Glenn Greenwald Interviews Tulsi Gabbard On Foreign Policy

I’m looking forward to seeing Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic debates. I would say that her voice is … sorely needed on the national political stage?

No joke.

I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and supported him again in 2012 because of his stance on foreign policy. Otherwise, I didn’t have much in common with him. He was a single issue candidate. The current “Judeo-Christian” Secretary of State wants to start a war with Iran for Israel to bring on the Apocalypse because he believes that Blompf has a divine mandate to fulfill Jewish prophecies.

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  1. Anyone who believes Iran is getting ready to attack American military forces is extremely stupid. Total lack of independent and logical thinking. And Tulsi’s tweet is 100% correct.

  2. If Nuttyahoo himself selected Blompf’s cabinet and advisers, they couldn’t be any more zio-zealots than the group kushner inc. has assembled. There litterraly is not one sane voice on either foreign or domestic policy in the West Wing!

    Iran isn’t Iraq. It’s a nation of 80 million people who aren’t divided between Shia and Sunni. They are a proud people who will not submit to zog’s hostilities. It’s not hyperbole to see that a war with Iran could lead to an economic depression and real possibility of triggering World War III.

    November 2020 cannot come soon enough.

    Yang-Gabbard or Gabbard-Yang.

    Yang could concentrate on domestic issues and Tulsi could focus on international affairs. At the very least, I hope Tulsi is nominated for Secretary of State in the next administration.

  3. Women shouldn’t be allowed to be representatives, judges, prosecuting attorneys, police or in charge of men in prisons or the military. If that seems odd to you, you’re brainwashed and not a timeless thinker. Men are men and women are women, despite what possessed Jews have done to that with their media. What was unthinkable for 6000 years is suddenly normal because we’ve seen it so often on a picture tube with sound 🙂 Who do you think started the bs where the male announcer says one sentence and then the woman announcer says the next sentence ? That’s another of a 1000 ways to get us to listen to women the same as men. Death by a 1000 subliminal messages. That’s how 3 generations have been brainwashed. Some things are timeless. Masculinity and femininity are two of them. We’ve gone from Gone With The Wind to gone in round 3 in “womens” UFC freak shows. In the bible, God punished the Jews once by causing them, “to be ruled by women and babes.”

    Shall we – like idiots – punish ourselves !!???

    America needs to be ruled by smart wise masculine white Christian patriot MEN.

    • Who let is happen, Ghost? AGAIN, because some of you Southrons appear to have negro tier IQ’s – but Jews have been screwing Dixie blue since the beginning – and White Christian Southern MEN were and ARE on board EVERY step of the way. Even when fighting the Yanquis. Judah Benjamin. Tell me about him.

      • Not an attack on women there hun. Pay attention. To lift women BACK up to the pedestal they were on in past … we have to undo the brainwashing snuck in on us over decades of tiny messages in possessed Jew run media. Ever heard the song : Where have all the cowboys gone ? They’re out there … but they’ve been brainwashed that women aren’t “ladies” to be respected and sought after and pleased and wooed … nnoooo, they’re cops and UFC fighters and govt rep’s etc. In other words THEY’RE MEN IN WOMENS BODIES !!! This is ANOTHER symptom of the disease. The freak show disease. Undoing the brainwashing is a long process.


        Let’s stop attacking each other in the blame game while (((they))) laugh.

        Let’s find a uh … SOLUTION.

    • Grey Ghost,

      One of my grandmothers says that in the USA even in the 1960’s she remembered women as meter maids and they wore white gloves. They were police women. Also, women can and should be able to inherit property, wealth, and power. In European history and other societies we have always been allowed to ascend the throne and rule countries. Isabella of Spain, St. Margaret of Hungary, and Russian empresses etc.

      A country is supposed to be a family. Therefore a Queen rules her country including the men just like a mother has higher authority than her sons. No matter what their age.

      Being judges and fighting in war except in self defense if attacked is different I admit. Even St. Joan of Arc did not fight but merely inspired the soldiers with her presence.

      Putting women on a pedestal is strange. Taking good care of us is one thing but a pedestal? I think not.

