The National Interest: America Needs Unity on China

Joshua Eisenman:

“Calling for unity and comity may seem quaint in America’s current political environment, but bipartisanship is now vital once again on U.S. policy toward China. “Dunking” on domestic political opponents on social media provides a short-term thrill, yet it has consequences as it also deepens social divisions in ways that make America vulnerable to China’s ongoing efforts to influence U.S. politics and society.

While most Americans imagine that conflict with China will resemble a high-tech version of World War II, Beijing is already waging a new, irregular type of warfare. Indeed, there is evidence of a “systems level” competition between the United States and China that constitutes a new type of Cold War. This conflict includes covert, ambiguous weapons such as influence campaigns, propaganda, cyberwar, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, election meddling, political bribery, and surveillance on American soil. …

Today, Americans must come together over China. Chinese national socialism is an affront to the liberal values that America was founded on, and a successful response requires all hands on deck. As Benjamin Franklin reminded his colleagues at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, “We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.” 

Why should we care about this?

If Washington wants to fight a global crusade for liberalism against China and make its last stand on everything it holds so dear from open borders to feminism to transgenderism to abortion to multiculturalism to political correctness to tearing down Confederate monuments to hating White people to carrying its torch for Israel in the Middle East, then why is that our problem?

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  1. Here’s the problem the USA has. It imported too many third worlders and now it is rapidly turning into Brazil. America’s fall has nothing to do with China.

  2. I am sure in the higher echelons of Chinese leadership there are people watching closely America’s demographic change. They now whites will be a minority by 2040 and who knows what percentage white Americans will sink down to. The Chinese are hoping the future will be one where Blacks and Latinos fight each other over the infrastructure whites have left behind. There will come a day when the PRC lands millions of soldiers on the west coast to “restore order.” Thus the end point of multiracial diversity in the United States will be domination and occupation by the Chinese. Who would have thought that of all the science fiction scenarios only the original Buck Rogers got it right as he leads an underground army of the remaining white Americans against Chinese occupation forces. Food for thought!

    • Except the only remaining Americans then will be the Amish, who won’t fight. But praise God for the Amish and Mennonites here. They give me hope that whites will still survive the Trumpocalypse.

    • Does the PLA occupation of the west coast include Harry Covington’s NW Front “white homeland”?

      P.S., I think the Russians will want Alaska back … folks might want to consider this when planning their SHTF relocation final destinations.

      • Covington’s Northwest Front is obviously in a state of decline after his death as anybody can ascertain by looking at his website and how infrequent the podcasts are now. Most white racialist groups do not survive the death of their founder.

  3. his conflict includes covert, ambiguous weapons such as influence campaigns, propaganda, cyberwar, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, election meddling, political bribery, and surveillance on American soil. …

    In other words, the same sort of things Israel has been doing to America for decades.

  4. Gosh Pa … might we need A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY ? Well … yes son. But no one’s talking about THAT.

  5. I do not understand why we have to go to war with China, because they fleeced treacherous American companies who preferred to rely on Chinese coolie labor over American labor. I say good on the Chinese!

    If these American companies want the fleecing to stop, they need to stop with the outsourcing of production and the insourcing of foreign labor. It’s that simple.

    These companies need to recognize that Non-Whites aren’t too dumb and backwards to know when they are being exploited and exact revenge through theft of technology while putting out shoddy work that leads to customer service phone lines being burned down by irate consumers.

    If Trump et al is serious about protecting American businesses from the mean old Chinese, he will point this out and encourage them to bring modernized factories back home staffed by American workers. Also our domestic and foreign policy needs to be more about building infrastructure; our own and that of other countries and less about maintaining a military industrial complex that is more into bombing foreigners into democracy.

    Last, but not least, the Russians have made repeated attempts to be our friends rather than China’s allies. When nineteen Saudis and one Kuwaiti allegedly hijacked those planes on 9-11, killing thousands of Americans, it was Saudi Arabia who wanted to jack up oil prices, it was Vlad Putin who supplied us with so much oil that gas prices dropped to one dollar, saving us from a depression.

    Once Russia dropped Communism, the first country we could have and should have helped industrialize was Russia with its low, impoverished population. The last was China with its surplus of military men. Only the best politicians money can buy could accomplish this type of treachery against Americans.

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