobs to China and other foreign countries.

  4. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. It was going to be something. Nothing signals the end of a civilization’s current iteration than when protestant populists start looking for a scapegoat.

    When the prods get to marching we can rest assured the coming errors will make the founding of Israel look like an untied shoelace in comparison.

    • Fortunately for Protestants, Jorge Bergoglio has everything going swimmingly in Catholicism whether it is American priests who molest children, Ireland legalizing abortion and electing a gay Indian prime minister or the collapse of the Polish birthrate!

  5. HW, you know I am no longer an RC, right? Even so- that last comment was sheer protestant ‘nyah, nyah, nyah, my Reformer is better than your putrid pope, etc’ playground rhetoric.

    It is not worthy of you- and don’t think that RC’s don’t know that this charlatan is an antipope, and that they LONG for his removal…..

    Well, all except those heretics who are merely waiting for Vatican III….. but let the dead bury the dead….

    • I’m not interested in quarreling with Catholics. I was just making fun of their lack of self awareness. If the problem was simply Protestantism, then Catholicism would be in great shape. In reality, the problem clearly transcends the Catholic vs. Protestant divide.

  6. He’s a typical Republican. A Greedy Capitalist Pig. He’s for Big Business and it’s Monopoly Control of our Economy. He’s a Greedy Pig on the Budget. Cut everything but Money for the Jews and Wars. Just imagine if a Democrat (2019 version of a Democrat) had 100% power in America. The Democrats would eliminate Civil Rights for White Christian Southerners. This Country would become South Africa but worse because the Atheists would be burning down Churches and killing Christians. It would be Hell on Earth. What would Republicans do about it? Nothing. What if a Republican had Dictatorship Control of America? This country would be owned by Big Business. The Government would be 1% Percent of what it is now. You wouldn’t see a single National, State, and Local Park. All environmental regulations would be gone. We’d have the most polluted country on Earth. Millions would die from that Environment Pollution. You would see no Social Security or Medicare. The Republicans would kick people out of the Nursing Home and have Senior Citizens flipping hamburgers and digging ditches. You wouldn’t see Illegal Immigrants because the Greedy Capitalist Pig Republicans would have no minimum wage or guaranteed $1,000 a month from the Government. Unions would be banned. People would work 70 hours a week for $2 an hour. People could literally die on the job and the Corporate Boss would just dump the worker like an animal. The Dictator Republican would join together with Israel and fight a War against all Muslim countries. Take control of the Oil Supply and probably make Gas $10 a gallon. A Draft would happen and force both men and women into the Military in fighting that War For Israel. The people would be forced into rejecting Christianity and instead Worship the Satanic Jew. Both parties would remove all Confederate Flags and Monuments. The list goes on and on. The Democrats and Republicans are the enemy of the Southern People. Both parties hate me because I’ve been fighting them in politics for Years. No Love Lost! We nationalists must save the South and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

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