      • The length of your name alone suggests ego. 6000 years of normal common sense has been over turned by sophisticated media run by satan. SATAN does NOT want you to enjoy romance, Christina Romana Alva H. …….. He wants you and every other woman here to be, “a man in a womans body” who is brainwashed that she’s equal to, ( exactly the same as, ) a man in every way and that it’s beneath her to serve her husband. I could go on and on, but it’s a comment box. And a mother being over her kids 🙂 yes, till they’re of age. “Equality,” has brought divorce and misery to a LOT of women. If this offends you, 1. you’re brainwashed and 2. you’ld be happiest in San Francisco or NY., not the south. White Christian patriot southern women are sexy smart and cool. None of them would WANT to do any of those 6 occupations anymore than they’d want to marry a fairy like Kushner. And no one said anything about property. Don’t inject words into my genius concepts. Women should have and be able to do everything as now … except those 6 things. This return to normalcy would highly improve womens standard of living, quality of life, and stature in the community, as well as reduce the divorce rate noticeably.

        Now go make some coffee and cook something up …

        • Ghost,

          Latin women frequently have the middle names of relatives. Who said 2 names or 3 is the normal? I plan to have lots of children. I have many brothers and sisters. I have over 100 first cousins on both sides of my family. Oh we breed alright. Way more than your people. My father rules like a king and that is nice.

          I also come from a society that still believes in men being macho. And that is the way I like it.

          You did not/could not refute what I said. All you did was be silly and foam at the mouth.

          Your last comment was so ridiculous I had to laugh. I love printing out ridiculous comments from websites and showing them to my girlfriends both hispanic and anglo. They are going to love this one.

          And does anyone really expect the Confederacy to rebel and win at this point in time?
          What are you going to do with all those blacks in your New South?

  4. Please, please impeach and remove Trumpenthal and Pence before they endorse war crimes (annexation) and start a big war against Iran and Lebanon for Israel. And also to save Julian Assange and Venezuela. It’s a political, not judicial, act so get moving on it.

  5. A gun-grabbing shitlib mommy-stater…almost everything the jews want in a Presidential candidate.
    But, apparently not on-board with endless,pissrael-first neo-cohen wars. Non starter…won’t get the nod.
    Creepy Joe & Pete Buttplug 2020! Maybe drumpf has a very slim chance at re-election,if he starts a war with Iran.

    • There are no such things as “elections” and the only way Trumpowitz stays in power is to wage war on behalf of the der ewige jude

    • Guns are plentiful now. Where is the revolution? There’s been no uprising sans a few lone gunmen that set our cause back.

      I am 100% in favor of repealing the 19th Amendment, but we live in the real world.

      No one said Tulsi is perfect. She’s far from that, but another four years kushner inc. should frighten us more than Gabbard in the Oval Office.

  6. Foreign policy issues don’t matter to most of the Trump sheeple(tea-party neo-cohens, psuedo-white nationalists, etc). An immediate disqualification in the minds of the partisan fools is the fact that Gabbard is a member of the “kkk marxist collectivist democrat party” and the mentally challenged dunces wont look beyond that. Overlook the border crisis under trump, overlook the massive israel worship, overlook the constant cucking to non-whites, overlook the massive military spending. Just vote Trump 2020, whitey.

    • “Overlook the border crisis under Trump, overlook the massive Israel worship, overlook the constant cucking to non-whites, overlook the massive military spending.”

      All of his has been going on since 1980.

      The Mexican invasion was just getting underway, then, too. After fifteen years of pro Mexican invasion propaganda in the popular Western/cop/Action T.V. shows of the mid 1960’s and 70’s. Especially Jack Webb’s Los Angeles County based cop shows. Or oddly, Gunsmoke, or not oddly, The Big Valley.

      1970s cartoons and Sesame Street were full of pro Nigger propaganda, too. As a kid, I noticed it. I also noticed that it ran contrary to what my parents, teachers and other adults taught me, and my personal observations and experiences in a newly desegregated school system.

  7. Tulsi, like Yang, won’t even make it onto the stage. Sanders will be screwed over again, and Biden will get the nomination.

    After the social experiment that was Barrack Obama, there won’t be any more Niggers, or especially any she-man womyn running.

    It’ll be a straight, White men, running on a 1980 platform.

    Whichever one, Trump or Biden, wins, we’ll all still loose. And the 20th Century will march on, like it never ended.

    I even heard a Millennial slip up and say “This is the 20th Century.” Which is exactly where the oligarchs have America® stuck, ideologically and mentally.

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